Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regensburg GBC

Written by T Dobbin
Last Sunday was the German Blade Challenge race held in Regensburg, South Germany. It was a sunny warm day and the full team of Cado Motus raced in Regensburg including Shane Dobbin. The race was very early in the morning starting at 8:15am. It was only a half marathon with the course just one lap of 21km.

The race was very fast because it was only 21km. Everyone wanted to try to escape off the front so there were many attacks including many attacks from the team of Cado Motus.

The final breakaway was the one that stayed away until the finish with Bart Swings of Cado Motus showing his good condition winning the breakaway sprint and another victory for Cado Motus.

The peleton sprint finish was dominated by Ferre Spruyt finishing in fourth place and team mate Shane Dobbin taking sixth.

Full results below
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Severin Windmar (Luigino Swiss)
3rd Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide)
4th Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
5th Alfredo Leon Moredo (Bont)
6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The ladies team of Bont Wheels dominated the ladies race finishing first, second and third in the ladies half marathon.

Ladies results
1st Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)
2nd Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
3rd Tamara Llorens (Bont Wheels)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

World on Wheels Steenwijk

Written by T Dobbin
Last weekend was another stage of the Worlds on Wheels for 2009 in Steenwijk. Representing Cado Motus Mens team were Shane Dobbin and Dj Nation both from New Zealand. The weather was not certain regarding whether it would be wet or dry. Finally 30 minutes before the start it was sure it would be cloudy but dry race.

The course in Steenwijk was a great could for the World on Wheels stages. The lap was 2.4 kilometers and going into the final straight was a good sized uphill 300 meters long with the finish line at the top.

There were many breakaway attempts during the race with everyone taking advantage of the uphill. Both Cado Motus skaters Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation were in the lead breaks making sure nothing went without either present.

With approximately 10 laps remaining a breakaway group formed with eight skaters including World Champion Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) , Gary Heckman (Nefit), Gerwin Smit, Arjan Smit (DSB Bank) and Roy Boeve. This breakaway group worked together to try to escape off the front but the team of Unive Stouwdam in the last few laps took the lead and brought the peleton back together with one lap to go for the race to finish in a pack sprint.

Unive Stouwdam lead the final lap with the pace set fast. Coming out of the final corner Shane Dobbin followed by Dj Nation (Cado Motus) took the outside line and made their sprint for the finish. Gary Heckman (Nefit) and Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) sprinted for the line together with Gary Heckman lunging at the line for the victory over Shane Dobbin in Steenwijk. Finishing in third place was Roy Boeve, fourth Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) and fifth Dj Nation.

To view the video from Steenwijk go to: For more photos visit:

This weekend the team of Cado Motus will skate in the German Blade Challenge in Regensburg. Keep posted for more news.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heerde Skate Off

Written by T Dobbin

It was a very successful weekend for Shane Dobbin and the team of Cado Motus. The weekend started with the sprint category and the 300 meter time trial. Heerde is a very difference track not like many others in the World. Its parabolic and quite slippery. Those skaters that didn't wear MPC wheels during the weekend had a difficult time getting around the track.
The heats for the 300 meter were in the morning and the finals were in the evening. The heats results were slightly different than the finals. See final results below:

Men 300m Time Trial
1st Ronal Mulder
2nd William Bowen (USA CadoMotus)
3rd Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 300m Time Trial
1st Jersy Puello (Colombia)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)

3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

The distance race final was held in the evening after the time trials. The heats were cancelled in the morning so there were many skaters in the final. The men had a 20 kilometer elimination race where the team of Cado Motus decided to go to the front and dominated the field. All five team members skated at the front all together in the line without anyone being able to break the team. Shane Dobbin took the lead at the start waiting for everyone to position themselves, then it was the young talent Maarten Swings who lead 70 laps straight for his team. Maarten pulled aside with 25 laps remaining where Shane Dobbin lead his team to the final 5 laps. The final five skaters were Bart Swings, Ferre Spruyt, Sjoerd Huisman, Andres Munoz and Dj Nation. Crossing the line clear ahead of third place was Ferre Spruyt for Cado Motus and his team mate right with him in second Bart Swings. Third place went to Sjored Huisman and fourth the 500 meter World Champion Andres Munoz from Colombia.

Mens results
1st Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
2nd Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
3rd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
4th Andres Munoz (Powerslide)
5th Dj Nation (Cado Motus)

6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The Second day started with the 500 meter heats/quarters/semis and then in the evening the finals. All finals were spectacular and the results were:

Men 500m Final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ronald Mulder (Netherlands)
3rd William Bower (USA Cado Motus)
4th Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 500m Final
1st Jersy Pulleo (Colombia)
2nd Cecilia Buena (Colombia)
3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

4th Elma De Vries (Cado Motus)

Mens points final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
3rd Crispijn Ariens (Netherlands)

Ladies points final
1st Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)
3rd Cecilia Buena (Powerslide)

The final event of the competition was the Heerde Skate off where the mens team of Cado Motus made the final skate off finishing the first round in second place. After skating a very spectular second round, they crossed the line in first place with the fastest time of the day just in front of the Powerslide team of Kalon Dobbin, Andreas Munoz and Daniel Greig.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World on Wheels Oldebroek

Written by T Dobbin
Thursday was the second day of racing and the second race that the mens team of Cado Motus had raced together. It was a sunny day and the circuit in Oldebroek was a small course of approximately 800 meters with very rough roads.

