Monday, December 21, 2009

By Greg Ford, Sunday Star Times in New Zealand

Dobbin a chance for Winter Olympics medal

Ashley Bright is a busy man. No time to waste. In two months' time he will send a rag-tag bunch of relative no-names to the Winter Olympics. He's "busy, busy, busy", so cuts to the chase when Shane Dobbin pops up in conversation.

"It is a story from the gods really," he explains.

"Talented athlete. Transferred across from inline skating to ice and within 18 months of international competition he is ranked 13th in the world. That says volumes about him as an athlete. It is an incredibly tough sport."

Heard of Dobbin? Not many have. He is, as the boss of the Winter Olympics team explained, a former inline world champion skater from Palmerston North.

To read the full article go to:

Friday, December 18, 2009

ISU World Cup Salt lake City

Written by T Dobbin
Salt Lake is one of the best cities in the World to speed skate. After hosting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games it has some of the best facilities in the World for training as well as an extremely good training group based in Salt Lake for a number of years.

Salt Lakes ice conditions were slightly better than in Calgary, especially for the distance races. The ice was fast and gliding alot, more than ice does at other rinks in the World. As SLC was the final qualification for Countries to Qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games it was the last chance for those Countries to confirm their Country positions. Some of the skaters that had already qualified their Country positions decided to head back to their home lands and train for their National Qualification to confirm which skaters will be skating at the Olympics in their Country position.

Shane Dobbin only participated in the 5 kilometer event on Saturday. He wanted to make sure that he could secure a Country position for New Zealand in the 5 kilometer event at the Olympics. Shane was set to skate in pair number four which was the first pair after the ice cleaning.

His tactics were different than any other race he has skated before setting out to hold back at the start and try to bring his lap times down by the end. See below his lap times:

200m 19.10 (19.1)
600m 49.23 (30.1)
1000m 1:19.37 (30.1)
1400m 1:49.64 (30.2)
1800m 2:19.27 (29.6)
2200m 2:49.19 (29.9)
2600m 3:18.97 (29.7)
3000m 3:48.39 (29.4)
3400m 4:17.81 (29.4)
3800m 4:47.43 (29.6)
4200m 5:17.23 (29.8)
4600m 5:47.14 (29.9)
5000m 6:17.78 (30.6)

Even though Shane set a new New Zealand National Record and a personal best time in this event he was still not 100% satisfied. Usually on faster ice it's better to get your lap times at the start and try to maintain them until the end because you glide much better, on better ice. However, it was still good enough for 11th place in the mens A grade division and hopefully ensures a Country spot for New Zealand in the 5 kilometer at the 2010 Winter Olympics. For full results go to

Shane is now back training in the Netherlands for the next two weeks. After Christmas he will head back to Salt Lake City to get some good training done there with a good training group. Shanes next competition is the Regional Qualifer which is going to be held in Calgary on the 23rd and 24th of January. The top seven skaters from this Regional Qualifer will be able to skate in the World All Round Championships in March in Heerenveen here in the Netherlands.

Keep posted for updates and a special thanks to Daniel Yeow for his great photos.

ISU World Cup Calgary

Written by T Dobbin
Finally after returning home this week after two World Cups the first being in Calgary and the second in Salt Lake City. Calgary was an experience having never skated their before but also the weather. The days before the competition there was a winter snow storm. So for three days the temperatures were reaching as low as minus 30 degrees C.

Having trained on the ice all week prior to the 5 kilometer on Saturday, the ice conditions were extremly fast. The weather and ice conditions changed for the race on Saturday with a high pressure system moving in which as we learnt can change the ice conditions alot.

Shane skated in the second pairing in Calgary, and was paired with Japanese skater Hiroki Hirako. Shane skated a clean race and went out as hard as he could and just tired to hold on the the finish. See below his race lap times:

200m 19.33 (19.3)
600m 48.57 (29.2)
1000m 1:17.78 (29.2)
1400m 1:47.50 (29.7)
1800m 2:17.78 (30.2)
2200m 2:48.10 (30.3)
2600m 3:18.16 (30.0)
3000m 3:48.10 (29.9)
3400m 4:18.04 (29.9)
3800m 4:48.51 (30.4)
4200m 5:19.04 (30.5)
4600m 5:49.87 (30.8)
5000m 6:20.97 (31.1)

This time was good enough place for 10th position in the A grade mens division and a New New Zealand National Record which was set earlier in the season in Berlin. For full results go to

Special Thanks to Daniel Yeow for his great photos.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ISU World Cup in Hamar

Written by T Dobbin

It was a devastating weekend in Hamar for Shane last weekend at the ISU World Cup. With Hamar being the one and only chance to qualify for the 10km at the Olympics he knew that it would be a very important weekend and the first part of his training was revolved around that weekend.

Saturday night was the draw for the 10km and Shane was third pair with Olympic Champion from Italy Enrico Fabris. It was a very good pair for Shane as Fabris skates a very steady laps and this would be a benefit in the 10km.

Shane started out skating very good lap times. He was looking in good condition and everything was going great throughout the race. He was three seconds under his schedule and was skating right with his opponent Fabris. With 9 laps to go Shane was on target for a time of 13.25 or faster which would be 5 seconds under the Olympic qualifying time. Shane felt really good during the 10km and plan was to try to conserve energy through the start and then with 6 or 7 laps to go bring the lap times down and finish with all he had.

With 8 laps to go, Shane was on the exit of the final corner on the inner lane and dug the front of his blade into the ice, crashing and sliding into the outer lane hitting the wall. Immediately his first reaction was to get up and finish because he needed the points in the overall so that if he can still finish instead the top 10 in the ISU Overall standing for the distance he would be able to still compete in the 10km at the Olympics. After crashing into the barrier Shane got up and skated some meters in the outer lane before realizing that he needed to get across into the inner lane.

Having blurred vision and pain from crashing Shane kept going for the final 8 laps and still crossed the finish line just 8 seconds from his previous personal best with a time of 13.47.

See Shane’s lap times below:

400m – 35.3
800m – 1.06.98 (32.2)
1200m – 1.38.82 (31.8)
1600m – 2.11.09 (32.2)
2000m – 2.42.87 (31.7)
2400m – 3.14.47 (31.6)
2800m – 3.46.29 (31.8)
3200m – 4.18.45 (32.1)
3600m – 4.50.52 (32.0)
4000m – 5.23.30 (32.7)
4400m – 5.55.15 (31.8)
4800m – 6.27.51 (32.3)
5200m – 6.59.35 (31.8)
5600m – 7.31.73 (32.3)
6000m – 8.03.68 (31.9)
6400m – 8.36.04 (32.3)
6800m – 9.18.69 (42.6)
7200m – 9.54.77 (36.0)
7600m – 10.27.73 (32.9)
8000m – 11.00.51 (32.7)
8400m – 11.33.54 (33.0)
8800m – 12.06.98 (33.4)
9200m – 12.40.30 (33.3)
9600m – 13.13.46 (33.1)
10000m – 13.47.1 (33.7)

After warming down the referee came over to Shane and explained that he would be disqualified. The reason he was disqualified is because when he got up after crashing, he skated in the outer lane and the rules state that when someone crashes, they must immediately go back to his/her lane. Because Shane skated on the outer he was disqualified.

