Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shane Dobbin signs the 2009-2010 season with DSB

Written by T Dobbin

Alot of negociation and discussions have been going on this past week including the future ice seasons for Shane Dobbin in the Weissensee, Austria. It's that time of year where all teams are together in Austria and discussing who they want on their teams for the future ice seasons.

The confirmation from DSB Bank took place for Shane Dobbin on Tuesday evening when Shane decided that he was going to focus the 2009-2010 winter season on marathon skating again and put take a step back with the long track races. Shane Dobbin confirmed that he will be skating with DSB Bank in the marathon races with his team mates of Ingmar Berga, Jan Maarten Heideman, Arjan Smit and Jens Zwister.

Keep posted for more of who is going where for the 2009-2010 winter marathon season!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Weissensee Criterium & DSB with the Double Victory

Written by T Dobbin
Another race held in the Weissensee today with the criterium race. The ladies race started at 11:00am with a 40 minutes plus three lap race and the mens race started at noon with a 50 minute plu three lap race. The team of DSB Bank had the double victory today with red colours of two places of the podium in both the men's and the ladies races.

Jaa Maarten Heideman crossed the line with the race victory today in a mass sprint with his team mate Ingmar Berga finishing in second. Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank skated a strong race out the front with a very good breakaway attempt.

Mens race results
1st Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) 52.12,0
2nd Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
3rd Rene Ruitenberg (Safan)
4th Crispijn Ariens (PE People)
5th Henk Angenent (TNT Express)
6th Jouke Hoogeveen (Schuurman Schoenen)

7th Bob de Vries (BAM)
8th Johan Bakker (Groenehartsport)
9th Ruud Borst (Team Care Group)
10th Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)

Ladies race Results
1st Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) 41.54,4
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Yvonne Spigt (Foekens)

For more results go to
Tomorrow is a rest day before the main event and the big race of the week with the Open Dutch National Championships held on Saturday with the distance of 100 kilometers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alternatieve Elfstedentocht

Written by T Dobbin
Today was the second race of Natural Ice held in the Weisensee, Austria. Today's race was the alternative race of the famous 11 cities event held here in the Netherlands. Unfortunately it wasn't cold enough in the Netherlands for this race... the biggest of all speed skating races in the Netherlands, so it was held in Austria.

It was a 200 kilometer event for both the men and the women. It's a tough race and only the toughest finish! The mens race winner was Safans Casper Heilling finishing solo to take the victory of this grueling race in a time of 5 hours 37 minutes and 50 seconds. Second place went to Douwe de Vries from Adformatie in a time of 5 hours 38 minutes and 5 seconds and in third place to win the sprint of the peleton was DSB Bank's Jan Maarten Heideman in a time of 5 hours 42 minutes and 15 seconds.

The ladies winner went to Daniella Bekkering of Frisia in a time of 6 hours 42 minutes and 29 seconds.

For more information and results from the Weisensee go to

Tomorrow there is another race on the event schedule with an 70 kilometer race.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Race Update

Written by T Dobbin
Currently most of the teams and skaters who race the marathon season are currently in Austria at the Weissensee. The next race in the Weissensee is tomorrow with a 200 kilometer race for both the men and women. The major race of the week is Saturday's open Dutch National Championships where on Saturday morning the ladies will race a 60 kilometer and the men a 100 kilometer.

At the moment and like every year all the contract negociations are going on in Austria. After this alot of teams will know who is changing teams and who is staying where. It's difinately a tough year for a lot skaters. Some big teams are stopping and hopefully new sponsors will get on board with the marathon racing.

Keep posted for the results during this weeks racing on Natural Ice in the Weisensee.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finale of the Essent Cup

Last night was the finale of the Essent Cup Marathon series. The finale was held in Utrecht and both the ladies and men's races were full of excitment.

