Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Natural Ice Marathon Noordlaren Confirmed

Written by T Dobbin

Tomorrow is yet another Natural Ice Race in the North of Netherlands in Noordlaren. The race was confirmed late yesterday afternoon where in the Northern City open ice rink had enough ice frozen to confirm that the race would go ahead tomorrow on New Years Eve. Each team had the choice if the track had enough ice to confirm the race whether it would be Tuesday or Wednesday and all but one team decided Wednesday would be better to hold the race. This meaning that just about all skaters have a race on Wednesday and then again Thursday in the Prestige series in Biddinghuizen.

Tomorrow's race will be held during the day with the first race of the day the ladies race being 75 laps of a 350 meter circuit. The men's race will follow with the rules of all top 19 A grade teams to start but with a maximum of four skaters per team. The men's race is 1 hour long plus 10 laps. For more information go to http://www.knsb.nl/natuurijs/wedkal_detail.asp?ID=611 Tomorrow's weather forecast is with sunny skies and the daily maximum temperature at zero degress so another cold day on the horizon.

Schedule for tomorrows races are as follows
Ladies A grade 10:30am (75 laps)
Mens A grade 11:30 (1 hour + 10 laps)

Keep posted for photos and results online soon!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Haaksbergen Natural Ice

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the first Natural Ice race for the 2008-2009 ice season. The first ice rink to announce the first race was Haaksbergen which is in the East of Netherlands close to the German boarder. The ladies race started first at 19:00. Elma de Vries skating with the DSB Bank team race both on Saturday and Sunday in Heerenveen at the All-Round National Championships finishing in second overall to qualify for the European All-Round Championships finished her 5km and got straight in the car and raced to Haaksbergen to race in the Natural ice race.

Elma de Vries (DSB Bank) broke away in a group including her team mate Maria Sterk (DSB Bank), Mariska Huisman (Viks) and in total 14 girls were in the first breakaway group. These 14 ladies lapped the peleton and it would come down to a sprint finish where DSB Bank's Elma de Vries took the victory over Mariska Huisman (Viks) and third went to Chris Witty (Landjuweel).

Ladies results
1st Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
2nd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
3rd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
4th Carla Zielmann (hoolwerf)
5th Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)

The mens race started shortly after where the race was very fast and very hard for the first 35 laps. The pace was on the whole time with breakaway attempts and the face ice. One straight was tail wind and the other head wind. At the mid race point there was a breakaway of approximately 17 skaters. Some skaters were originally in the breakaway and went back to the peleton and some skaters including Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) crossed over to the breakaway.

Finally these 17 skaters lapped the peleton and the peleton got the bell with 11 laps to go for their sprint finish. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) was sitting in second place from laps 18-11 setting himself up for the sprint for the peleton. In the end Shane made a great sprint for the line and passing many people down the final straight ending up in 23rd place.

The breakaway group still had 10 laps remaining where Bam's Rob Hadders was at the front making sure there were no breakaway. After chasing down the final attempt of a breakaway with approximately 3 laps to go Rob Hadders (BAM) pulled aside once the group was together Safan's Roy Boeve made him move with Sander Kingma (Team Care Group) and Bob de Vries (BAM) crossing over. These three skaters were in front just enough to stay away for the final lap and Bob de Vries (BAM) crossed the line in first for the race victory.

Men's results
1st Bob de Vries (BAM)
2nd Sander Kingma (Team Care Group)
3rd Roy Boeve (Safan)
4th Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
5th Joost Juffermans (TNT)
6th Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
7th Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
8th Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
9th Bart de Vries (Schuurman)
10th Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)

Announced last night, on Wednesday evening there will be another Natural Ice race in the north of Netherlands. The race will be confirmed in the new 24 hours with the possibility of being a New Years Eve race with another race on Thursday in Biddinghuizen.

For more photos go to : http://www.fotohdeboer.nl/

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Essent Cup 9 Assen

Last night was yet another Essent Cup race in the rink of Assen. It was a great night for the DSB Bank's ladies team with Maria Sterk crossing the line in first place with her first victory in the Essent Cup for 2009 and gaining more points over Viks Mariska Huisman in the battle for the Gold Jersey.

The ladies race started like most weeks at 18:30. It was a cold evening in Assen with temperatures getting as low as -4 degrees. DSB Bank's Maria Sterk decided to race the race sitting on the skater closest to her in the overall ranking which is Mariska Huisman (Viks). There were a few breakaway attempts in Assen from the long track skater and silver medalist at the Salt Lake Olympics Gretha Smit (Hofmeier).

The final of the ladies ended up in a sprint finish. Mariska Huisman (Viks) getting caught on the inside of the peleton and not moving to the outside with one lap to go ended up having to try to catch back up to Maria (DSB Bank) in the final lap to try to take the victory. Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) making her sprint with one lap to go took the outside line and going into the last corner was in first place carrying on to the finish lline in first to take the race victory in Assen. Mariska Huisman was in second place going into the final corner but with Maria having one to two meters was unable to close the gap completely by the finish line but the race ended up in a lunge at the line. Third place went to Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel) and fourth went to the strong Gretha Smit (Hofmeier).

Ladies Results
1st Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)
2nd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
3rd Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
4th Gretha Smit (Hofmeier)
5th Erna Kijk In de Vegt (Landjuweel)

The mens race didn't end in a way that everyone expected. The mens race started off with Cedric Michaud (Nefit), Bob de Vries (BAM) and Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) going for the first three sprint points of the race. Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) decided he wanted to make the race hard and tried to attack after the sprints with Bob de Vries (BAM) and Cedric Michaud (Nefit) sitting behind him not leading. After many laps of continuing on Jan Maarten decided it was time to go back to the peleton and there once he again he decided to attack off the front.

After many attempts Jan Maarten (DSB Bank) gave up the breakaway attempts. This left the door open for his team mate Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) to attack off the front with approximately five other skaters including Crispijn Ariens (Pe People), Christijn Groeneveld (Renault) and Douwe de Vries (Adformatie). In this breakaway everyone was pulling through for leads except Christijn Groeneveld (Renault) who was intructed by his coach to not lead. After many laps of trying to escape this breakaway ended up coming back to the peleton for the re-group before the final 20 lap sprint elimination.