The race started at 18:50 and again the race was fast right from the start. In Oldebroek there were many breakaways attempts and the pace didn't slow down at all during the race. The World on Wheels races have sprint primes for both the overall classement and the sprints for money. With the sprint primes throughout the race, it makes the race much harder because during these laps it's a great time for breakaways to form.

Bart Swings of Cado Motus was in the overall classment and continued to show his form racing for the sprint primes throughout the race. Cado Motus again raced from the front with the team working well together both making breaks and closing any down.

Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) escaped off the front in a group of approximately 15 skaters. These 15 skaters tried very hard to escape off the front but with the pace so high they were unable to succeed.

With approximately 14 laps to go a breakaway formed with four skaters including Crispijn Ariens of skate podium, Frank Friers (Stouwdam Unive) and two other Dutch skaters. This breakaway forced the peleton to chase hard for many laps. Bart Swings of Cado Motus tried to cross over to the breakaway with Nefit's Gary Heckman and three other skaters but with Bart left at the front to lead, they were unable to close the gap to the four escapees. Finally it was Crispijn Ariens of SkatePodium who skated off the front solo for the final eight laps and crossed the line with the victory in Oldebroek in style.

The final sprint for the mens pack and the race for second place started with approximately three laps to go. The mens team of Cado Motus formed at the front with Maarten Swings taking the lead and setting a high pace in the final laps to prevent anyway from passing the team. Stouwdam/Unive formed close behind the Cado Motus team but in the end lost the place to DSB Bank's Ingmar Berga and the team of Nefit with Gary Heckman and Sjoerd Huisman. Everyone was fighting behind for the wheel of the Cado Motus but Dj Nation the protection of the team held his ground and no one was able to break the team.

Maarten Swings lead the team of Cado Motus and pulled aside with just one lap remaining. From there Ferre Spruyt took over the job to lead out his team mates Bart Swings, Shane Dobbin and Dj Nation. Nefit making a spectular final dash for the finale, it was Ferre Spruyt who took the team of Cado Motus to the final corner where Bart Swings lead down the final straight to cross the line in second place followed by his team mate Shane Dobbin in third. Still managing to sprint to the line for fourth was Ferre Spruyt and fifth Dj Nation. A great race and team work for the mens team of Cado Motus.

Mens results
1st Crispijn Ariens (Skate Podium)
2nd Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
3rd Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)
4th Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
5th Dj Nation (Cado Motus)

The ladies race was a fantastic race in Oldebroek. Early on in the race Elma De Vries of Cado Motus broke away with Nicole Begg of Bont Wheels. Both ladies racing a very hard race sprinting for the prime sprints and keeping the pace fast. Both Elma and Nicole ended up taking a lap over the peleton to secure the two top places on the podium.

It came down to a sprint between Elma and Nicole for the race victory but in the end Elma De Vries was too strong in Oldebroek and crossed the line for Cado Motus and the race win. Second place was Nicole Begg from Bont Wheels and in the final sprint of the peleton crossing the line in third place was Alexandrea Vivas of Bont Wheels.

Ladies Results
1st Elma de Vries (Cado Motus)
2nd Nicole Begg (Bont Wheels)
3rd Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)

Only half way through the four days of racing, Friday was the start of the Heerde Skate Off the international track event held over two days with many World Champions competing.

World on Wheels Emmeloord

Written by T Dobbin
It was the first day of many days of racing in the World on Wheels Emmeloord. No one was sure if the weather would hold up and be sunny or wet. It was the first time ever that the full mens Cado Motus team had skated together and the first time Dj Nation met his belgium team mates. Before the race the team sat down for coffee and a chat to get to know one another as well as talk about their team tactic.

The race started in the evening with sunny skies but cold temperatures. The course lap in Emmeloord was very small only 800 meters per lap with two very tight 90 degree corners at each end. It was the first race since last year's World Championships for Shane Dobbin and the first time he has been able to wear his World Champion Stripes in the marathons in Netherlands.

Emmeloord was extremely fast right from lap one. The Cado Motus team skated very strong together and got into things directly off the gun. Both Maarten Swings and Ferre Spruyt controlled the race at the front for the Cado Motus mens team. The past was set too fast for any real breakaways to get off the front. Only one breakaway looked promising which included Shane Dobbin from Cado Motus but the peleton soon reacted and the peleton was one again. There wasn't one breakaway out front were there wasn't a Cado Motus team member present in the break.

The mens race finished in a pack sprint with the Cado Motus team all getting together in the final few laps. With one lap to go Shane Dobbin made the first lead out for his team mates to set up the race for the in-form Bart Swings. Shane Dobbin lead his team with Ferre Spruyt sitting right behind followed by Bart Swings then Dj Nation. Shane Dobbin pulled aside leaving Ferre Spruyt to take the final half lap lead out putting Bart Swings in the front for the final 100 meters to cross the line with the victory in Emmeloord for the mens Cado Motus team.

Mens results
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus Men)
2nd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
3rd Gary Heckman (Nefit)

The ladies race was also extremely fast. There were many breakaway attempts from the Cado Motus girls as well as the ladies Bont Wheels team. With the pace so fast it was hard for a breakaway to stay away and in the final few laps the race would be decided by a sprint finish. Bont Wheels lead out the sprint with Nicole Begg in front, going out of the final corner it was Nicole Begg who maintained her lead and crossed the line in first, followed by her team mate Kelly Martinez.

Ladies results
1st Nicole Begg (Bont Wheels)
2nd Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)
3rd Bridgette Mendez (Valle Cali)
4th Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus Ladies)

The following day another stage of the World on Wheels in Oldebroek. Keep posted for more race updates.