The ladies race would decide who would end up in the Gold Jersey at the end of the race with Mariska Huisman (Viks) in the Gold by one point over Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) who has held the Gold Jersey for just about the whole Essent Cup series. During the sprint points Elma de Vries (DSB Bank) was leading out for her team mate Maria Sterk. Sitting right behind Maria was Mariska Huisman (Viks) who would pass Maria just at the line to win the sprint points and gain more points in the overall classment. By the finish of the race Mariska Huisman had secured her overall victory by six points and ended up with the Gold Jersey for the Essent Cup with 213 point. Second place went to Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) with 207 points third palce was Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf) with 168 points who crossed the line in first place with the finale race victory in the sprint finish. Second place in the race went to Chris Witty (Landjuweel) and third Elma de Vries (DSB Bank).

Ladies Race Results
1st Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)

2nd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
3rd Elma De Vries (DSB Bank)
4th Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
5th Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)

With Bob de Vries securing his Gold Jersey as he was sick and unable to get out of bed he decided that he would not take the start in Utrecht. Bob de Vries won the Gold Jersey with 198 points from Cedric Michaud (Nefit) with 182 points and third Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) with 144 points.

The mens finale race was very hard and fast with many attacks and everyone trying to escape off the front. Bart de Vries (Schuurman) making the first attack of the evening within the first lap of the race. Cedric Michaud (Nefit) made his race for the sprint points to secure his place in the overall classment with everyone else waiting in the peleton for the next move. DSB Bank's Ingmar Berga and Arjan Smit were very active at the front of the race in many breaks and putting through for the leads.

The deciding breakaway went with approximately just over 50 laps to go. All four DSB Bank skaters were in this breakaway securing their place in the breakaway once they lapped the peleton. There were 28 skaters now in the lead group with approximately 30 laps to go.

Once the breakaway group lapped the peleton Alexis Contin (Adformatie) and two other skaters broke away together with only Alexis on the leading lap. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) and Henk Hengenent (TNT Express) escaped off the front trying to catch Alexis Contin with the other two skaters having to stop with 20 laps as they did not secure their place inside the top 20 at the elimination point. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) and Henk Hengenent (TNT Express) caught Alexis Contin and these three skaters trying very hard to escape off the front. They ended up at approximately half a lap in front of the leading peleton but once the two teams of Renault and BAM went to the front this breakaway was closed down with five laps remaining.

Once the peleton had caught the escapees it was Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) making the next move escaping off the front solo. Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) was strong enough to hold off the peleton and crossed the line solo with his second Essent Cup Victory for the season. second place went to Karlo Timmerman (Renault) in the sprint finish over Arjan Stroetinga BAM).

Mens Race Results
1st Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank)
2nd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
3rd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
4th Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
5th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)

8th Arjan Smith (DSB Bank)
16th Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)

The final race of the evening was the first grade marathon with New Zealander Dj Nation. Dj Nation skated a very hard hard making many attacks and trying to close down any breaks that happened. Dj Nation was in the lead group in the final 20 but in the final sprint taking the lead with three laps to go after confusing the laps and ended up crossing the line in nineth place for his last marathon of the 2008-2009 ice season. Now Dj prepares for the Junior World Championships which are held in Poland at the end of February.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Essent Cup 11 in Amsterdam

Written by T Dobbin
Saturday night was the 11th and second to last Essent Cup for the 2008-2009 winter season. The finale will be held next week in Utrecht with most teams leaving the following day for Austria and Sweden's Natural ice races.

The forecast in Amsterdam was for rain but lucky it ended up being very windy but no rain! The first event of the evening was the men's A grade marathon. After everyone having skated alot of Natural Ice races the last three weeks everyone was tired and found coming back to track racing very hard not having the same condition as they have for Natural ice.

The mens race started at 19:30. The first few laps were slower than usual and everyone seemed to want to settle into the race more tonight. The first real attack started with a breakaway group of approximately six skaters including DSB Banks Ingmar Berga and Shane Dobbin. The peleton ended up closing this breakaway but not after a very hard long chase.