In the final sprint for the elimination DSB Bank went to the front with Jens Zwister taking the lead followed by Jan Maarten Heideman and then Ingmar Berga. On the outside of the peleton BAM made their move with approximately six laps before the sprint and Jens Zwister stepped wide after finishing his laps in the front. Moving up on the outside was Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) who was sitting in good position inside the top 10 crashing down the back straight with only four laps before the sprint elimination. Jan Maarten Heideman and Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) were left at the front and Jan Maarten Heideman got caught in bad position and making it through to the final 20 for DSB was Ingmar Berga.

In the final 20 laps there were a few breakaway attempts but BAMs Willem Hut lead the peleton at the front and closed down any attempts soon after they started. Ingmar Berga sitting on Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) in the final 10 laps ended up getting completely taken out of the race getting thrown in the air and down again. With BAM's Bob de Vries leading out the sprint going down the back straight Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) went around the outside while going into the final corner Bob de Vries (BAM) stepping wide and Sjoerd skating between the gap and into first place. Crossing the line in first place was Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) but with the Jury thinking it was Sjoerd that took out Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) ended up getting disqualified for a fault. So after his disqualification the victory went to Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) who crossed the line in second.

Mens Results
1st Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
2nd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
3rd Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
4th Christijn Groeneveld (Renault)
5th Bob de Vries (BAM)

Results of the final event of the evening are below

First Division Marathon results
1st Bart van der Valk (Geoenehart)
2nd Rob Russer (BCT Schaatsteam)
3rd Engbert de Vegt (GIBO-BEKA)

For more photos go to http://www.fotohdeboer.nl

Just confirmed yesterday there is a natural ice race that is for all the A grade skaters held in Haaksbergen in the West of Netherlands on tonight. The natural ice race is on a 400 meter road circuit that has been flooded with water and frozen solid and because of the cold temperatures. The ice has to be a minimum of 8cm before an ice race can be held on it and like last year Haaksbergen is the first of year. The race is 125 laps which is over 40 kilometers. Starting for DSB Bank will be Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Jens Zwister and Arjan Smit. All six skaters can start but DSB Bank's other team members have been suffering with the winter flu. The ladies race starts at 19:00 and followed by the men's race at 20:00.

Keep posted for results online soon!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Essent Cup 9 Assen Announcement

Tomorrow night is once again another Essent up race which will be held in Assen. The races in Assen are always very tough with many breakaways. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) will be starting in the A grade division with his team mates Ingmar Berga, Jan Maarten Heideman and Jeron de Vries. After DSB Bank's race victory with Arjan Smit in Biddinghuizen they will be on a high from the race with good team spirit and hoping for another strong race this weekend.

Don't forget that you can watch the race live via the sbs6 website or the knsb website.
The ladies race is the first event of the evening starting at 18:30 followed by the A grade men at 19:30 and finally the final event of the event is the first division mens marathon starting at 20:45. Dj Nation from New Zealand will be taking the start in the first division marathon.
Keep posted for the results coming online soon!

Prestige Cup 2 Biddinghuizen Results

Written by T Dobbin

It was a successful day for the DSB Bank team in Biddinghuizen with Arjan Smit taking the Prestige Cup's second race victory. With a breakaway of 13 skaters Arjan Smit (DSB Bank) won the sprint finish out of these 13 skaters and crossed the line with his first victory for the season and the teams third. It was a great victory for Arjan and the team!

Results Men
1st Arjan Smit (DSB Bank)
2nd Geert Plender (Safan)
3rd Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)
4th Jan van Loon (Renault)
5th Jan van Oosterom (Goesting)

Ladies Results
1st Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
2nd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
3rd Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Racing News Update

Written by T Dobbin
Just this past weekend, Shane Dobbin received an email from the Ice Speed Skating Federation from New Zealand with an invitation to go to Salt Lake City in the USA early January to race in the North American & Oceania All Round Championship event and against some of the best skaters in the World. Racing for USA will be Olympic Champions Shani Davis & Chad Hedrick & competiting for Canada will be Denny Morrision, plus many more top speed skaters from this region. The first day of the competition is the 10th of January with the 500 meter and 5 kilometer events. Followed by the second day (11th of January) with the 1500 meter and 10,000 kilometer events. All events will be skated in the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City where the 2002 Winter Olympics Speed Skating events were held. http://www.saltlakecityutah.org/utaholympicoval.htm

Shane Dobbin got the confirmation last night from his marathon team DSB Bank with allowence he is able to get leave for that weekend's Essent Cup race in Eindhoven and race in Salt Lake City in this event. It will be his first big overseas speed skating event representing New Zealand and of course with the support from his sponsor DSB Bank http://www.schaatsploeg.nl/ . Shane will fly to Salt Lake City early January to have a few days on the ice before the races start. It will be his first time racing most of the distances but it's a great chance for him to gain experience, knowledge and to skate on some of the best ice in the World.

Also racing in Salt Lake City for New Zealand is the young Dj Nation who also got accepted to attend this race meet. It will be great experience for Dj Nation who will hopefully make it to the Junior World Championships next year in February 2009 where it will be his first and last year of Junior Worlds before moving into Senior.

Keep posted for more information regarding this competition!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Essent Cup 8 Utrecht

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the 8th Essent Cup event in Utrecht, Netherlands. The first event of the evening was the ladies 60 lap race. Early on in the race Elma de Vries from DSB Bank went for a sprint point and then just after the finish line crashed into the barrier. She has to get up and chase for many laps because the sprint points were still continuing which is a very tough time to crash in a race. After a few laps of chasing Elma's team mate Kitty Meeth (DSB Bank) dropped back to help Elma catch back up to the peleton.

In the final 20 laps there were many breakaway attempts from the team of Landjuweel. It was Karin Bakker (Viks) who went to the front and brought back alot of these break away attempts for her team mate Mariska Huisman (Viks) in the sprint finish. The ladies ended up finishing a pack sprint with Chris Witty (Landjuweel) went to the front with just over one lap to go with Andrea Sikkema (Vander Wiel) in second and Mariska Huisman (Viks) in third. Chris putting on the pack not allowing anyone to pass in the final lap Chris Witty crossed the finish line in first place and the three ladies crossed the line the same place as they started the sprint.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Chris witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
4th Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)
5th Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)

The A grade men started shortly after the ladies and the ice cleaning. Tonight in the A grade men there were many holes in the ice and the ice was not good getting cut up more and more each lap. Utrecht was a very tough race and the pace was very fast. After the first sprint points Alexis Contin (Adformatie) continued over the top of the sprint leaders and broke away off the front of the peleton. Crossing over to him were approximately 3 other skaters causing the peleton to react and put the pace on to chase Alexis down.