Right now Shane is currently sitting in 19th overall. It will be a very difficult task to try to get back into the top 10 in the overall so from here Shane is going to go to Calgary and Salt Lake World Cups and try to secure his place at the 2010 Olympics in the 5km. With only a very select few skaters skating under the Olympic qualification time everyone is waiting to hear what will happen with the remaining places for the 10km. In the rules it states that each athlete MUST skate the under the maximum qualification time to skate at the Olympics and for the 10km it's either 13.30 or faster than a 6.30 in the 5km. If there is any chance he can skate the 10km at the Olympics we will take it but right now the situation doesn’t look good. Our fingers are crossed!

Saturday night Shane will be racing his with Marathon team in Amsterdam before flying on Sunday to Calgary. Keep posted for more updates through the upcoming World Cups.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ISU World Cup Hamar

Written by T.Dobbin

This weekend is the third ISU World Cup of the winter held in Hamar, Norway. Shane travelled on Monday to Hamar where there have been a few bumps in the road but everything seems to be coming together two days out of competition.

After examining the race in Heerenveen Shane discovered that his jig, which is used to sharpen his blades, was bent. So for the past week or so, Shane had been sharpening his blades on the wrong angle. After figuring out one problem, on Tuesday morning another problem occurred when Shane was training and his bridge broke.

He received a blade from Netherlands on Wednesday evening and finally was able to train Thursday morning with new bridges, re-straighten blades and everything back on track.

See below the program for this weekend's ISU World Cup.

Friday, November 20
17:00 Team Leaders’ Meeting, Johann Olav Koss Auditorium, Hamar Olympic Hall
19:00 Opening Draw, Johann Olav Koss Auditorium, Hamar Olympic Hall

Saturday, November 21
*10.00 - 5000m Ladies Division B
1500m Men Division B

13.00 - 1500m Men Division A
5000m Ladies Division A

Sunday, November 22
*10.00 - 1500m Ladies Division B
10000m Men Division B

14.00 - 1500m Ladies Division A
10000m Men Division A

Shane will be racing only Sunday in the 10,000 meter. It is uncertain until Saturday night's draw if he will start Sunday Afternoon in either the A division where only 12 skaters start. Which is the top 12 in the overall, or if he will skate Sunday morning in the B Division. Shane is currently 13th in the ISU World Ranking for the distance events.

Keep posted this weekend for more updates and results. Don't forget to check out his interview from last weekend's ISU World Cup in Heerenveen:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shane Dobbin on his road to Vancouver Interview by Cado Motus

Written by T.Dobbin

Last weekend Shane had an interview from his inline sponsor Cado Motus. To view the video go to

For more information go to:

Or to view all Cado Motus youtube videos go to:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ISU World Cup Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin

This weekend was the second ISU World Cup for the 2009-2010 Winter held in Heerenveen, Netherlands. Shane decided on Friday that he would not take part in the 1500 meter on Friday morning and would only take part in the 5000 meter on Saturday afternoon.

With Shane's previous sponsor going bankrupt, last week he was able to secure some new sponsors to help him throughout this winter. Shane found sponsors from the marketing company Sport Navigator taking up five out of the eight logos on Shane's uniform with logos from Kia Motors, Clafis Engineering and G4S. We are hoping to finalize the remaining three logos positions very soon!

After finishing second in Berlin, Shane moved into A grade and 14th in the ISU World Cup 5km overall. Heerenveen would be his first ever start in the A grade competition which is live on television here in the Netherlands. Shane was set to start in the fourth pair with Marco Weber from Germany starting on the inner lane.

After a hard few weeks and continuing the hard training this week, Shane knew his legs weren't would not be completely prepared for the race on Saturday. However, Shane set his lap times that he felt he would be able to hold throughout the race and ended up with the finishing time that he predicted. See below the race lap times:

200m - 19.57 (19.5)
600m - 50.35 (30.7)
1000m - 1:20.73 (30.3)
1400m - 1:51.91 (31.1)
1800m - 2:23.22 (31.3)
2200m - 2:54.00 (30.7)
2600m - 3:24.52 (30.5)
3000m - 3:55.36 (30.8)
3400m - 4:26.54 (31.1)
3800m - 4:57.28 (30.7)
4200m - 5:28.23 (30.9)
4600m - 5:59.31 (31.0)
5000m - 6:30.90 (31.5)

Shane finished in 13th place in A grade which moves him up once place in the ISU World Cup overall for the 5km and is now currently in 13th place.

Next weekend is the one and only 10km World Cup race held in Hamar, Norway. Shane travels with his Coach Roy Dobbin Monday to Hamar where he will train and prepare for the 10km held on Sunday afternoon. Shane will once again start in the A grade in Hamar and hopes to have a successful weekend. With Hamar being the one and only 10km during these ISU World Cups before the Olympics, it's the only chance he has to qualify for the 10km at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The minimum qualifying time is 13.30 last year finishing 14th place at the World Single Distance Championships he hopes to have a good race and set a new personal best time hopefully under the minimum qualifying mark.

Keep posted for more updates this week and this weekend with results from Hamar.

For photos from Shanes 5km in Heerenveen please go to:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ISU World Cup Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin
This coming weekend is the second ISU World Cup which is held in Shane's home rink Thialf in Heerenveen. Heerenveen is always one of the most exciting World Cup's to be a part of because the crowds in the ice rink get behind each and every skater. At first Shane was going to be taking part in both the 1500 meter and the 5000 meter, however has decided to withdraw from the 1500 meter and for this weekend only participate in the 5000 meter held on Saturday afternoon.

Shane Dobbin will be starting in the A division this week. Friday evening the pairs will be drawn so we will know then the exact start time is for his event.
The schedule for this weekend is as follows:

Thursday, November 12:
16.30 hrs. Team Leaders meeting
18.00 hrs. Opening draw,

Friday, November 13:
11.30 hrs. * 500 m. (1st) Men B-division
500 m. (1st) Ladies B-division
1500 m. Men B-division

16.00 hrs. 500 m. (1st) Ladies A-division
500 m. (1st) Men A-division
3000 m. Ladies A-division
1500 m. Men A-division
3000 m. Ladies B-division (quartet starts)

Saturday, November 14:
09.45 hrs. * 500 m. (2nd) Ladies B-division
500 m. (2nd) Men B-division
1500 m. Ladies B-division

13.45 hrs. 500 m. (2nd) Ladies A-division
500 m. (2nd) Men A-division
1500 m. Ladies A-division
5000 m. Men A-division
5000 m. Men B-division (quartet starts)

Sunday, November 15:
09.30 hrs * 1000 m. Ladies B-division
1000 m. Men B-division

13.00 hrs. 1000 m. Ladies A-division
1000 m. Men A-division
Team pursuit Ladies
Team pursuit Men

Keep posted for results and updates throughout the weekend. After this weekend is over its off to Hamar, Norway on Monday for the third World Cup of the season and the only 10,000 meter event for this season before the Olympics.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ISU World Cup Berlin

Written by T Dobbin
After a last minute decision Shane decided that he would skate Berlin after being giving permission from his marathon team. Luckily he did because Shane skated the 5 kilometre on Saturday morning skating a personal best time and a very respectable time under his belt this early in the season.