The race changed after the sprint points with 40 laps remaining after a breakaway group attacked over the top of the sprinters going for the points and a group of eight skaters including Douwe de Vries (Adformatie), Karlo Timmerman (Renault) and Bob de Vries (BAM). These eight skaters worked hard together and ended up lapping the peleton and securing their spot in the final 20.

Another breakaway group of nine skaters attempted to pull back the breakaway of eight who were already a lap up, and for the elimination all nine skaters secured there place in the top 20 which included DSB Banks Jan Maarten Heideman and Arjan Smit. This breakaway worked hard for many laps but within the final 20 laps stopped the chase.

There were only three places remaining for the final 20 laps and it was Shane Dobbin & Ingmar Berga of DSB Bank at the front making the sprint for their place within the top 20. Shane Dobbin (DSB) took the lead with one and a half laps to go Ingmar Berga (DSB) sitting right behind and coming down the final straight only Cedric Michaud (Nefit) passed making these three skaters the final three to qualify for the top 20 and the final 20 laps.

The next move was made by Alexis Contin and Martijn Bovenmars who attacked together getting approximately 1/4 of a lap in front. When they crossed the finish line with 14 laps to go the jury told them both to stop thinking they did not qualify for the final 20 laps and so they ended up stopping and getting out of the race. Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) who was chasing solo ended up crossing the line in 9th place after his finish with 10 laps to go as well as everyones finish who weren't in the eight that escaped during the race. The jury ended up placing Martijn Bovenmars (Vlasman) and Alexis Contin (Adformatie) in 10th and 11th place because of the mistake they had made asking them to stop. The sprint finish for the rest of skaters was 12th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit), 13th Cedric Michaud (Nefit), 14th Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank),15th Arjan Smit (DSB Bank) and Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) in 20th.

For the final 10 laps and the sprint for the victory between eight skaters was a one for all. Bob de Vries (BAM) chasing almost every attack, Douwe de Vries of Adformatie made his solo move with approximately six laps to go and trying to chase was Bob de Vries (BAM) but without the help of Renaults Karlo Timmerman, Bob was unable to close the gap and Douwe de Vries of Adformatie crossed the line for his first victory of the season and the first of his teams. Second place went to Yoeri Lissenberg of Foekens and third place was Karlo Timmerman from Renault.

Mens A Grade results
1st Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
2nd Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
3rd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
4th Crispijn Ariens (PE People)
5th Sandow Stuut (Vlasman)

The ladies race soon followed the mens in Amsterdam. The sprint points were a race between Viks Mariska Huisman and Maria Sterk of DSB Bank. With these two skaters racing it out for the gold jersey it left the door open for everyone else to make their move for the victory. In the final 20 laps it was a breakaway of five skaters that broke away including Frisia's Danielle Bekkering and crossing the line in first place and to held off the rest of the peleton chasing strong in the final sprint. Second place went to Chris Witty of Landjuweel and third place Carla Zielman of Hoolwerf. After this race there was a change in the gold jersey and Mariska now holds the gold by one point going into the final race of the Essent Cup.

Ladies results
1st Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
2nd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
3rd Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
4th Anniek ter Haar (Aavaas Groep)
5th Mariska Huisman (Viks)

The final event of the evening was the mens first division with Dj Nation. Dj Nation from New Zealand made a very strong race attacking and held good position throughout the race. Two skaters made their move earlier on in the race with approximately 40 laps to go and these two skaters with the help of their team mates ended up lapping the peleton to secure the places for first and second.

Dj Nation of New Zealand easily finished within the top 20 skaters to secure his spot in the final 20 laps and the race for third. With six laps to go Dj Nation was in a breakaway with three other skaters all working together to try to escape. With one lap to go Dj made his move and sprinted past his competitors to cross the line on the podium for third place. Finishing in first place was Tom Helte Slagter (Clavis) and in second place Thijs Smit (Goesting) who both finished the last five laps solo.

