Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DSB Bank Cup Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin
Last Saturday was the second marathon of the season for the DSB Bank Cup. It has been a long and stressful week for all the skaters from the DSB Bank marathon team, long track team as well as all the individual sponsored skaters of DSB Bank. However, the team got it together as best they could on Saturday night for the what turns out to be their final marathon in the DSB Bank colours.

After an attack from seven skaters directly after the first prime sprints, the race was over for the remaining skaters in the peleton who missed the break, yet still 74 laps remaining in the race at that point.

After many long attacks and a fast race, it was left to four skaters in the final five laps to see who would fight it out of the victory. Finally the race results from Saturday are as follows:

Mens Final Standings:
1 15 Arjan Stroetinga BAM Schaatsteam 2 30,1
2 3 Douwe de Vries Adformatie 2 28
3 1 Bob de Vries BAM Schaatsteam 2 26
4 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express 2 25
5 27 Christijn Groeneveld Equipe Renault Eco2 1 19
6 13 Jorrit Bergsma Equipe Renault Eco2 1 18
7 2 Cedric Michaud Nefit HR Ketels 1 17
8 90 Durk Fabriek Marathonteam Windkr88 1 16
9 19 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie 10
10 5 Ingmar Berga DSB Bank 9

Ladies Final Standings:
1 D41 Maria DSB Bank 20,1
2 D87 Elma de Vries Marathonteam Jaap.nl 18
3 D21 Mireille Reitsma Landjuweel 16
4 D13 Carla Zielman Pro Horeca 15
5 D56 Lucy Hutten-Witteman Witteman Tuinen/Groenrijk 14
6 D12 Bianca Roosenboom Viks Parket 13
7 D84 Lillian van Haaster Marathonteam Leontien.nl 12
8 D5 Daniƫlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen 11

9 D76 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket 10
10 D14 Chris Witty DSB Bank 9