Wednesday morning, Shane drove to Amsterdam airport to pick up his father/coach Roy Dobbin and from there we headed to Berlin. Thursday morning Shane had a good but hard training session on the ice to get the feeling following by an afternoon/evening trip to star bucks to keep him grounded.

Friday followed with a final training session and full race preparation for Saturday morning's race.

Shane started out with his best opener ever in a 5km, and from there the goal was to average 30.5 seconds per lap.
After an amazing skate his final time appeared on the board and it was 8 seconds faster than his personal best time set in Salt Lake City in January this year. See below each lap time.

200m - 19.30 - 19.3

600m - 48.79 - 29.4
1000m - 1:19.18 - 30.3
1400m - 1:49.88 - 30.6
1800m - 2:21.28 - 31.4
2200m - 2:51.97 - 30.6
2600m - 3:22.51 - 30.5
3000m - 3:52.71 - 30.2
3400m - 4:23.03 - 30.3
3800m - 4:53.32 - 30.2
4200m - 5:23.77 - 30.4
4600m - 5:54.22 - 30.4
5000m - 6:24.88 - 30.6

This personal best time put Shane Dobbin in second place in the B division and it was the days 9th fastest time. For full results go to:

This following weekend Shane Dobbin moves into the A Division for the 5km in Heerenveen.

On Sunday morning Shane skated his season's best 1500 metre race with a time of 1.52.28

Keep posted for more updates throughout the winter.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ISU World Cup Berlin

Written by T Dobbin

This weekend is the first ISU World Cup of the winter. Originally Shane Dobbin was unable to participate in the Berlin World Cup due to his commitments with the DSB Bank Marathon Team. With the problems of the DSB Bank, and all skaters sponsored by the bank no longer have a sponsorship, this left Shane open to a late change of plan this winter and focus 100% on the World Cup to try to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

Today Shane Dobbin will be arriving in Berlin to get two days training on the ice before the start of the competition. Competition starts on Friday with the 500 meter and 1000 meter men's events as well as the ladies 3000 meter. Saturday morning Shane will be starting in the B Division racing the 5000 meter event, then on Sunday morning the 1500 meter. It will be Shanes first ever start in a World Cup for the 5000 meter. See below the race Schedule for Berlin.

Friday, November 6, 2009
12:30 h Division B*
500 m Men (1)/3000 m Ladies/1000 m Men

17:00 h Division A
500 m Men (1)/3000 m Ladies/1000 m Men

Saturday, November 7, 2009
9:30 h Division B*
500 m Ladies (1)/5000 m Men/ 1000 m Ladies

14:00 h Division A
500 m Ladies (1)/5000 m Men/ 1000 m Ladies

Sunday, November 8, 2009
9:00 h Division B*
500 m Ladies (2)/500 m Men (2)/ 1500 m Ladies/1500 Men

14:00 h Division A
500 m Ladies (2)/500 m Men

For more information go to:

With many fast times coming out of Berlin in the preseason races it will be a good chance for Shane to get another race under his belt and hopefully set a good time, maybe even a personal best. Keep posted for results and updates during this weekend's ISU World Cup in Berlin.

Marathon Cup Update

Written by T Dobbin
Two weeks have passed and two marathons. On Saturday the 24th of October was the third Marathon Cup race in Amsterdam. It was poring with rain but that didn't stop any of the action in the race.

Amsterdam Marathon Cup Results:

1 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie
2 1 Bob de Vries Haule Schaatsteam
3 24 Sjoerd Huisman Nefit HR Ketels
4 5 Ingmar Berga
5 91 Bart de Vries Windkr88
6 12 Pieter Jan van Eck Van Werven
7 3 Douwe de Vries Adformatie
8 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express
9 6 Jan Maarten Heideman
10 11 Ralf Zwitser Adformatie

Ladies Results
1 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket
2 D41 Maria Sterk
3 D5 Daniëlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen

After two years of marathon skating Shane Dobbin decided it was time to look further into his skate set up. After a week of playing with his skate set up Shane realised that for the past two years he was skating on a blade slightly to short and is now skating a lot more comfortable on the 17.5" blade.
Skating his first marathon in the longer blade helped give Shane Dobbin his best marathon result of the season finishing in 10th place. It gives Shane a little more confidence going into this weekend's first World Cup of the Winter held in Berlin. See results from Eindhoven's Marathon Cup last weekend.

Eindhoven Results
1 Bob de Vries BAM Schaatsteam
2 5 Ingmar Berga
3 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express
4 27 Christijn Groeneveld Equipe Renault Eco2
5 6 Jan Maarten Heideman
6 24 Sjoerd Huisman Nefit HR Ketels
7 8 Rob Hadders Equipe Renault Eco2
8 91 Bart de Vries Team Windkr88
9 19 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie
10 67 Shane Dobbin

Ladies Results
1 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket
2 13 Carla Zielman Pro Horeca
3 5 Daniëlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marathon Cup 3 Amsterdam

Written by T Dobbin

It has been a week and a half of uncertainty for Shane Dobbin and his team mates, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit, Jan Maarten Heideman and Jens Zwister. With the bankruptcy of their sponsor DSB Bank this left all marathon team members, long track team members and their individually sponsors skaters lost their sponsorship. The Marathon series is no long the DSB bank Cup but just the Marathon Cup after only two races for the 2009-2010 ice season.

Right now the marathon team are hoping to find a new sponsor to keep the team together, but it’s a time of uncertainty and patients for each of the team members. Tonight the X-DSB Bank marathon team will be racing with red colours but free of sponsor’s logos.

Tonight’s marathon race is being held in Amsterdam with the usual start time of 20:00. It’s the only open air ice rink in the Netherlands with the weather forecast to be cold, wet and very windy.

Keep posted for results coming soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DSB Bank Cup Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin
Last Saturday was the second marathon of the season for the DSB Bank Cup. It has been a long and stressful week for all the skaters from the DSB Bank marathon team, long track team as well as all the individual sponsored skaters of DSB Bank. However, the team got it together as best they could on Saturday night for the what turns out to be their final marathon in the DSB Bank colours.

After an attack from seven skaters directly after the first prime sprints, the race was over for the remaining skaters in the peleton who missed the break, yet still 74 laps remaining in the race at that point.

