Saturday, November 15, 2008

Essent Cup 3 Eindhoven Annoucement

Written by T Dobbin
Today is the third Essent Cup race which will be held tonight in Eindhoven in the South Netherlands. The last race that was held there the temperature was 3 degrees and the ice was very bad. Tonight Shane Dobbin (DSB) and Dj Nation (New Zealand) are racing in the first division which follow the ladies race and start at 20:45. Last week Shane Dobbin (DSB) finished on the podium in third and will be wanting to do better this evening.

Racing in the A Grade for DSB is Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit, Jan Maartien Heideman and Jeron de Vries.

Keep posted for full results that will be coming soon!

ISU World Cup Heerenveen Day 1

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the first evening of events at the Heerenveen World Cup. There was an upset in the men's 1500 meter final with USA's Shani Davis taking out the victory and the hometown favourite Sven Kramer only finishing 11th. See below for full results

Ladies 500 meter Final 1
1st Jenny Wolf (Germany) 37.60
2nd Beixing Wang (China) 37.63
3rd Sang-Hwa Lee (Korea) 38.22

Men's 500 meter Final 1
1st Pekka Koskela (Finland) 34.88
2nd Dmitry Lobkov (Russia) 35.16
3rd Fengtong Yu (China) 35.18

Ladies 3000 meter Final
1st Renate Groenewold (Netherlands) 4:04.85
2nd Marina Sablikova (CZE) 4:05.54
3rd Diane Valkenburg (Netherlands) 4:05.70

Men's 1500 meter Final
1st Shani Davis (USA) 1:45.23
2nd Stefan Groothuis (Netherlands) 1:45.84
3rd Mark Tuiter (Netherlands) 1:45.90

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