The major breakaways of the evening were Safan's Roy Boeve escaped off the front with three other skaters and ended up approximately half a lap in front over the peleton. Roy trying to escape alone from his competitors but after this the peleton reacted and ended up catching these escapees. Another strong breakaway group included DSB Banks Arjan Smit with approximately seven other skaters but this was caught soon after and the sprint was on for the final 20 laps.

DSB Bank went to the front with approximately 30 laps to go and 10 laps before the sprint elimination. Jen Zwister (DSB Bank), Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) and Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) were in good position at the front. With approximately 8 laps before the sprint DSB Bank lost the lead positions but both Shane Dobbin & Jan Maarten were still in good position well inside the top 20. Jan Maarten (DSB Bank) got caught at one stage with approximately five laps before the sprint just outside the top 20 and got caught up in a big crash. This took Jan Maarten out of the sprint and the race. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) still in good position sitting right behind Alexis Contin (Adformatie) in the top 5 -10 skaters on the outside line with just one lap before the sprint had two hands on his hips going around the outside and within one corner went from the top five to approximately 30th. From there, just one skater from DSB Bank crossed the line in the top 20 for the final 20 laps which was Arjan Smit.

In the final 20 laps, there were no breakaways. The race was controlled at the front by the BAM team. Just one breakaway attempt in the final 20 laps but was closed down after only one lap for a sprint finish. In the sprint finish BAM were in the front with the Renault team, taking up the first 5 positions with Nefit's Sjoerd Huisman sitting right behind. Coming down the back straight it was Sjoerd Huisman who went around the outside of both team trains and put himself in first position to cross the line in first place and take his third victory this season. It was close between second and third which went to Karlo Timmerman (Renault) and Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) in second and third.

Mens Marathon Results
1st Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
2nd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
3rd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
4th Cees Jeffermans (TNT Express)
5th Bob de Vries (BAM)

The final event of the night was with New Zealands Dj Nation. With five skaters taking a lap over the peleton it left the sprint for the top 20 even more difficult with only 15 qualifying. Dj Nation got caught on the inside of the elimination sprint and could not move quick enough to the outside just missing the top 20.

First Division Marathon Results
1st Martijn van Es (TNT Express)
2nd Nick Uithoven
3rd Thijs Smit (Goesting)
4th Cart van der Valk (Groenehardsport)
5th Stefan Teeuwen (Goesting)

For full results go to http://www.knsb.nl/content/marathon/wedkal_detail.asp?id=308
For more photos go to

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Essent Cup 8 Utrecht Annoucement

Saturday is the 8th Essent Cup race held for the second time in Utrecht. Tomorrow night Shane Dobbin from DSB Bank will be taking the start in the A grade division marathon starting at 19:30. Shane will be racing the A grade marathon with his team mates Jan Maarten Heideman who has had a few weeks off marathon racing, Arjan Smit and Jens Zwister. Ingmar Berga received his second yellow card of the season last weekend in Amsterdam so has to sit out of this weekend's race but will be back and ready to race next weekend for the 9th Essent Cup race in Assen.

Dj Nation from New Zealand will be starting at 20:45 in the first division marathon which starts directly after the ice cleaning of the men's A grade race. Don't forget that this weekend's marathon can be viewed online live. See below for link

Saturday nights event program is as follows:
18:30 Ladies Marathon
19:30 A Grade Mens Marathon
20:45 First Division Mens Marathon

Keep posted for photos and results to be online soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prestige Cup 1 Biddinghuizen Results

Yesterday was the first Prestige Cup held in Biddinghuizen on the FlevOnice. After racing sixty kilometers the men's race came down to a sprint finish. The sprint was so close in the top ten places with splits in the times of only .01 seconds.

Mens 60 kilometer Results
1st Roy Boeve (Safan) Time - 1:23.08
2nd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
3rd Sandor Stutt (Vlasman)
4th Jochmen Uithoven (BCT)
5th Hermen van der Wal (Kooyenga)
6th Jan Maarten Heidemen (DSB Bank)
7th Lars Hoogenboom (TNT Express)
8th Peter van de Pol (Kooyenga)
9th Roy Polmans (Foekens)
10th Bob de Vries (BAM)

Ladies 40 kilometer Results
1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel) Time- 1:04.51
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
4th Carla Zielmann (Hoolwerf Heiwerken)
5th Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mid Week News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Late last night Shane Dobbin's 5 kilometer long track event from the Challengers Cup last Sunday was uploaded to the internet. It has been uploaded onto the internet each lap at a time and to view the start of this race go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meV2JPLgRW0

Not only is there the video of Shane's 5 kilometer but also uploaded is New Zealander Wayne Begg's Sunday night 500 meter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q9j_VMpgd8 and coming online soon will be New Zealand's Dj Nation 5 kilometer. All races that are recently uploaded are from the Kiwi's racing the Challengers Cup last Sunday in Hoorn, Netherlands. To view all footage go to that is online from Shane Dobbin go to: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shane+dobbin&search_type=&aq=f or view the home page side toolbar.

Biddinghuizen Prestige Cup 1 Announcement

Tonight is the first race of the new Prestige series natural ice races held in Bigginhuizen on the new five kilometer ice baan at the FlevOnice. This the first natural ice race for 2008-2009 ice season and will now be held every Wednesday at FlevOnice http://www.flevonice.nl/flevonice with the race distances being 60 kilometers. This is a good way for those that will be focusing on the National Natural Ice Championship Race to get into good shape to race in Austria & throughout the Winter Countries in early February.

The race starts today at 12:00 (EST). Like the races in the KNSB & Essent Cup events only four members from each team can start the Biddinghuizen races. Shane Dobbin from DSB Bank won't be starting today in this race, starting for DSB Bank are Jan Maarten Heideman, Jens Zwitster, Jeron de Vries and Ingmar Berga.

