Sunday, January 11, 2009

News from Salt Lake

Today was the first day of the North American and Oceania All-Round Championships in Salt Lake City. It was the first day of the Championships with the first event being the 500 meters ladies followed by the men. Tthe second and final event for the first day was the 3000 meter ladies and 5000 meter men. Aparently the ice was not in perfect condition but still faster than most of the ice in Europe.

Shane Dobbin skated in the 5,000 meter and ended up finishing in third place just behind Olympic Champion Chad Hedrick and Trevor Marsicano. Luckily for Shane Dobbin he had the Olympic Champion Dereck Parra holding the lap times for him on the ice so it was a very big honour ot have him on the ice with him. Trevor Marsicano won the 5000 meter event in Salt Lake City with a time of 6:29 followed by Chad Hedrick with a time of 6:30 and Shane Dobbin from New Zealand his second ever 5000 meter event finished third just three seconds from the victory with a time of 6:32. Dj Nation also from New Zealand the young Junior skater with 2008-2009 being his first ever winter and ever time on the ice finishe din 9th place with a time of 6:45.
results from today are as follows:

Ladies 500m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 39.58
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 39.79
3rd Kelly Gunther (USA) 39.79

Men 500m
1st Brian Hansen (USA) 36.19
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 36.23
3rd Chad Hedrick (USA) 36.38
13th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 38.55
14th Dj Nation (NZL) 40.03

Ladies 3000m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 4:10.08
2nd Jancy Swider-Peltz (USA) 4:15.37
3rd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 4:16.50

Men 5000m
1st Trevor Masricano (USA) 6:29
2nd Chad Hedrick (USA) 6:30
3rd Shane Dobbin (NZL) 6:32
9th Dj Nation (NZL) 6:45

Dj Nations 5km Lap times
Opening 19.69
1st Lap 50.32 (30.63)
2nd Lap 1:21.41 (31.09)
3rd Lap 1:53.24 (31.83)
4th Lap 2:24.93 (31.69)
5th Lap 2:56.98 (32.05)
6th Lap 3:28.98 (32.00)
7th Lap 4:01.22 (32.24)
8th Lap 4:33.44 (32.22)
9th Lap 5:06.06 (32.62)
10th Lap 5:39.25 (33.19)
11th Lap 6:12.66 (33.41)
Finish 6:45.69 (33.03)

Shane Dobbin's 5km Lap Times
Opening 20.04
1st Lap 50.52 (30.81)
2nd Lap 1:21.13 (30.61)
3rd Lap 1:51.98 (30.85)
4th Lap 2:23.12 (31.14)
5th Lap 2:52.87 (30.75)
6th Lap 3:24.22 (30.97)
7th Lap 3:55.06 (30.84)
8th Lap 4:25.66 (30.60)
9th Lap 4:56.34 (30.68)
10th Lap 5:27.59 (31.25)
11th Lap 5:59.46 (31.87)
Finish 6:32.43 (32.97)

Chad Hedrick 5km Lap Times
Opening 19.36
1st Lap 50.10 (30.74)
2nd Lap 1:21.04 (30.94)
3rd Lap 1:51.34 (30.30)
4th Lap 2:21.64 (30.30)
5th Lap 2:52.78 (30.14)
6th Lap 3:22.03 (30.25)
7th Lap 3:52.37 (30.34)
8th Lap 4:23.05 (30.68)
9th Lap 4:54.16 (31.11)
10th Lap 5:25.75 (31.59)
11th Lap 5:57.92 (32.17)
Finish 6:30.32 (32.40)

Trevor Marsicano's 5km Lap Times
Opening 20.07
1st Lap 51.53 (31.46)
2nd Lap 1:23.08 (31.55)
3rd Lap 1:54.14 (31.06)
4th Lap 2:24.77 (30.63)
5th Lap 2:55.03 (30.26)
6th Lap 3:25.46 (30.43)
7th Lap 3:56.08 (30.63)
8th lap 4:26.93 (30.85)
9th Lap 4:57.66 (30.73)
10th Lap 5:27. 97 (30.31)
11th Lap 5:58.39 (30.42)
Finish 6:29.25 (30.96)

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Marathon News

It's been a full few days for the marathon skaters here in Netherlands. On Thursday was the biggest race of the season for the Netherlands skaters who race in the marathon series because it was the first time in over 10 years that there has been the Natural Ice National Championship event. It was held on a frozen lake close to Lelystad on a five kilometer circuit with the ladies race being 60 kilometers and the mens 100 kilometers. Both the ladies and the men's races were held live in TV here in the Netherlands which was great viewing for all.

The ladies race ended up in a sprint finish where Carla Zielman crossed the line in first with the National Championship title second place was Daniella Bekkering of Frisia and third Andrea Sikkema Van der Wiel. During the men's race there was a very serious breakaway at the half way mark of the race. In this breakaway there was many good strong skaters but the teams of BAM and Nefit brought the race back together after a very long hard chase which cause the mens race to end in a sprint finish.

During the mens sprint it was a long hard sprint where the team of Safan started the sprint very early. Crossing the line just ahead for the National Championship title was Sjoerd Huisman from the team of Nefit. Second place went to Arjan Streotinga of Bam, third was Roy Boeve from Safan and in fourth place Ingmar Berga from DSB Bank.

With only one day rest today was the Essent Cup 11 held in Eindhoven. The results from tonights races are as follows:

Ladies Marathon
1st Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
2nd Daniella Bekkering (Frisia)
3rd Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)

4th Margo can de Merwe (team de sprinters)
5th Anniek ter Haar (Aavas)

Mens Marathon
1st Jorrit Bergsma (PE People)
2nd Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
3rd Roy Boeve (Safan)
4th Kurt Wubben (TNT Express)
5th Bart de Vries (Schuurman)

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Natural Ice race marathon have been confirmed for both Monday and Tuesday next week. For more information go to: