Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Come Back

I'll keep this one short and sweet! 

After the 2014 Winter Olympics, i had fulfilled my Olympic dream of crossing over from Inline Speed Skating and what i knew for the past 20 plus years to ice Speed Skating. I finished 7th in the 10,000 meter and while that was a great result from where i'd started (not even being able to stand up on ice), i knew in my heart that i had more to give! 

So late last year i spoke with my wife and toyed with the idea of a "come back". I had some injuries i had to over come and with the help from the best in the business Ian King he had me doing things with my body that i was never able to, EVER before! 

It wasn't until April this year 2016 that i decided to 100% commit myself to skating again! My body feels good and what i have learnt over the past few years with nutrition, supplements and ways to look after my body there really isn't anything holding me back. 

So with these two guys, Peter Michael and Reyon Kay also from NZ, not only are they my team mates but my friends also. I couldn't think of any other skaters i'd rather be on this road with. 

So my journey starts here!