Shane Dobbin will be racing this weekend in the A division Essent Cup marathon held in Utrecht, Netherlands. Keep posted for more news & results coming soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

ISU Challengers Cup Results

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the final evening of the ISU Challengers Cup held in Hoorn, Netherlands. The ice conditions were alot better on Sunday than Saturday but not good enough to set good times in comparision with the times set in Thialf and other faster ice rinks around the World.

Shane Dobbin from New Zealand skated in the final pairing and final event of the evening in the 5000 meter along with youngster Dj Nation also from New Zealand. In the second pair Joshua Lose skating for Australia skated a very respectable time of 7:05.59 just outside the World Cup qualifying time by .59 seconds. This was his first ever 5 kilometer race having trained there for months and first learning how to skate on the Hoorn ice rink. In the third pair was the young Dj Nation of New Zealand. Dj skated the race very fast from the start which was a disadvantage on the slower ice tiring in the last few laps and finishing in a time of 7:09.00 just a few seconds out from the qualifying time.

The final pair was Shane Dobbin of New Zealand paired with Reidar Borgersen from Norway. Shane also starting out a little too fast for the ice conditions, was leading with two laps to go and just fell slightly short from the victory finishing a time of 6:57.10.

In the earlier events of the evening Sophie Muir from Australia skated a personal best in the 500 meter ladies race with a time of 43.51 seconds as well as Wayne Begg from New Zealand a personal best time of 39.34.

Full results from Sunday below:
Ladies 500m Round 2
1st Esmeralda Nieuwendorp (Netherlands) 41.12
2nd Denise Roth (Germany) 41.16
3rd Frederika Bunwalda (Netherlands) 41.26

6th Sophie Muir (Australia) 43.51

Men 500m Round 2
1st Ronald Mulder (Netherlands) 36.54
2nd Dag Erik Kleven (Norway) 36.70
3rd Sietse Heslinga (Netherlands) 36.89
9th Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 39.34

Ladies 1000m Round 2
1st Marija Joling (Netherlands) 1:21.94
2nd Frederika Buwalda (Netherlands) 1:22.33
3rd Denise Roth (Germany) 1:23.93
6th Sophie Muir (Australia) 1:28.21

Men 1000m Round 2
1st Michel Mulder (Netherlands) 1:12.98
2nd Sitse Heslinga (Netherlands) 1:13.46

3rd Dag Erik Kleven (Norway) 1:13.47
8th Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 1:17.25

Ladies 1500 meter
1st Janneke Ensing (Netherlands) 2:06.67
2nd Marije Joling (Netherlands) 2:07.57
3rd Isabelle Ost (Germany) 2:07.61

Men 5000 meter
1st Alexej Baumgartner (Germany) 6:53.87
2nd Tormod Bjornetu Haugen (Norway) 6:54.87
3rd Shane Dobbin (New Zealand) 6:57.10

6th Joshua Lose (Australia) 7:05.59
7th Dj Nation (New Zealand) 7:09.00

Video coming soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ISU Challengers Cup News

Today is the final day of the Challengers Cup Event in Hoorn, Netherlands. It's an official ISU event held three times during the winter for skaters to set times to qualify them for the World Cups.

Tonight both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation from New Zealand will be racing the 5000 meter event. With only 5 pairings Dj Nation is against a skater from the Netherlands in the third pair and Shane Dobbin is against a Norwegen in the final pair. On the ice for both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation will be DSB Bank marathon coach Peter de Vries who is still a famous skater in the Netherlands only retiring last year from the marathons and stepped straight into coaching. The 5000 meter is the final event for the evening and it will depend on the weather condition as to what times will be set this evening. Hoorn is a ice rink which is 80% closed but the inside of the corners are open air so if it's windy outside it can change the times set. Last year the winner of this event was a Dutch skater who won in a time of 6:47 which is still currently the track record. So no super fast times are planned for this evening just a good enough times to qualify for the World Cups next year.

Video will be taking through this evenings races and will be uploaded online so be sure to keep and eye out for the videos that will be coming soon this week!

Yesterday Wayne Begg from New Zealand skated the first round of the 500 meter and 1000 meter races as well as Australians Sophie Muir and Josh Loose raced the 1500 meter. Both Wayne Begg and Sophie Muir will be racing the second round of the 500 meter and 1000 meter events while Josh Loose will be starting in the 5000 meter race.

The results from yesterday are as follows:

Men's 500 meter Winner
1st Ronald Mulder (Netherlands) - 36.5

Men's 1000 meter Winner
1st Michel Mulder (Netherlands) - 1:13

Other Results
Wayne Begg 500 meter - 39.7
Wayne Begg 1000 meter - 1:19
Sophie Muir 500 meter - 44.2
Josh Loose 1500 meter - 1:59

Results from tonight will be posted soon!

Essent Cup 7 Amsterdam

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the 7th Essent Cup race held in the open air ice rink in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. It was a cold night which lead to some good ice for racing in Amsterdam.

The men's race was the first event of the evening in Amsterdam. Two of the sprint finishers did not start in Amsterdam Karlo Timmerman (Eco2 Renault) & Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) as well as strongman Willen Hut (BAM) becuase they were in a training camp in Tenerife it left a hole in their teams for this weekend's race.

Throughout the race Bob de Vries (BAM), Douwe de Vries (Adformatie) and Cedric Michaud (Nefit) sprinter for the sprint points every 20 laps to race for the Gold Jersey. There were many attacks in Amsterdam with the serious attack right before the final 20 laps for the sprint finish.

