Friday, November 28, 2008

Youtube Video from Sunday night

Finally the video from Sunday nights race in Thialf has been uploaded to youtube. To view the four part video (MAKE SURE THE VOLUME IS TURNED DOWN) click on the below links:

Part 2 of 4

Part 4 of 4
Don't forget that tomorrow night is the Essent Cup 5 in Utretch. Shane Dobbin will be racing in the A grade in which there has been a change to the DSB Bank's starters. The final four that will be starting in Utretch is Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Jan Maarten Heideman & Jens Zwitser as Arjan Smit has been sick all week and decided he needs the rest. Dj Nation will be starting in the first divison which starts at 20:45. Keep posted for results.

Written by T Dobbin

News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Tonight at the DSB Bank team training in Thialf Shane Dobbin was told from his coach that he will be racing in the A grade this weekend. Saturday night in Utretch the women's race starts at 18:30 followed by the A Grade starting at 19:30 and finally starting in the first division with Dj Nation from New Zealand at 20:45.

It will be a big weekend for Shane having been out of racing in the A grade for a month. After this race on Monday night with a time of 6 minutes 37 seconds for his first attempt at the 5km his team knows he is in good shape and will be able to show it Saturday night.

Starting in the DSB team is Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit & Jan Maarten Heideman.

Last weekend's races in Enschede had to be put on hold for New Zealander Wayne Begg & Aussie Sophie Muir. They will be taking part in this weekend's races on Saturday night in Enschese which is on some of the fastest ice in Holland. Wayne & Sophie will be racing both the 500 meter and the 1500 meter and Josh Lose will be racing the 3 kilometer.

Keep posted for more updates over the weekend.