After many long attacks and a fast race, it was left to four skaters in the final five laps to see who would fight it out of the victory. Finally the race results from Saturday are as follows:

Mens Final Standings:
1 15 Arjan Stroetinga BAM Schaatsteam 2 30,1
2 3 Douwe de Vries Adformatie 2 28
3 1 Bob de Vries BAM Schaatsteam 2 26
4 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express 2 25
5 27 Christijn Groeneveld Equipe Renault Eco2 1 19
6 13 Jorrit Bergsma Equipe Renault Eco2 1 18
7 2 Cedric Michaud Nefit HR Ketels 1 17
8 90 Durk Fabriek Marathonteam Windkr88 1 16
9 19 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie 10
10 5 Ingmar Berga DSB Bank 9

Ladies Final Standings:
1 D41 Maria DSB Bank 20,1
2 D87 Elma de Vries Marathonteam 18
3 D21 Mireille Reitsma Landjuweel 16
4 D13 Carla Zielman Pro Horeca 15
5 D56 Lucy Hutten-Witteman Witteman Tuinen/Groenrijk 14
6 D12 Bianca Roosenboom Viks Parket 13
7 D84 Lillian van Haaster Marathonteam 12
8 D5 Daniëlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen 11

9 D76 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket 10
10 D14 Chris Witty DSB Bank 9

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dsb Bank Cup 2 Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin
Tonight is the second DSB Bank Cup which is held in Thialf rink in Heerenveen. The first division starts at 17:30 followed by the ladies at 19:00. The final event of the night is the men's A grade which starts at 20:00. It could be the last race for the DSB Bank team to race in red tonight and starting for the team is Ingmar Berga, Shane Dobbin, Arjan Smit and Jens Zwister. Keep posted for results coming from tonights marathon race.

Monday, October 12, 2009

DSB Bank Cup One in Alkmaar

Written by T Dobbin

Last night was the first of the DSB Bank cup marathon races on ice which was held in the DSB home town of Alkmaar. Starting for the DSB bank team was Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit and Jan Maarten Heideman.

With the top division starting later this year at 20:00 they were the final event of the evening. The marathon races this year are longer being 125 laps instead of 100, with prime sprints during the race which are three sets of three and no eliminations.

Like every marathon each race is on from the start and many breakaway attempts. Ingmar Berga of DSB bank having a spectacular race was extremely active off the front trying to form a breakaway. Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank having a strong race for his team helped being back a few breakaways that were serious threats to his team mates.

It wasn't until after the final sprint primes that a breakaway group of three formed with Jorrit Bergsma (Renault), Bob de Vries (Bam) and Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank). These three skaters worked together with the help of Renault and Bam's team mates to bring these three skaters one lap up on the peleton. Once the breakaway had caught the peleton, the unfortunate incident with Ingmar Berga and another skater caused a crash and Ingmar went down.

It was the hard team mate of Shane Dobbin and Arjan Smit and the sportmanship of the peleton that went back to get Ingmar to bring him back to the two lead skaters.

In the final sprint of the peleton with five laps to go it was Renaults Rob Hadders that crossed the line first in the pack sprint for fourth place, fifth was Karlo Timmerman (Adformatie) and sixth Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit).

In the remaining four laps, the young Jorrit Bergsma made a solo attack which carried him to the line and took the first victory of the season for his team. With one lap to go Bob de Vries (Bam) made his sprint but coming down the final straight it was Ingmar Berga (Dsb bank) who got to the line for second place, and third went to Bam's Bob de Vries.

Mens Results

1 Jorrit Bergsma - Equipe 13 Renault Eco2 1 25,1
2 5 Ingmar Berga - DSB Bank 1 23
3 1 Bob de Vries - BAM Schaatsteam 1 21
4 8 Rob Hadders - Equipe Renault Eco2 15
5 19 Karlo Timmerman - Adformatie 14
6 24 Sjoerd Huisman Andijk - HR Ketels 13
7 12 Pieter Jan van Eck -Marathonteam Van Werven 12
8 6 Jan Maarten Heideman -DSB Bank 11
9 7 Cees Juffermans - TNT Express 10

Ladies Results

1 Elma de Vries - Marathonteam D87 20,1
2 D13 Carla Zielman - Pro Horeca 18
3 D21 Mireille Reitsma - Landjuweel 16
4 D5 Daniëlle Bekkering - Frisia Financieringen 15
5 D41 Maria Sterk - DSB Bank 14
6 D76 Mariska Huisman - Viks Parket 13
7 D84 Lillian van Haaster - Marathonteam 12
8 D47 Anniek ter Haar - Marathonteam Ripca/Aavas Gr 11
9 D66 Margo van de Merwe - Marathonteam 10
10 D12 Bianca Roosenboom - Viks Parket 9

Next weekend is in Heerenveen for another 125 laps and the second stage of the DSB Bank Cup.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Erfurt International Open Day

Written by T Dobbin
Last weekend was the first long track race on the calendar in Europe for Shane. After getting a race in Salt Lake City and still six weeks out from his first World Cup, it was a good time to be able to go to Erfurt and get another race in before the next five weekends will be taken up with the DSB Bank Cup Marathon races.

Arriving Friday afternoon in Erfurt Shane Dobbin had an interview with one of the biggest newspapers in Erfurt. After the interview it was onto the ice track for an easy training session to flush the legs after a long drive.

The races started Saturday afternoon with Shane racing the 1500 meter on the first day and the second day a 5 kilometer. Below are Shanes times for the weekend's races:

1500m - 1.54,25
5km - 6.40,21

The 1500 meter time allows Shane to start in the World Cups during this winter as well as his seasons best 5 km time. Shane was happy with both times set on the weekend. Of course both times can be improved alot but it's a good start to the winter with still so many weeks out from the World Cups, there is still alot of room for improvement.

From now and for the next few weeks it's off to the Marathon races on Saturday night with the first race being held in Alkmaar.

Keep posted for all the results and news that will be posted soon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Erfurt Qualification

Written by T Dobbin
This weekend is the second race of the season for Shane Dobbin who is racing the ISU Qualification event in Erfurt, Germany. On Saturday afternoon Shane will be starting in the 1500 meter to get another race under his belt before the marathon season starts next weekend with the first of the DSB Bank cup kicking off in Alkmaar. On Sunday morning Shane will then race the 5 kilometer to set another time before the World Cup races start in November. Keep posted for results and updates from this weekend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knsb TV

Back to the Ice

Written by T Dobbin

After a successful Summer racing inlines for Cado Motus it was back on the ice in September. After spending three weeks in Salt Lake City and getting a long track race under his belt, as well as a week training camp with his marathon team DSB Bank, Shane is preparing as best he can for this upcoming winter.

In July Shane was given permission to be able to race marathons with his team DSB Bank, as well as race some of the World Cup this coming winter to try to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver for both the Five kilometer and the Ten kilometer events. It will be a busy winter for Shane but he is up for the Challenge.

This coming weekend, Shane will be racing in Erfurt in a long track event. On Saturday he will be racing the 1500 meters and Sunday the 5 kilometer event. It will be his second race of the season after competiting in the Dessert Classic in Salt Lake City mid September.