The men's race finished with a breakaway in the last 8 eight laps with approximately 6 skaters including Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit). With Bob de Vries (BAM) chasing down the breakaway Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) made his sprint for the finish with one and half laps to go and it was Sjoerd that crossed the line in first taking his second victory for the season. Bob de Vries (BAM) just behind by the finish line catching the rest of the brakaway group with Geert Plender finishing in third place who was in the breakaway with Sjoerd Huisman. Unfortunately Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) crossed the finish line in the 8th place but because it was his second yellow card for the season, when you receive your second you are disqualified.
Men's Marathon Results
1st Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
2nd Bob de Vries (BAM)
3rd Geert Plender (Safan)
4th Roy Boeve (Safan)
5th Bart de Vries (Schuurman Schoenen)
6th Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
7th Cedrick Michaud (Nefit)
8th Roel van Hest (Kooyenga groep)
9th Cees Juffermans (TNT Express)
10th Jan van Loon (Eco2 Renault)
The ladies race finished in a sprint finish with Elma de Vries (DSB Bank) crossing the finish line in first place but because she received a yellow card which was her second she was disqualified from the event as well as her team mate who is currently in the Gold Jersey Maria Strek (DSB Bank) because of her own offences and received her second yellow card. This left the results as follows:

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Mariska Huisman (VIks)
2nd Margo can de Merwe (Team de Sprinters)
3rd Yvonne Spigt (Foekens)
4th Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
5th Helen can Goozen (Frisia)

For full results go to: http://www.knsb.nl/content/marathon/wedkal_detail.asp?ID=307
For more photos go to: http://www.fotohdeboer.nl/

ISU Challengers Cup in Hoorn

Today is the first day of the ISU Challengers Cup event held in Hoorn, Netherlands. Tonight is the first night of racing in Hoorn with the first round of 500 meters for the ladies and men, as well as the first found of the 1000 meters. The final event for this evenings racing is the 1500 meter men's race and the 3000 meter ladies.

Tomorrow night both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation will be taking the start in the 5000 meter for New Zealand. The other events on tomorrow are the second round of 500 meter & 1000 meter and the ladies 1500 meter. The start times for both Saturday and Sunday are at 18:00.

Tonight in the Essent Cup race held in Amsterdam. Starting for DSB tonight is Arjan Smith, Ingmar Berga, Jeron de Vries & Jens Zwister. To watch the marathon live to go http://www.sbs6.nl/web/show/id=259341/langid=43/media=23449/page=1

Keep posted for results coming soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mid Week News Update

Written By T Dobbin
News has been released that the 2009 World Inline Speed
Skating Championships will be held in Haining City, China from the 16th to the 27th of September. The reason for this decision is because the week after the World Championships there is an IOC meeting held in China to dicuss the chances of getting Inline Speed Skating into the Olympics and those committee members will be Haining City to watch.

With these dates being set it will be put a question mark next to who will be attending the biggest inline event of the year at the Berlin World Inline Cup held on the 19th of September. Not only will be question this big inline event usually this is the first week of the ice opening in Thialf, Netherlands and most of the marathon teams are in a training camp to prepare for the beginning of October's start of the marathon racing season.

Below is the information sent regarding next year's World Championships:

To all National Federations affiliated to FIRS

copy: Continental Confederations- CIC Members- Members of FIRS Central Committee

ref. 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Dear Mister the President,

I am glad to communicate you that the 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships, junior and senior categories- men and women- on track and on the road are scheduled in:

HAINING CITY ( People's Republic of China)
September 16-27

Haining City locates in Zhejiang Province; 2 hours driving from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and 1 hour driving from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

Special thanks to the Chinese Roller Skating Association, to the Authorities of Haining and to the Organising Committee for having accepted to organise this event in a so short available time.

I am sure that the Chinese Friends will organise once again unforgettable Worlds for all the athletes who will be lucky in participating at.

With this info, all affiliated Federations may include the participation expenses at this event in their 2009 budget.

I invite all Federations to take part at these World Championships, sure that we shall overcome the 2008 record ( Gijon/Spain) of 57 participating countries.

As you know, the IOC will take a final decision in October 2009 about a possible inclusion of our sport in the 2016 Olympic Program.

We shall invite some IOC Members at our Worlds to show the high athletic level of our sport.

All Federations are kindly requested to participate by supporting the Roller Speed Skating Movement in attaining the Olympic goal.

Awaiting to meet all of you in Rome at the FIRS Elective Congress on February 7, I am seizing this opportunity for sending you my best sports regards,

Dr. Roberto Marotta
CIC President
FIRS Secretary General

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Zealand Ice News

Written by T Dobbin

This past weekend in Enschede which is in the West of the Netherlands Wayne Begg from New Zealand skated in a long track weekend event. Wayne Begg who currently lives & trains in Enschede skated on Saturday the 100 meter event as well as the 300 meter event and on Sunday skated the 1000 meter.

Wayne skated a great race on Sunday with an outstanding time of 1:15.99 for the 1000 meter race. Congratulations to Wayne who is now within a second from the qualilfying time for the World Cup events. For full results go to: http://www.speedskatingresults.com

This coming weekend is the ISU sancationed event held in Hoorn which is the Challengers Cup. All three New Zealand representatives will be racing in Hoorn this weekend including Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation in the 5000 meter and Wayne Begg in the 500 meter, 1000 meter & 1500 meter events. For more information go to

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Essent Cup 6 in Assen

Written by T Dobbin

Last night was the sixth Essent Cup race held in Assen. It was a cold evening but not cold enough to keep the ice from breaking up and made it a tough race for everyone.

The first event of the evening was the ladies 60 lap marathon. Gretha Smith (Hofmeier) raced in Assen making the race with attack after attack. The team of DSB were working strong together at the front to bring back the breaks for the team leader Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) so she was able to go for the sprints throughout the race. Mariska Huisman (Viks) skated a very strong race attacking during the sprint points and taking herself some sprint points for the overall gold jersey.

In the final 20 laps Elma de Vries (DSB Bank) was bringing back the breaks for her team mate Maria Sterk. Gretha Smith (Hofmeier) trying to make attacks in the final 20 to get away without a sprint finish made the last 20 laps a tough part of the race.

The ladies race ended up coming down to a sprint finish where it was a three way race with Mariska Huisman (Viks) making the first move with one lap to go and started the sprint. Following her was Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf) and then Elma de Vries (DSB Bank). Coming through the last corner Mariska Huisman (Viks) lead down the last straight on the inside with Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf) and Elma de Vries (DSB Bank) sprinting for the line one on one. Crossing the line with a lunge at the line and the victory in Assen was Hoolwerf's Carla Zielman with her third victory for the season, second went to DSB Bank's Elma de Vries and third from Viks Mariska Huisman.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
4th Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
5th Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)

The men's A grade race started just after the ladies and the ice cleaning at 19:30. Within the first 10 laps DSB Bank's Jens Zwitser crashed with Adformatie's Tristan Loy and one other skater. Jens Zwitser (DSB Bank) was quick to react and get back on his feet and after a long hard chase of approximately four laps finally got back on the back of the peleton.