First Grade Results
1st Tom Jelte Slagter (Clavis)
2nd Thijs Smit (Goesting)
3rd Dj Nation (New Zealand)

4th Ted Ooijvaar (Choose 2)
5th Bart can der Valk (Goenehardsport)

For full results go to

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mid Week News Update

It's already Thursday and this week is already closed to being over. There has been two races this week, the first was on Monday a Natural Ice race held in Ankeveen which was going to be a two day event but because the temperatures were not cold enough there was only the first day of racing. The first day started for the men with a 4.1km time trial followed by thel ladies 60km and finally the men's 100km race. See full results below:

Mens 4.1km Prolog
1st Bob de Vries (BAM) 6.28
2nd Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) 6.29
3rd Willem Hut (BAM) 6.31
4th Cedric Michaud (Nefit) 6.32
5th Tristan Loy (Adformatie) 6.32

Ladies 60km
1st Sandra t'Hart (Landjuweel)
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)

Mens 100km
1st Bob de Vries (BAM)
2nd Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
3rd Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
4th Rene Rutienberg (Safan)
5th Ruud Aarts

Yesterday was yet another Biddinghuizen Prestige race which was the last race of the series. DSB Banks Jan Maarten Heideman crossed over to the leading breakaway with the help from his team mates when Ingmar Berga made a strong lead at the front.

The results from yesterday races is as follows:

Mens Results
1st Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank)
2nd Martijn Kromkamp (Kooyenga)
3rd Rene Rutienberg (Safan)
4th Douwe De Vries (Adformatie)
5th Sander Kingma (Team Care Group)

Prestige Final Overall Classment
1st Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)
2nd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
3rd Roy Boeve (Safan)

Ladies Results
1st Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
2nd Erna Kijk In de Vegte (Landjuweel)
3rd Cindy van den Berg (Frisia)

Prestige Final Overall Classment
1st Mariska Huisman (Viks)
2nd Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
3rd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)

This weekend is the second to last Essent Cup race in Amsterdam. There are just two races left before everyone heads to Austria and Sweden for the Natural Ice races. More information coming soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Full Results from day 2 in Salt Lake

The results for the 10 kilometer in Salt Lake City are in and all races have now been completed. Shane Dobbin from New Zealand set the mark in the 10 kilometer with a finish time of 13:43. With Travor Mariscano and Chad Hedrick both from USA in the same pair and the final pair Shane Dobbin was in the in the leading position with only a few laps remaining but both Chad and Trevor had the advantage and were racing each other. The final standings for the 10km are as follows:

1st Chad Hedrick 13:38.18
2nd Trevor Mariscano 13:38.21
3rd Shane Dobbin 13:43. 69

Full results are below from all races on day 2

Ladies 1500m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 1:56.30
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 1:57.47
3rd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr (USA) 2:01.27

Mens 1500m
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 1:44.27
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 1:45.29
3rd Jay Morrison (CAN) 1:46.61
13th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 1:51.55
14th Dj Nation (NZL) 1:54.70

Ladies 5000m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 7:07.61
2nd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr 7:21.59
3rd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 7:25.18

Men 10000m
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 13:38.18
2nd Trevor Mariscano (USA) 13:38.21
3rd Shane Dobbin (NZL)13:43. 69

Ladies Overall
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 162,783
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 166,283
3rd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr 168,553

Mens Overall
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 151,077
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 151,171
3rd Steven Elm (CAN) 153,394
4th Lucan Makowsky (CAN) 153,803
5th Jay Morrison (CAN) 153,884
6th Brian Hansen (USA) 154,302
7th Mathieu Giroux (CAN) 154,864
8th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 156,157

It was a great weekend for both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation of New Zealand. From the results you can see both have been working more on their endurance than the shorter events but over time they will put it all together. It was great experience for them both to go to Salt Lake and see what it's like. It was shame that for this weekend the ice in Salt Lake was not it's usual and very fast having produced some of the fastest times in the World in previous competitions and at the Olympics, but never the less it was still a great weekend.

