Friday, July 24, 2009

Season Review

Written by T Dobbin

It has been some time since the last post. Things over the summer have been extremely busy and only just catching up on things now. Since the last French Inline Cup in Besancon where Shane Dobbin (CadoMotus) crossed the line solo after a 40 kilometer solo breakaway with the race victory, the following weekend the Cado Motus team raced in Austria in Worgl.

Worgl was a successful weekend with three Cado Motus skaters present, finishing first, second and third on the podium. Dj Nation of New Zealand finished first overall for the weekend, followed by his team mate Ferre Spruyt and Shane Dobbin finished in third over all, all three skaters representing Cado Motus. After the weekend in Worgl, Austria, the Cado Motus team had the most important race of the season for them, racing in the World Inline Cup and French Inline Cup race in Dijon, France. Dijon is always a very difficult race with many breakaways and rough roads. This year was another challenge which was with the weather. Just 15 minutes before the start, it started to rain but at first very light rain so each skater had to decide what wheels they would wear, if it was the MPC storm surge or hope it clears and go for MPC Road War. By the time the race started it was poring rain and with a final wheel change right before the team everyone decided to race with their rain combinations.

Most of the top skaters were in Dijon, France. Only a few Italians skaters missing, Shane Dobbin of Cado Motus took advantage of any situation possible to make as many attacks as he could. With such a strong field it was difficult for any real beaks to form. Only one serious break away forming during the race with all the top skaters from each team the peloton reacted in a hurry and after many laps chasing
it was brought back together.

With four laps remaining, Shane Dobbin made a final attack which in the end was the final attack of the race and the one that took Shane all the way to the finish for the race Victory in Dijon. Second place went to his team mate Bart Swings, so another very strong race from the team of Cado Motus.

After having some weeks holiday in the USA, it was back to training for the Summer Ice season training Camp with his ice team DSB Bank in July. DSB Bank spent four days over the summer training together in Heerenveen, Netherlands helping prepare for this coming winter.

At the beginning of July, there were two races in Netherlands, just two days apart, WOW Hoogeveen and WOW Staphorst. Both races were won by the men's Cado Motus team which adds to their successful season as a team.

Shane Dobbin's final race of the season on inlines is this coming weekend at the World On Wheels in Otterlo. After this weekend, it will be that time of the year to focus once again on his ice skating and prepare for this coming season of racing marathons as well as preparing for some long track races to try to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Keep posted for more news!