Like every week there were many attacks off the front within the first few laps and then continuing throughout the race. For most of the sprint points this week there were breaks off the front leaving the team leaders and the gold jersey in the peleton with their teams chasing.

At approximately the 65 lap mark a very strong breakaway went off the front with approximately 10 skaters in total including Ralf Zwitser (Adformatie), Arjan Smit (DSB Bank), Arjan Stoetinga (BAM),Karlo Timmerman (Equipe Renault Eco2) and Jan Van Loon (Equipe Renault Eco2). These skaters were approximately half a lap ahead of the peleton working hard to lap the peleton. After approximately 15 laps into this breakaway Adformatie's Ralf Zwitser broke away solo from this peleton working hard at a solo attack to get a lap over the peleton. The remaining breakaway group were unable to follow him leaving him solo out front and approximately three quarters of a lap out front just a quarter of a lap from the peleton. The team coach of Adformatie instructed Alexis Contin his team mate to go back out of the peleton to work with Ralf to try to take a lap but both were unable to make much ground in getting their lap. The next attempt was sending Adformatie's team leader Douwe de Vries back to help Ralf but after only a few laps Ralp decided to stop skating and ended his solo breakaway.

This hard attack left only approximately six skaters in the breakaway group still a half a lap off the front and still working hard to take the lap over the peleton. The peleton was working very hard throughout these laps to take back the breakaway group. There were many attacks and a very long phase which made the race very very hard. In the end there were only 41 skaters still in the race.

Just before the elimination and the 30 lap mark of the race the breakaway group out front was slowly coming back to the peleton. DSB Bank were at the front of the peleton trying to think of the elimination and get their skaters through to the last 20 laps as well as trying not to catch the breakaway group including their team mate Arjan Smit (DSB Bank). With the sprint & elimination at lap 20 the breakaway group were caught at the line and DSB Bank had three skaters (Arjan Smit, Shane Dobbin & Jeron de Vries) in the final 20 laps as well as BAM had four skaters. The team of BAM skated at the front making sure there were not final attacks. BAM controlled the race at the front wanting the race to finish in a sprint for the finisher Arjan Stroetinga.

DSB Bank went to the front with 8 laps to go with their team tactic in place. With 7 laps to go Jeron de Vries (DSB Bank) skated off the front with Arjan Smit letting him escape and Shane Dobbin sitting right behind. The team of BAM left Jeron de Vries out the front until it was time to start the final sprint.

The race ended up in a sprint finish with BAM doing their lead out and everyone else in behind. With alot of fighting for position in the final few laps, Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) went to the front with TNT's Joost Jeffermans making their sprint with two laps to go. Coming around the outside with one lap to go was Bob de Vries (BAM) with his team mate Arjan Stroetinga behind and Equipe Renaults Eco2 Karlo Timmerman right behind. In the exit of the final corner Bob de Vries skated wide and left the door open for Arjan Stroetinga & Karlo Timmerman. At at sprint for the line between Arjan & Karlo with Bob on the outside, Bob getting caught up in a disagreement with Karlo down the final straight allowed Arjan Stroetinga to (BAM) to cross the line in first and his team mate Bob de Vries finished second & Karlo Timmerman (Equipe Renaults Eco2) still managed to take third in the race.

Mens Marathon Results
1st Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
2nd Bob de Vries (BAM)
3rd Karlo Timmerman (Equipe Renaults Eco2)
4th Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
5th Christijn Groeneveld (Equipe Renaults Eco2)
6th Joost Vink (Goesting.nl)
7th Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
8th Roy Boeve (Safan)
9th Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
10th Rob Hadders (BAM)
11th Danfor Stuut (Vlasman)
12th Hermen van der Wal (Kooyenga groep)
13th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
14th Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)
15th Joost Juffermans (TNT Express)
16th Arjan Smit (DSB Bank)

The final event of the evening was the first division marathon race. Dj Nation of New Zealand skated in the first division race after winning last week was hungry to get on the podium again. There were many strong attacks through the first division but none really serious enough to taking a lap over the peleton. Dj Nation at the start of the race trying to make some attacks but unfortunately none were successful.

For the final sprint & elimination at lap 20 Dj Nation had good positioning for the elimination at the front of the group always in top 5. Dj making the top 20 for the final 20 laps without too much trouble left the door open for anything to happen. With Jouke Hoogeveen (Schuurman) making an attack with 15 laps to go at first no one was reacting until Sander Kinigma (Team Care Group) & Koos Kortekaas (Vlasman) broke away together to chase. The rest of the peleton waiting for someone to make the next move but left their chase too late and were unable to catch.

Crossing the line in first place was Jouke Hoogeveen (Schuurman), second went to Sander Kingma (Team Care Group) and third Koos Kortekass (Vlasman).

Men's First Division Marathon Results

1st Jouke Hoogeveen (Schuurman)
2nd Sander Kingma (Team Care Group)
3rd Koos Kortekass (Vlasman)
4th Timo Verkaaik (Viks)
5th Peter Nauta (Schaatsteam Bolsward)
19th Dj Nationl (New Zealand.

For more photos go to: http://www.fotohdeboer.nl
For full results go to: http://www.knsb.nl

Friday, December 5, 2008

Watch the Essent Cup Live

To view this weekend's Essent Cup race in Assen live on the internet and future marathon races be sure to visit: http://www.knsb.nl/content/marathon/livevideo.asp

Start times around the World For Saturday evenings Live Race.
Netherlands (Europe): 19:30
USA East Coast : 14:30
USA West Coast : 11:30
New Zealand: 07:30 (Sunday Morning)
Australia East Coast: 04:30 (Sunday Morning)
Australia West Coast: 02:30 (Sunday Morning)

Or visit http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/for your local time. Start times above are for the Men's A grade race. Remembering the ladies start one hour before and the First Division men start one hour 15 minutes after.

Announcement Essent Cup 6 in Assen

Written by T Dobbin

This Saturday evening will be the sixth Essent Cup to be held in Assen. Assen is the home club rink of Shane aswell as Dj Nation and both will be wanting to have a strong race being so close to home. Assen is just 30 minutes from where they are currently living. Assen rink is closed over the 400 meter baan but open in the center. With the center open and the temperatures cold at the moment it will allow the ice to stay good or at least alot better during the races.