Now both arrive back in the Netherlands tomorrow where Dj will concentrate training for his Junior World Championships in Poland late February and Shane will get back to his marathon racing with the DSB Bank team.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

News from Salt Lake

Today was the first day of the North American and Oceania All-Round Championships in Salt Lake City. It was the first day of the Championships with the first event being the 500 meters ladies followed by the men. Tthe second and final event for the first day was the 3000 meter ladies and 5000 meter men. Aparently the ice was not in perfect condition but still faster than most of the ice in Europe.

Shane Dobbin skated in the 5,000 meter and ended up finishing in third place just behind Olympic Champion Chad Hedrick and Trevor Marsicano. Luckily for Shane Dobbin he had the Olympic Champion Dereck Parra holding the lap times for him on the ice so it was a very big honour ot have him on the ice with him. Trevor Marsicano won the 5000 meter event in Salt Lake City with a time of 6:29 followed by Chad Hedrick with a time of 6:30 and Shane Dobbin from New Zealand his second ever 5000 meter event finished third just three seconds from the victory with a time of 6:32. Dj Nation also from New Zealand the young Junior skater with 2008-2009 being his first ever winter and ever time on the ice finishe din 9th place with a time of 6:45.
results from today are as follows:

Ladies 500m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 39.58
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 39.79
3rd Kelly Gunther (USA) 39.79

Men 500m
1st Brian Hansen (USA) 36.19
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 36.23
3rd Chad Hedrick (USA) 36.38
13th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 38.55
14th Dj Nation (NZL) 40.03

Ladies 3000m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 4:10.08
2nd Jancy Swider-Peltz (USA) 4:15.37
3rd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 4:16.50

Men 5000m
1st Trevor Masricano (USA) 6:29
2nd Chad Hedrick (USA) 6:30
3rd Shane Dobbin (NZL) 6:32
9th Dj Nation (NZL) 6:45

Dj Nations 5km Lap times
Opening 19.69
1st Lap 50.32 (30.63)
2nd Lap 1:21.41 (31.09)
3rd Lap 1:53.24 (31.83)
4th Lap 2:24.93 (31.69)
5th Lap 2:56.98 (32.05)
6th Lap 3:28.98 (32.00)
7th Lap 4:01.22 (32.24)
8th Lap 4:33.44 (32.22)
9th Lap 5:06.06 (32.62)
10th Lap 5:39.25 (33.19)
11th Lap 6:12.66 (33.41)
Finish 6:45.69 (33.03)

Shane Dobbin's 5km Lap Times
Opening 20.04
1st Lap 50.52 (30.81)
2nd Lap 1:21.13 (30.61)
3rd Lap 1:51.98 (30.85)
4th Lap 2:23.12 (31.14)
5th Lap 2:52.87 (30.75)
6th Lap 3:24.22 (30.97)
7th Lap 3:55.06 (30.84)
8th Lap 4:25.66 (30.60)
9th Lap 4:56.34 (30.68)
10th Lap 5:27.59 (31.25)
11th Lap 5:59.46 (31.87)
Finish 6:32.43 (32.97)

Chad Hedrick 5km Lap Times
Opening 19.36
1st Lap 50.10 (30.74)
2nd Lap 1:21.04 (30.94)
3rd Lap 1:51.34 (30.30)
4th Lap 2:21.64 (30.30)
5th Lap 2:52.78 (30.14)
6th Lap 3:22.03 (30.25)
7th Lap 3:52.37 (30.34)
8th Lap 4:23.05 (30.68)
9th Lap 4:54.16 (31.11)
10th Lap 5:25.75 (31.59)
11th Lap 5:57.92 (32.17)
Finish 6:30.32 (32.40)

Trevor Marsicano's 5km Lap Times
Opening 20.07
1st Lap 51.53 (31.46)
2nd Lap 1:23.08 (31.55)
3rd Lap 1:54.14 (31.06)
4th Lap 2:24.77 (30.63)
5th Lap 2:55.03 (30.26)
6th Lap 3:25.46 (30.43)
7th Lap 3:56.08 (30.63)
8th lap 4:26.93 (30.85)
9th Lap 4:57.66 (30.73)
10th Lap 5:27. 97 (30.31)
11th Lap 5:58.39 (30.42)
Finish 6:29.25 (30.96)

More information at

Keep posted for tomorrows results.