Keep posted throughout the Winter for updates and news on Shane's journey.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Race Calendar 2010-2011

25/09/2010 Desert Classic - Salt Lake City

9/10/2010 Salt Lake City
16/10/2010 Salt Lake City

12-14/11/2010 ISU World Cup - Heerenveen
19-21/11/2010 ISU World Cup - Berlin
27-28/11/2010 ISU World Cup - Hamar


15-16/1/2011 Regional Qualifier - Salt Lake City
28-30/1/2011 ISU World Cup - Moscow

11-13/2/2011 ISU World All Round Championships - Calgary
19-20/2/2011 ISU World Cup - Salt Lake City

4-6/3/2011 ISU World Cup Finale - Heerenveen
10-13/3/2011 ISU World Single Distance Championships - Inzell

Friday, July 24, 2009

Season Review

Written by T Dobbin

It has been some time since the last post. Things over the summer have been extremely busy and only just catching up on things now. Since the last French Inline Cup in Besancon where Shane Dobbin (CadoMotus) crossed the line solo after a 40 kilometer solo breakaway with the race victory, the following weekend the Cado Motus team raced in Austria in Worgl.

Worgl was a successful weekend with three Cado Motus skaters present, finishing first, second and third on the podium. Dj Nation of New Zealand finished first overall for the weekend, followed by his team mate Ferre Spruyt and Shane Dobbin finished in third over all, all three skaters representing Cado Motus. After the weekend in Worgl, Austria, the Cado Motus team had the most important race of the season for them, racing in the World Inline Cup and French Inline Cup race in Dijon, France. Dijon is always a very difficult race with many breakaways and rough roads. This year was another challenge which was with the weather. Just 15 minutes before the start, it started to rain but at first very light rain so each skater had to decide what wheels they would wear, if it was the MPC storm surge or hope it clears and go for MPC Road War. By the time the race started it was poring rain and with a final wheel change right before the team everyone decided to race with their rain combinations.

Most of the top skaters were in Dijon, France. Only a few Italians skaters missing, Shane Dobbin of Cado Motus took advantage of any situation possible to make as many attacks as he could. With such a strong field it was difficult for any real beaks to form. Only one serious break away forming during the race with all the top skaters from each team the peloton reacted in a hurry and after many laps chasing
it was brought back together.

With four laps remaining, Shane Dobbin made a final attack which in the end was the final attack of the race and the one that took Shane all the way to the finish for the race Victory in Dijon. Second place went to his team mate Bart Swings, so another very strong race from the team of Cado Motus.

After having some weeks holiday in the USA, it was back to training for the Summer Ice season training Camp with his ice team DSB Bank in July. DSB Bank spent four days over the summer training together in Heerenveen, Netherlands helping prepare for this coming winter.

At the beginning of July, there were two races in Netherlands, just two days apart, WOW Hoogeveen and WOW Staphorst. Both races were won by the men's Cado Motus team which adds to their successful season as a team.

Shane Dobbin's final race of the season on inlines is this coming weekend at the World On Wheels in Otterlo. After this weekend, it will be that time of the year to focus once again on his ice skating and prepare for this coming season of racing marathons as well as preparing for some long track races to try to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Keep posted for more news!

Monday, June 1, 2009

French Inline Cup Besancon

Written by T Dobbin
Yesterday the stage of Besancon held in France aFrench Inline Cup stage. After a long solo breakaway and approximately 40 kilometer out front, Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) crossed the line with the race victory in Besancon and the first race victory of the inline season for him.

His Cado Motus team mates Ferre Spruyt and Bart Swings made a late attack and crossed the line in second and third to finish with a full team of Cado Motus on the podium. Dj Nation crossed the line in fifth position finishing second in the peleton sprint.

More results and information coming soon!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regensburg GBC

Written by T Dobbin
Last Sunday was the German Blade Challenge race held in Regensburg, South Germany. It was a sunny warm day and the full team of Cado Motus raced in Regensburg including Shane Dobbin. The race was very early in the morning starting at 8:15am. It was only a half marathon with the course just one lap of 21km.

The race was very fast because it was only 21km. Everyone wanted to try to escape off the front so there were many attacks including many attacks from the team of Cado Motus.

The final breakaway was the one that stayed away until the finish with Bart Swings of Cado Motus showing his good condition winning the breakaway sprint and another victory for Cado Motus.

The peleton sprint finish was dominated by Ferre Spruyt finishing in fourth place and team mate Shane Dobbin taking sixth.

Full results below
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Severin Windmar (Luigino Swiss)
3rd Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide)
4th Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
5th Alfredo Leon Moredo (Bont)
6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The ladies team of Bont Wheels dominated the ladies race finishing first, second and third in the ladies half marathon.

Ladies results
1st Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)
2nd Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
3rd Tamara Llorens (Bont Wheels)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

World on Wheels Steenwijk

Written by T Dobbin
Last weekend was another stage of the Worlds on Wheels for 2009 in Steenwijk. Representing Cado Motus Mens team were Shane Dobbin and Dj Nation both from New Zealand. The weather was not certain regarding whether it would be wet or dry. Finally 30 minutes before the start it was sure it would be cloudy but dry race.

The course in Steenwijk was a great could for the World on Wheels stages. The lap was 2.4 kilometers and going into the final straight was a good sized uphill 300 meters long with the finish line at the top.

There were many breakaway attempts during the race with everyone taking advantage of the uphill. Both Cado Motus skaters Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation were in the lead breaks making sure nothing went without either present.

With approximately 10 laps remaining a breakaway group formed with eight skaters including World Champion Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) , Gary Heckman (Nefit), Gerwin Smit, Arjan Smit (DSB Bank) and Roy Boeve. This breakaway group worked together to try to escape off the front but the team of Unive Stouwdam in the last few laps took the lead and brought the peleton back together with one lap to go for the race to finish in a pack sprint.

Unive Stouwdam lead the final lap with the pace set fast. Coming out of the final corner Shane Dobbin followed by Dj Nation (Cado Motus) took the outside line and made their sprint for the finish. Gary Heckman (Nefit) and Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) sprinted for the line together with Gary Heckman lunging at the line for the victory over Shane Dobbin in Steenwijk. Finishing in third place was Roy Boeve, fourth Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) and fifth Dj Nation.

To view the video from Steenwijk go to: For more photos visit:

This weekend the team of Cado Motus will skate in the German Blade Challenge in Regensburg. Keep posted for more news.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heerde Skate Off

Written by T Dobbin

It was a very successful weekend for Shane Dobbin and the team of Cado Motus. The weekend started with the sprint category and the 300 meter time trial. Heerde is a very difference track not like many others in the World. Its parabolic and quite slippery. Those skaters that didn't wear MPC wheels during the weekend had a difficult time getting around the track.
The heats for the 300 meter were in the morning and the finals were in the evening. The heats results were slightly different than the finals. See final results below:

Men 300m Time Trial
1st Ronal Mulder
2nd William Bowen (USA CadoMotus)
3rd Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 300m Time Trial
1st Jersy Puello (Colombia)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)

3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

The distance race final was held in the evening after the time trials. The heats were cancelled in the morning so there were many skaters in the final. The men had a 20 kilometer elimination race where the team of Cado Motus decided to go to the front and dominated the field. All five team members skated at the front all together in the line without anyone being able to break the team. Shane Dobbin took the lead at the start waiting for everyone to position themselves, then it was the young talent Maarten Swings who lead 70 laps straight for his team. Maarten pulled aside with 25 laps remaining where Shane Dobbin lead his team to the final 5 laps. The final five skaters were Bart Swings, Ferre Spruyt, Sjoerd Huisman, Andres Munoz and Dj Nation. Crossing the line clear ahead of third place was Ferre Spruyt for Cado Motus and his team mate right with him in second Bart Swings. Third place went to Sjored Huisman and fourth the 500 meter World Champion Andres Munoz from Colombia.