Yesterday at the official team training from DSB Bank, Shane Dobbin was asked by his coach Peter de Vries to skate in the A grade again this weekend. Of course it's a honour for Shane to race in the A grade and will be ready to work hard and have a good, strong race for the team.

Dj Nation will be skating in the first division again on Saturday and hoping to continue his good result from last weekend.

The ladies race starts first at 18:30 followed by the A grade men at 19:30 and the final event of the evening is the first division starting at 20:45. The A grade men's race can be viewed live on the internet with this link coming soon for tomorrow's race!

Also racing this weekend in the long track events held in Enschede are New Zealander Wayne Begg racing both on Saturday & Sunday, as well as Australian's Sophie Muir, Daniel Greig, Brooke Lochland, Hong Kong's Daniel Yoew & racing just on Sunday Frenchmen Alexis Contin racing after he will be taking start in the A grade marathon on Saturday night.

Keep posted for results which will be coming soon.

Latest News

Written by T Dobbin

Last night as per usual sitting on the couch on Wednesday night watching Criminal Minds followed by Numb3rs when we had a knock on the door. Normally at 21:30 in the evening we don't get so many knocks at the door so at first we weren't sure whether there was someone there or kids playing a joke.. Then the next minute a knock at the kitchen window. We did ask who was there but no answer. Once again a knock at the front door and when we asked who was it someone answered "Shane Dobbin". Finally we ask who it was and the man said "i am here for Shane Dobbin.

We opened the door and at 21:30 last night Shane was called up from WADA for an "Out of Competition Drug Test". Because of the new online "Where abouts forms" via ADAMS Shane has to update every three months or when plans change his every where abouts for training, living and racing.

So Shane at 22:00 after filling out all the forms has to drink three bottles of water, a can of fanta zero and had the tap running for a while before he could actually do his test.

At 23:00 the WADA Anti-doping Chaparone left the house and the drug test was complete.

It's great to see that things are moving forward with doping controls and finally a system is in place for every athlete around the World.

Keep posted for updates on this weekend's Essent Cup 6 marathon in Assen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mid Week News Update

Written by T Dobbin

After a hard weekend of racing it was a few days of recovery training for Shane. Both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation went out bike riding on Sunday for a recovery ride and 15 minutes into their ride it started to snow. So what was meant to be a recovery turned into a hard but cold ride!

This weekend Shane will be racing in the first division marathon in his home club race in Assen. Assen is always a difficult race with many attacks and the ice is slower, but in saying that with the weather so cold at the moment (snowing again last night & maximum temperatures approximately 4 degrees) the ice should stay better throughout the race & will be harder ice.

Saturday night's program starts with the ladies racing at 18:30, then the A grade men at 19:30 and finally the First Division at 20:45.

Starting in A grade this weekend for Shane's marathon team DSB Bank is Ingmar Berga, Jan Maarten Heideman, Jeron de Vries & Arjan Smit.

Last week we mentioned that Wayne Begg, Sophie Muir and Joshua Lose would take the start in their long track debuts. It's great to see them get their first races under way with the following times.

Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 500 meter - 39,66 (PB)
Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 1000 meter - 1:18,72 (PB)
Sophie Muir (Australia) 500 meter - 44,91 (New Australia National Record) (PB)
Sophie Muir (Australia) 1000 meter - 1:31,59 (PB)
Joshua Lose (Australia) 3000 meter - 4.11,64 (PB)

They will be taking part again this weekend in the long track races in their home ice rink of Enschede. To view all official ice times go to : http://www.speedskatingresults.com

Keep posted for more updates coming soon.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Essent Cup 5 in Utretch

Written by T Dobbin

Last night was the fifth race in the Essent Cup held for the first time in Utretch. The ice was good last night because the outside air temperature was cold and kept the ice from breaking up too much.

The ladies race was first in the schedule starting at 18:30. Elma de Vries from DSB Bank controlled the race and skated a very strong race for her team mate who is in the gold Maria Sterk. Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) had enough points during the race to keep the gold jersey and in the sprint finish it was Carla Zielman from Steenwijkerwold Hoolwerf Heiwerken who out sprinted Chris Witty Landjuweel for the race victory.

Ladies Marathon Results
1st Carla Zielman (Steenwijkerwold Hoolwerf Heiwerken)
2nd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
3rd Andrea Sikkema (Van der Wiel)
4th Lucy Hutten-Witteman (Wittmeman Tuinen/Groenrijk)
5th Helen van Goozen (Frisia Financieringen)

The A grade men started at 19:30 and within the first 10 laps there were already approximately two to three breakaways. It was a very hard race with alot of attacking and with every 20 laps the sprint points. With approximately 40 laps to go Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) made a very strong attack with approximately eight other skaters including the sprinter Arjan Stroetinga (BAM). This breakaway tried to work to get away for the first 10 laps together but in the end there was only three skaters that stayed off the front and the rest of the skaters grouped back with the peleton. The three skaters out front working hard were Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank), Karlo Timmerman (Equipe renault Eco2) and a skater from BCT Schaatsteam. It wasn't until the final sprint for elimination Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) was left out front solo to qualify for the final 20 and after this sprint re-grouped with the peleton.

In the peleton the sprint went on early for the final 20 sprint/elimination. DSB Bank grouped together at the front but BAM came around the outside to try to bring back Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) this boxed DSB Bank on the inside and they had to move quickly. Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank) racing like he knows how to from his inline career at the front held good position throughout the sprint. Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) got caught up in approximately 15th to 20th position on the outside in a crash of 6 skaters and ended up under the barrier in the wall. Jens Zwitser (DSB Bank) stayed towards the front and three out of the four DSB Bank's skaters made it through to the final 20 laps.

It was very unlucky for DSB because as Shane Dobbin was off the front trying to attack his team mate Jan Maarten Heideman crashed going through a corner and DSB Bank had no one left for the sprint finish. In the final sprint BAM Schaatsteam lead out the sprint with Nefit in behind and it was once again Arjan Stroetinga (BAM Schaatsteam) that crossed the line just ahead of Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit) for the victory.