Marathon News

It's been a full few days for the marathon skaters here in Netherlands. On Thursday was the biggest race of the season for the Netherlands skaters who race in the marathon series because it was the first time in over 10 years that there has been the Natural Ice National Championship event. It was held on a frozen lake close to Lelystad on a five kilometer circuit with the ladies race being 60 kilometers and the mens 100 kilometers. Both the ladies and the men's races were held live in TV here in the Netherlands which was great viewing for all.

The ladies race ended up in a sprint finish where Carla Zielman crossed the line in first with the National Championship title second place was Daniella Bekkering of Frisia and third Andrea Sikkema Van der Wiel. During the men's race there was a very serious breakaway at the half way mark of the race. In this breakaway there was many good strong skaters but the teams of BAM and Nefit brought the race back together after a very long hard chase which cause the mens race to end in a sprint finish.

During the mens sprint it was a long hard sprint where the team of Safan started the sprint very early. Crossing the line just ahead for the National Championship title was Sjoerd Huisman from the team of Nefit. Second place went to Arjan Streotinga of Bam, third was Roy Boeve from Safan and in fourth place Ingmar Berga from DSB Bank.

With only one day rest today was the Essent Cup 11 held in Eindhoven. The results from tonights races are as follows:

Ladies Marathon
1st Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
2nd Daniella Bekkering (Frisia)
3rd Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)

4th Margo can de Merwe (team de sprinters)
5th Anniek ter Haar (Aavas)

Mens Marathon
1st Jorrit Bergsma (PE People)
2nd Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
3rd Roy Boeve (Safan)
4th Kurt Wubben (TNT Express)
5th Bart de Vries (Schuurman)

To view the mens race on the internet go to:
For more results go to:
Natural Ice race marathon have been confirmed for both Monday and Tuesday next week. For more information go to:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Super Prestige Series in Biddinghuizen

Written by T Dobbin

It's a week full of ice skating here in the Netherlands starting with the Biddinghuizen super prestige race, the Natural Ice National Championships, the Essent Cup 11 in Eindhoven and the European All-Round Championships in Heerenveen. Mean while DSB Bank's Shane Dobbin is in the USA in Salt Lake City preparing for this weekend's long track races.

Yesterday was the super prestige series held in Biddinghuizen. It was the day before the National Championships here in the Netherlands for Natural Ice so there were not alot of skaters wanted to race the day before the biggest event for marathon skating since 1997 in the Netherlands. The results of yesterday's race is as follows:

Mens Results
1st Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
2nd Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)
3rd Roy Boeve (Safan)
4th Hermen van der Wal (Kooyenga)
5th Rene Ruitenberg (Safan)

Ladies Results
1st Mariska Huisman (Viks)
2nd Chris Witty (Wandjuweel)
3rd Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)

Thursday is the National Championships of Natural Ice which is being held on a 5 kilometer frozen lake close to Lelystad.

Keep posted for final results from today's races.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News Update

This morning both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation got on the plane to fly to Salt Lake City for this weekend's North American & Oceania All-Round Championships. Both Shane & Dj have only skated the five kilometer in previous races having raced twice this winter. The 500 meter & the 1500 meter will be new distances for the boys so after Salt Lake they will both have times on the board in these distances. Dj Nation set a personal best time of 6:53 and Shane Dobbin set a personal best time of 6:37 in Thialf, Heerenveen in Novemeber. The competition starts on Saturday with the 500 meter and the 5000 meter. Followed by Sunday's races of the 1500 meter and the 10,000 meter.

Other big news in Netherlands today is the confirmation of the Natural Ice National Championships for the Netherlands which is going to be held on Thursday at 13:00. The National Championships is for Dutch Skaters only racing for the rights to wear their Natural Colours. It is live on television in the Netherlands and will be held on a frozen lake close to Lelystad. The Nationals will be the day after the next Prestige Race in Biddinghuizen which is held on Wednesday but the organisation has changed the distance from 75km to 50km. Some skaters will be sitting out of the Prestige Race to save themselves for the Nationals. It will be a great lift to the sport of Speed Skating here in Netherlands.

