Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ice News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Already one month into the ice season there has been a full four weeks of racing. Shane has raced two marathons in A grade and one marathon in B grade. It's been a very busy month and coming into winter the flu has been going around. For about two and a half weeks Shane got sick and wasn't really able to do the normal training but managed to do enough to keep his level.

Just two weeks out from the Heereveen World Cup Shane has two weeks to try to get in as many long track times as possible. His qualifying time is to make a 7:05 for the 5km. We have been trying for the last week to enter into any long track races that might be here in Holland so hopefully before the Heereveen WC he will be able to get some races under his belt.

For now it's two weeks of hard training and preparation for Hereeveen. Next Saturday he will be racing in the B grade marathon which will be held in Assen. Keep posted for more news.

World Championships Spain 2008

Written by T Dobbin
The World Championships this year
during track and road didn't really go according to plan for Shane. On track in his first race he ended up crashing out and was unable to finish the race. He didn't race another individual race on track again only the American Relay with his brother Kalon Dobbin and Scott Arlidge but unfortunately they missed out on skating the final.

Come to the road Championships and Shane ended up finishing in 7th place in the points race taking a chance and breaking away in the final 5 laps.

It was the final race of the Championships and possibly Shanes last race of his World Championship career being the Marathon. The weather wasn't settled. One minute it was raining and the next sunny. Shane Dobbin with his team mate Dj Nation both of New Zealand broke away with two skaters from Argentina and one from France. This five man breakaway ended up finishing with just three after Dj Nation of NZ sacraficed his place to work for Shane and help him with whatever was possible in the breakaway. After a long hard race it was Shane that came across the line in first place approximately 5 metres in front of his competitor to win his four World Championship title.

The marathon is always one of the biggest and best races to win at Worlds. It was a very succesful race for not only Shane but New Zealand. It's a great way for Shane to hang up his skates and think about his future on the ice. For more information please visit