Mens results
1st Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
2nd Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
3rd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
4th Andres Munoz (Powerslide)
5th Dj Nation (Cado Motus)

6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The Second day started with the 500 meter heats/quarters/semis and then in the evening the finals. All finals were spectacular and the results were:

Men 500m Final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ronald Mulder (Netherlands)
3rd William Bower (USA Cado Motus)
4th Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 500m Final
1st Jersy Pulleo (Colombia)
2nd Cecilia Buena (Colombia)
3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

4th Elma De Vries (Cado Motus)

Mens points final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
3rd Crispijn Ariens (Netherlands)

Ladies points final
1st Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)
3rd Cecilia Buena (Powerslide)

The final event of the competition was the Heerde Skate off where the mens team of Cado Motus made the final skate off finishing the first round in second place. After skating a very spectular second round, they crossed the line in first place with the fastest time of the day just in front of the Powerslide team of Kalon Dobbin, Andreas Munoz and Daniel Greig.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World on Wheels Oldebroek

Written by T Dobbin
Thursday was the second day of racing and the second race that the mens team of Cado Motus had raced together. It was a sunny day and the circuit in Oldebroek was a small course of approximately 800 meters with very rough roads.

The race started at 18:50 and again the race was fast right from the start. In Oldebroek there were many breakaways attempts and the pace didn't slow down at all during the race. The World on Wheels races have sprint primes for both the overall classement and the sprints for money. With the sprint primes throughout the race, it makes the race much harder because during these laps it's a great time for breakaways to form.

Bart Swings of Cado Motus was in the overall classment and continued to show his form racing for the sprint primes throughout the race. Cado Motus again raced from the front with the team working well together both making breaks and closing any down.

Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) escaped off the front in a group of approximately 15 skaters. These 15 skaters tried very hard to escape off the front but with the pace so high they were unable to succeed.

With approximately 14 laps to go a breakaway formed with four skaters including Crispijn Ariens of skate podium, Frank Friers (Stouwdam Unive) and two other Dutch skaters. This breakaway forced the peleton to chase hard for many laps. Bart Swings of Cado Motus tried to cross over to the breakaway with Nefit's Gary Heckman and three other skaters but with Bart left at the front to lead, they were unable to close the gap to the four escapees. Finally it was Crispijn Ariens of SkatePodium who skated off the front solo for the final eight laps and crossed the line with the victory in Oldebroek in style.

The final sprint for the mens pack and the race for second place started with approximately three laps to go. The mens team of Cado Motus formed at the front with Maarten Swings taking the lead and setting a high pace in the final laps to prevent anyway from passing the team. Stouwdam/Unive formed close behind the Cado Motus team but in the end lost the place to DSB Bank's Ingmar Berga and the team of Nefit with Gary Heckman and Sjoerd Huisman. Everyone was fighting behind for the wheel of the Cado Motus but Dj Nation the protection of the team held his ground and no one was able to break the team.

Maarten Swings lead the team of Cado Motus and pulled aside with just one lap remaining. From there Ferre Spruyt took over the job to lead out his team mates Bart Swings, Shane Dobbin and Dj Nation. Nefit making a spectular final dash for the finale, it was Ferre Spruyt who took the team of Cado Motus to the final corner where Bart Swings lead down the final straight to cross the line in second place followed by his team mate Shane Dobbin in third. Still managing to sprint to the line for fourth was Ferre Spruyt and fifth Dj Nation. A great race and team work for the mens team of Cado Motus.

Mens results
1st Crispijn Ariens (Skate Podium)
2nd Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
3rd Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)
4th Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
5th Dj Nation (Cado Motus)

The ladies race was a fantastic race in Oldebroek. Early on in the race Elma De Vries of Cado Motus broke away with Nicole Begg of Bont Wheels. Both ladies racing a very hard race sprinting for the prime sprints and keeping the pace fast. Both Elma and Nicole ended up taking a lap over the peleton to secure the two top places on the podium.

It came down to a sprint between Elma and Nicole for the race victory but in the end Elma De Vries was too strong in Oldebroek and crossed the line for Cado Motus and the race win. Second place was Nicole Begg from Bont Wheels and in the final sprint of the peleton crossing the line in third place was Alexandrea Vivas of Bont Wheels.

Ladies Results
1st Elma de Vries (Cado Motus)
2nd Nicole Begg (Bont Wheels)
3rd Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)

Only half way through the four days of racing, Friday was the start of the Heerde Skate Off the international track event held over two days with many World Champions competing.

World on Wheels Emmeloord

Written by T Dobbin
It was the first day of many days of racing in the World on Wheels Emmeloord. No one was sure if the weather would hold up and be sunny or wet. It was the first time ever that the full mens Cado Motus team had skated together and the first time Dj Nation met his belgium team mates. Before the race the team sat down for coffee and a chat to get to know one another as well as talk about their team tactic.

The race started in the evening with sunny skies but cold temperatures. The course lap in Emmeloord was very small only 800 meters per lap with two very tight 90 degree corners at each end. It was the first race since last year's World Championships for Shane Dobbin and the first time he has been able to wear his World Champion Stripes in the marathons in Netherlands.

Emmeloord was extremely fast right from lap one. The Cado Motus team skated very strong together and got into things directly off the gun. Both Maarten Swings and Ferre Spruyt controlled the race at the front for the Cado Motus mens team. The past was set too fast for any real breakaways to get off the front. Only one breakaway looked promising which included Shane Dobbin from Cado Motus but the peleton soon reacted and the peleton was one again. There wasn't one breakaway out front were there wasn't a Cado Motus team member present in the break.

The mens race finished in a pack sprint with the Cado Motus team all getting together in the final few laps. With one lap to go Shane Dobbin made the first lead out for his team mates to set up the race for the in-form Bart Swings. Shane Dobbin lead his team with Ferre Spruyt sitting right behind followed by Bart Swings then Dj Nation. Shane Dobbin pulled aside leaving Ferre Spruyt to take the final half lap lead out putting Bart Swings in the front for the final 100 meters to cross the line with the victory in Emmeloord for the mens Cado Motus team.

Mens results
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus Men)
2nd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
3rd Gary Heckman (Nefit)

The ladies race was also extremely fast. There were many breakaway attempts from the Cado Motus girls as well as the ladies Bont Wheels team. With the pace so fast it was hard for a breakaway to stay away and in the final few laps the race would be decided by a sprint finish. Bont Wheels lead out the sprint with Nicole Begg in front, going out of the final corner it was Nicole Begg who maintained her lead and crossed the line in first, followed by her team mate Kelly Martinez.