It will be a great week of ice skating so stay tuned!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shane Dobbin takes his first Victory in the Essent Cup A grade Marathon in Assen

Written by T Dobbin
Last night in Assen was a very successful night for the men's team of DSB Bank. Shane Dobbin & all the skaters from DSB Bank skated a great team effort and all contributed to the victory of Shane Dobbin in the Essent Cup number 10 in Assen.

The race started with many breakaway attempts and it was a hard race with an average lap time of 31.3 sec laps. Bob de Vries (BAM) & Cedric Michaud (Nefit) were sprinting for the first set of sprint points in the race for the Gold Jersey. At approximately 55 laps to go the half way point of the race Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) attacked with Durk Fabriek (Schuurman), Ralf Zwister (Adformatie) and a skater from BCT. These four skaters ended up half a lap in front of the peleton when Ralp Zwister (Adformatie) crashed and ended up going back to the peleton and the skater from BCT dropped off the breakaway leaving only two in the lead group (Shane Dobbin DSB Bank and Durk Fabriek Schuurman).

These two skaters kept trying to keep the pace hoping the peleton would stop the chase. After a few more laps of working together the team of Schuurman Schoenen dropped back to the breakaway escapees to help their team mate Durk Fabriek and of course included in the break Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) to try to take a lap over the peleton. With approximately 30 laps remaining and after a long hard chase the two escapees lapped the peleton and waited for the sprint for the final 20 laps to make their next move.

After the final sprint / elimination for the last 20 laps there was just two skaters from DSB Bank in the final Shane Dobbin who was one lap in front and Ingmar Berga. Ingmar Berga did a great job in making sure no one escapeed off the front to catch Shane Dobbin & Durk Fabriek. Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) & Roy Boeve (Safan) tried very hard and made many attempts to escape off the front. In the end the peleton received the bell for the last lap with five laps to go and it was Cedric Michaud (Nefit), Bob de Vries (Bam) & Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) who were sprinting for third place. Crossing the line in third place was Cedric Michaud (Nefit), in fourth was Bob de Vries (BAM) and fifth Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank).

When the sprint for third place took place Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) took advantage of this opportunity and made his move to breakaway from his rival Durk Fabriek (Schuurman) Shane Dobbin broke away in the last five laps to maintain a strong gap and cross the line for his first victory for DSB Bank and in the Essent Cup. Second place went to Durk Fabriek from Schuurman. It was a very successful team effort from the DSB Bank team including Jens Zwister, Arjan Smit, Ingmar Berga & Shane Dobbin.

Mens Marathon Results
1st Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)
2nd Durk Fabriek (Schuurman)
3rd Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
4th Bob de Vries (Bam)
5th Ingmar Berga (Dsb Bank)
6th Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)
7th Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
8th Kurt Wubben (TNT Express)
9th Roy Boeve (Safan)
10th Jan van Oosterom (

The ladies race was first in Assen and Chris Witty (Landjuweel) broke away in the final 20 laps solo and lapped the peleton to cross the line for another victory for her in this ice season in Assen.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Liesbeth Hijlkema (Cakyline)
3rd Jolanda Langeland (Steenbergen)
4th Sandra t'Hart (Landjuweel)
5th Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)

The final event of the night was the first divison marathon. The young Dj Nation from New Zealand raced in the marathon tonight trying very hard and working hard throughout the race to make attacks and follow them. Dj made the top 20 at the sprint/elimination and in the final 20 laps was very active. Unfortunately he couldn't follow the strongman Willem Hut (BAM) and Willem broken away solo to cross the line for another victory in the first division.

First division Marathon Results
1st Willem Hut (BAM)
2nd Peter Nauta (Schaatsteam)
3rd Frank Posthumus (Schaatsploeg)

For more photos go to:
To watch the race on internet click on the link:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Prestige Cup 3 Biddinghuizen Results

Written by T Dobbin
Yesterday was the third Biddinghuizen Prestige Race which is one of the biggest having highlights shown on tv on one of the biggest sport channels here in the Netherlands.

In the ladies finish it ended up coming to a final sprint where Mariska Huisman (Viks) crossed the line with yet another victory for 2009 in Biddinghuizen.

Ladies Results
1st Mariska Huisman (Viks)
2nd Margo van de Merwe (Team de Sprinters)
3rd Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
4th Anniek ter Haar (Aavas Groep)
5th Mischa Top (Landjuweel)
6th Jolanda Langeland (Steenbergen)

The mens race also came to a sprint finish after many breakaway attempts throughout the race. The team of Nefit made the sprint for Sjoerd Huisman and DSB Bank's Ingmar Berga lead out the sprint for his team mate Arjan Smit.

Crossing the line in first with his first victory in Biddinghuizen from the team of Nefit was Sjoerd Huisman. Second place went to DSB Bank's Arjan Smit who was the winner last week in Biddinghuizen and third Cedric Michaud also from Nefit.

Mens Results
1st Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
2nd Arjan Smit (DSB Bank)
3rd Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
4th Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)
5th Roy Boeve (Safan)
6th Martijn van Es (TNT)
7th Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
8th Arjan Mombarg (Nefit)
9th Geert Plender (Safan)
10th Sander Kingma (Team Care Group)

For Full results go to:
For more photos go to:

Saturday another Essent Cup race which is held again in Assen. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) will be racing on Saturday in Assen before his flight on Monday to Salt Lake City for next weekend's North American & Oceania All Round Championships. The ladies race is the first event of tomorrow night's races starting at the usual time of 18:30 followed by the mens A grade race at 19:30. Keep posted for more news and results!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Natural Ice Marathon Noordlaren Results

Written by T Dobbin

Today was the second Natural Ice marathon held in Noordlaren, Netherlands. It was freezing temperatures in Noordlaren. When the men were racing the temperatures were approximately -4 degrees. The ladies race ended up in a sprint finish with all the peleton. One of the favourites Mariska Huisman crashing with just over one lap to go left Frisia to lead out for the team leader Daniella Bekkering. Coming into the final straight it was two Frisia skaters and DSB Bank's Maria Sterk came up the inside and crossed the finish line with the race victory with Daniella Bekkering in second and her team mate Janneke Ensing in third both from Frisia.

The mens race started shortly after the ladies race finished. After aproximately 20 laps the leading breakaway grouped formed with four skaters including Karlo Timmerman (Renault) & Douwe de Vries (Adformatie). Shane Dobbin from DSB Bank tried to cross over solo to the half a lap gap to the breakaway group but once he was within a corner the grouped put on the pace and Shane ended up giving up the chase and going back to the peleton.

Once the breakaway got one lap up from the peleton the team of Adformatie controlled the race and made sure there were no more attacks. At the end of the race Bart de Vries tried to gain a lap over the peleton and the remainder of his team went back to him to try to help him get the lap up to be on the same lap as the four escapees but when he was 3/4 of a lap out front, Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank went to the front of the peleton to start to make the sprint for his team mates and Bart de Vries ended up finishing in 5th place where he crossed the line unable to take a lap over the peleton. In the sprint of the peleton Arjan Stroeting finished in 6th place and Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) finished in 7th.

In the final sprint finish of the escapees Douwe de Vries (Adformatie) made his move with one lap to go with Karlo Timmerman (Renault) right behind. Coming down the back straight Karlo Timmerman put himself in first position and ended up crossing the line for the race win. Second place went to Douwe de Vries (Adformatie) and third place Kurt Wubben (TNT Express).

Tomorrow in Biddinghuizen is the third Prestige race. It's a very important race for most teams and 30 minutes is show on one of the biggest channels in the Netherlands. Keep posted for results from tomorrows race that will be coming soon!