Ladies results
1st Nicole Begg (Bont Wheels)
2nd Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)
3rd Bridgette Mendez (Valle Cali)
4th Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus Ladies)

The following day another stage of the World on Wheels in Oldebroek. Keep posted for more race updates.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back to Inlines for CadoMotus

Written by T Dobbin
It's been a few weeks of rest and then Shane Dobbin got straight back into training again after the winter on ice. It's already the first inline race of the season for Shane which is held tonight in the World on Wheels in Emmeloord, Netherlands. Shane Dobbin is skating for the team of Cado Motus with his team mates Bart Swings, Maarten Swings, Dj Nation and Ferre Spruyt. It's their first race with all five members present. It's going to be the first race tonight of four days racing. Tomorrow evening the World on Wheels race is held in Oldebroek. With it being the Queens Birthday tomorrow, it's a holiday in the Netherlands both tomorrow and Friday.

On Friday the international track event held in Heerde. This year there are many international skaters coming from Italy, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Denmark and more. There is a sprint category as well as a distance category.

It's going to be a great four days of racing and be sure to check out the results out right here. For more information on the Dutch races go to:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ice Season overview

Written by T Dobbin
It's finally the end of the season and the World Championships are over and already two weeks have passed. Shane Dobbin flew back from the World Championships in Vancouver to the netherlands after skating the 10 kilometer. Shane Dobbin represented New Zealand in Vancouver but didn't have a great day on the ice when he raced. Shane tried to set out lap times to sit on but in the final five laps wasn't able to hold the times he had set and everything fell apart. Shane crossed the line 20 seconds slower than he set out to do and ended up finishing in 14th place. Of course being dissappointed with his skate and now had chance to look back on all that he has achieved since he started ice skating, there is really nothing to be dissappointed about. It was a great chance that Shane got being able to go to the World Championships and represent his Country having only been skating on the ice for just two winters and in total 10 months.

Now Shane is resting in the Netherlands and will be back training on his inlines very soon. in 2009 he is skating for the inline team of Cado Motus with his team mates Bart Swings, Ferre Spruyt and Maarten Swings from Belgium as well as Dj Nation from New Zealand. Keep posted during the summer for more updates on both his inline and ice training as well as his inline races.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vancouver World Single Distance Championships

Written by T Dobbin
The racing in the Richmond Olympic Oval has been spectacular so far throughout the first two days of the Championships. The North Americans have been dominated the men’s middle distances and once again Sven Kramer of the Netherlands won the 5 kilometer today.

We an upset in the ladies 1500 meter today with the Canadian Kristina Groves winning the event but getting disqualified for crossing the line in the corner. Therefore Anni Freisinger won the ladies 1500 meter.

Tomorrow Shane Dobbin from New Zealand will be racing the 10,000 meter race. The program for tomorrow is the ladies 1,000 meter finals followed by the mens 10,000 meters and the final event of the day is the ladies 5,000 meter. At 17:30 this evening the draws were completed for tomorrows races and Shane Dobbin will be taking the start at approximately 13:30 in the first of 8 pairs in the mens event. Shane Dobbin will be paired with Russian skater Ivan Skobrev who skated the 1500 meter and 5,000 meter events in Richmond, finishing 6th today in the 5,000 meter. Skobrev has skated some fast times this season so it's a good pairing for Shane to be with tomorrow having someone to chase throughout the race. Keep posted for the results from tomorrows races.

For all results and pairing please go to:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vancouver World Single Distance Championships

Written by T Dobbin
Today was the final day of official team training before the racing starts tomorrow at lunch. The day started with every athlete going to the doping test area to give a blood sample to be tested today and given the results tomorrow. The blood samples were done by the ISU in accordance with the rules and the World Anti Doping agency.

The training this morning was full of skaters. Everyone wanting to skate on the ice before they race tomorrow and over the next few days. From now on in, the ice training is early in the morning or late afternoon to work around the competition schedule. The first event of the schedule is the mens 1500 meter with a total of 24 skaters. The second event tomorrow is the ladies 3000 meter with again the total 24 skaters.

Shane Dobbin is still two days away from racing his event the 10,000 meter on Saturday. He will be training over the next few days getting used to the ice here on the Richmond Oval. It's not the fastest ice is the World but most people are expecting the times to be similar to Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen in which Shane has been training on all year.

Keep posted for news from tomorrows events.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vancouver World Single Distance Championships

Written by T Dobbin
Late last night Shane Dobbin from New Zealand arrived in Vancouver for the World Single Distance Championships. It was a good flight from London to Vancouver getting upgraded to business class and being able to lay down on the new flat beds. It was very comfortable and got good rest before arriving into Vancouver.

All the teams are here in Vancouver now. Most of the skaters went training this morining and Shane Dobbin will be stepping on the ice this afternoon for his first training and getting an easy skate under his belt after stepping off the plane. The weather is very cold at the moment. Waking up to -6 degrees with the wind-chill making it approximately -12 degrees. At least the sun is out and as the day goes on the warmth will set in with a maximum temperature of 3 degrees today.

Keep posted for more updates during the week from the World Single Distance Championships in Vancouver.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mid Week News Update

Written by T Dobbin
Just over a week before the start of the World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships held in Richmond, Canada. Shane Dobbin from New Zealand is currently finalising his preparation in the Netherlands for the 10 kilometer race on Saturday the 14th of March at the World Championships. Shane has been training with his coach & father Roy Dobbin for the past month in the Netherlands. Both Shane and Roy have been doing specific training for Shane to race in the 10 kilometer after racing marathons all season. Roy flies back to New Zealand on Friday, while Shane will head to Canada on Monday with five days there to prepare himself for the race next Saturday. Shane Dobbin will be representing New Zealand in Canada and is really looking forward to the experience at his first ever World Championships on ice. For all information about the World Championships go to

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

National Marathon Championships

Saturday night was the final marathon of the season. The National Championship marathon was held in Thialf for all ages starting with races at 8:00am and finishing with the Men's top division at 16:00. See below the results from Saturdays NK Marathon.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
2nd Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)

Mens Marathon Results
1st Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
2nd Henk Angenent (TNT Express)
3rd Douwe Bierma (Schuurman)
4th Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
5th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mid week News: Shane Dobbin accepted to skate at the World Single Distance Championships in 2009

Written by T Dobbin
It's coming to the end of the ice season for 2008-2009. The final marathon will be held in Thialf this weekend with Dutch National Championship Marathon race. It's one of the biggest events of the season and the most prestige race to win of the marathon races in the Netherlands.

Shane Dobbin's marathon season came to an end in Groningen last week when he crashed and dislocated his shoulder. Thankfully he recovered fast and is already back training on the ice. Last week Shane Dobbin received confirmation from New Zealand that he got accepted to skate at the ISU World Single Distance Championships in Vancouver from the 12th to the 15th of March to race in the 10,000 meters. Of course Shane Dobbin & New Zealand jumped at the chance and sent the acceptance straight away.

So in the next two weeks Shane will be training for the World Championships 10km flying to Vancouver on the 9th of March to have a few days preparation on the ice. The schedule of events are as follows:

Thursday 12th March
Men's 1,500m
Ladies 3,000m

Friday 13th March
Mens 1,000m
Ladies 1,500m
Mens 5,000m

Saturday 14th March
Ladies 1,000m
Mens 10,000m
Ladies 5,000m

Sunday 15th March
Ladies 500m x 2
Mens 500m x 2
Ladies Team Pursuit
Mens Team Pursuit

For the official website go to

Keep posted for more news and the race results from this weekend's National Marathon Championships.

Monday, February 23, 2009

KNSB 5 days Results

Written by T Dobbin
Finally the five days is finished and the results are in. The third day of the KNSB 5 days was held in Alkmaar which is DSB Bank's home city.

The ladies race was still 60 laps and ended in a sprint finish with DSB Bank's Elma de Vries crossing the line with the
race victory and still in the Orange jersey. See below the ladies race results:

Alkmaar Ladies Marathon
1st Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
2nd Carla Zielmann (Hoolwerf)
3rd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)

The mens race f
inished in a sprint finish after many breakaway attemps from many of the teams and skaters. See below the mens race results:

Alkmaar Mens Marathon
1st Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
2nd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
3rd Bob de Vries (BAM)
4th Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
5th Cedric Michaud (Nefit)

The fourth day of the KNSB Cup the 12th KNSB race was held in Haarlem. Elma de Vries from DSB Bank broke away with 10 laps to go and ended up maintaining her lead to take another victory in the KNSB Cup in Haarlem. The sprint finish for the ladies went to Chris Witty to cross the line in second and the young Cado Motus skater Bianca Roosenboom finished in third place with her first podium in the marathons this season.

Haarlem Ladies Marathon
1st Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
2nd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
3rd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)

The mens race in Haarlem finished with excitement. 22 skaters ended up lapping the peleton and in the final 10 laps everyone was trying to escape off the front. The successful skater was from Nefit with Cedric Michaud in the final two laps breaking away and crossing the line with his first victory in the KNSB Cup this season.

Haarlem Mens Marathon
1st Cedric Michaud
2nd Rob Hadders (BAM)
3rd Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
4th Roy Boeve (Safan)
5th Crispijn Ariens (PE People)

The final KNSB Cup the 13th race was held in Hoorn. The ladies skated a very hard race with many of the ladies stopping because the race was very hard with many breaks. The race ended in a sprint finish with the results below:

1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)

Elma de Vries of DSB Bank ended up winning the overall classment in the ladies keeping her orange jersery for the second year in a row. The sprinters classment went to Chris Witty (Landjuweel) and the best young skater went to Margo van der Merwe (Team de Sprinters)

The mens finale was 150 laps. Within the first 50 laps there was already a breakaway with three skaters off the front trying to lap the peleton. Finally with 97 laps to go the three skaters were one lap up when one of these three skaters crashed and broke his skate leaving only two skaters one lap up on the peleton
. The teams of BCT & PE People did a good job and controlling the peleton bringing back any breaks that were trying to escape off the front. Finally the peleton got the bell with 6 laps to go and ended in a sprint with Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) crossing the line for third place.

The two skaters to finish the final 5 laps was Crispijn Ariens (PE People) and Jochem Uithoven (BCT). These two skaters skated very slowly for the final 4.5 laps finishing the race with a standing 200 meter sprint finish. Just crossing the line in first place for the race victory was Jochem Uithoven from BCT with their teams first victory of the season. Second place went to Crispijn Ariens from PE people. See below the results from Hoorn.

Hoorn Mens Marathon
1st Jochem Uithoven (BCT)
2nd Crispijn Ariens (PE People)
3rd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
4th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
5th Bart de Vries (Schuurman)

Winning the overall classment for the mens was Bams Arjan Stroetinga. The best young skater went to Renaults Karlo Timmerman and the sprinters overall classment went to Sjoerd Huisman from Nefit.

With the one marathon remaining and one of the biggest of the season the National Championships which will be held in Thialf, Heerenveen on Saturday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

KNSB Cup 10 Breda

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the 10th KNSB Cup in Breda. Breda was a very difficult ice track with at each corner every lap the peleton breaking the ice and big ice chunks came flying out. Because of the ice being so bad, each lap in certain places of the corner people were crashing after their clap would hit the holes. It made it a very difficult race for everyone.

The ladies race finished in a sprint finish with the Amercian Chris Witty (Landjuweel) taking her second victory in two days. Full results from the ladies below:

Ladies Marathon
1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Elma de Vries
(DSB Bank)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)

The mens race was one of the toughest races seen this winter. The team of BAM skated a very strong race with Bob de Vries (BAM) lapping the peleton two times and then again lapping the breakaway group one time. The breakaway group finished in a sprint with DSB Bank's Arjan Smit lunging at the line just missing out on podium to finish in fourth for the DSB Bank team. See below the mens marathon results.

Mens Marathon
1st Bob de Vries (BAM)
2nd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
3rd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
4th Arjan Smit (DSB Bank)

Shane Dobbin had to sit out of the KNSB 10 in Breda because of his shoulder but after just one day already a huge improvement with his recovery and will be back on his skates in no time. Tonight the race is in the home city from the team of DSB Bank. The head quarters of DSB Bank are in Alkmaar and it will be an important race of their team. Keep posted for results.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

KNSB Cup 9 Groningen

Written by T Dobbin
Wednesday was the first of the five days cup held in Groningen. The ladies race started at 18:30 followed by the men at 19:30. It is the first race of a long five days with races held all over the Netherlands.

The ladies race started off to a hard start with Maria Sterk from DSB Bank crashing early on in the race. She skated most of the race off the back trying to catch back up to the peleton while everyone was off the front trying to make it a hard race. The ladies ended in a sprint finish with the American Chris Witty just crossing the line in first place with the race victory. See below for the ladies results.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)
4th Bianca Roosenboom (CadoMotus)

The mens race started off fast, and by the half way point the deciding breakaway had already formed and taken a lap over the peleton. In the leading breakaway were all the top sprinters from each team including Karlo Timmerman (Renault), Arjan Stroetinga (BAM), Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) and Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank).

In the final sprint for the peleton Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) went around the outside to pass with one lap to go for the pack sprint and ended up crashing into the wall and dislocating his shoulder. Unfortunately this accident ended Shane's starts in the KNSB Cup and his marathon season for 2008-2009 having to take at least a few days rest before getting back into training.

With Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) crossing the line right behind Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) in second place, the jury decided that because he skated across the line lunging with the front of his foot in the air he was relegated to fourth place. The final results for the first race of the men are as follows:

Mens Marathon Results
1st Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
2nd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
3rd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
4th Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)

Tomorrow is another day with the marathon racing heading to the South of Netherlands in Breda. Shane Dobbin will be taking a full rest tomorrow and heading to the physio for treatment to get back on his skates as soon as possible.