Men's A Grade Marathon Results
1st Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
2nd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
3rd Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
4th Jan van Loon (Equipe Renault Eco2)
5th Roy Boeve (Safan)
6th Bob de Vried (BAM)
7th Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
8th Pieter Jan van Eck (Safan)
9th Bart de Vries (Schuurman Schoenen)
10th Jochem Uithoven (BCT)
11th Joost Juffermans (TNT Express)
12th Jens Zwitser (DSB Bank)
13th Miel Rozendaal (PE People)
14th Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)
15th Sandor Stuut (Vlasman)

To View the full A grade marathon go to http://www.sbs6.nl/web/show/id=258689/langid=43

The final event of the night was the first division marathon. It was a spectacular event for the 19 year old New Zealander Dj Nation who was patient through the race waiting for the right move.

Throughout the race it was fast and hard. In the first division the race is always hard because everyone wants to try to breakaway and when there is no breakaway there is the sprint for the sprint point classment. Rob Hadders from BAM raced in the first division in Utretch where he skated the race at the front controlling the breakaways with the other A grade skater Lars Hoogenboom from TNT Express.

The sprint for the top 20 started and Dj Nation from New Zealand put himself into good position at the front on the right skaters. Dj made the 20 skaters with ease and after this sprint finished there was an attack from another first division skater and no one would commit to chase. At the 15 to go mark, Dj Nation from New Zealand made his move right at the right time and went off the front to chase solo while the rest of the peleton would not to commit to chase. Dj Nation skated a hard race catching Nick Uithoven who was off the front working together to take a lap on the peleton and confirm their final sprint with just 2 skaters.

The A grade skaters in the race left the chase to late to catch the two escapees and ended up getting the bell for their final sprint with six laps remaining. Crossing the line for third was erwin Mesu from Gibo Beka and still the final two skaters had to race the last 5 laps for victory.

Dj Nation took advantage of the peleton sprint and got on the back of the peleton to break away from his escapee Nick Uithoven and ended up crossing the line solo for the race victory and his first podium for the season.

First Division Marathon
1st Dj Nation
2nd Nick Uithoven
3rd Erwin Mesu (Gibo Beka)
4th Andre Withaar (Vlasman)
5th Rob Hadders (BAM)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Youtube Video from Sunday night

Finally the video from Sunday nights race in Thialf has been uploaded to youtube. To view the four part video (MAKE SURE THE VOLUME IS TURNED DOWN) click on the below links:

Part 2 of 4

Part 4 of 4
Don't forget that tomorrow night is the Essent Cup 5 in Utretch. Shane Dobbin will be racing in the A grade in which there has been a change to the DSB Bank's starters. The final four that will be starting in Utretch is Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Jan Maarten Heideman & Jens Zwitser as Arjan Smit has been sick all week and decided he needs the rest. Dj Nation will be starting in the first divison which starts at 20:45. Keep posted for results.

Written by T Dobbin

News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Tonight at the DSB Bank team training in Thialf Shane Dobbin was told from his coach that he will be racing in the A grade this weekend. Saturday night in Utretch the women's race starts at 18:30 followed by the A Grade starting at 19:30 and finally starting in the first division with Dj Nation from New Zealand at 20:45.

It will be a big weekend for Shane having been out of racing in the A grade for a month. After this race on Monday night with a time of 6 minutes 37 seconds for his first attempt at the 5km his team knows he is in good shape and will be able to show it Saturday night.

Starting in the DSB team is Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit & Jan Maarten Heideman.

Last weekend's races in Enschede had to be put on hold for New Zealander Wayne Begg & Aussie Sophie Muir. They will be taking part in this weekend's races on Saturday night in Enschese which is on some of the fastest ice in Holland. Wayne & Sophie will be racing both the 500 meter and the 1500 meter and Josh Lose will be racing the 3 kilometer.

Keep posted for more updates over the weekend.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New youtube video uploaded from Sunday's 5km

Finally after four days of preparation the first part from Sunday nights race in Thialf, Heerenveen has been uploaded. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D98XGIUNE7k There are more parts to this race that will be online soon so be sure to check it out.
This weekend Shane Dobbin will be racing in the first division marathon in Utretch on Saturday night. The start of the marathon will be at 20:45 and results will be online soon after the race.
Written by T Dobbin

Monday, November 24, 2008

New time set for New Zealand 5km Record

Written by T Dobbin

Tonight in Thialf, Heerenveen both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation skated the 5 kilometer race that was specifically put on just for them. Usually the 5km was not on the events calendar but thanks to Mr De Vries it was added in for tonight. Shane Dobbin skated a spectacular race & broke the New Zealand National record in the 5km event. It's his first ever 5 kilometer and second ever time set for long track. An online video will be uploaded soon so be sure to stay tuned for the link as well as photos from tonights race.

Shanes 5km lap times:
200m - 19.79
600m - 50.60 (30.8)
1000m - 1:22.17 (31.5)
1400m - 1:54.10 (31.9)
1800m - 2:25.38 (31.2)
2200m - 2:56.36 (30.9)
2600m - 3:27.45 (31.0)
3000m - 3:58.50 (31.0)

3400m - 4:29.80 (31.3)
3800m - 5:01.41 (31.6)
4200m - 5:33.34 (31.9)
4600m - 6:05.50 (32.1)
5000m - 6:37.96 (32.4)

TOTAL TIME: 6:37.96

It was also Dj's first ever attempt at a long track time and event. He still has one year left as a Junior on the ice so he has high hopes to make it to the Junior Worlds next year in Feburary in Poland.

Dj's 5km lap times:
200m - 19.97
600m - 51.54 (31.5)
1000m - 1:23.56 (32.0)
1400m - 1:55.86 (32.0)
1800m - 2:28.04 (32.1)
2200m - 3:00.51 (32.4)
2600m - 3:33.37 (32.8)
3000m - 4:06.04 (32.6)
3400m - 4:38.95 (32.9)
3800m - 5:12.12 (33.1)

4200m - 5:45.66 (33.5)
4600m - 6:19.48 (33.8)
5000m - 6:53.54 (34.0)

TOTAL TIME: 6:53.54

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Essent Cup 4 in Amsterdam

Written by T Dobbin

Last night was the fourth race in the Essent Cup held in Amsterdam. The weather forecast was for snow and that forecast was correct with small drops of snow during the nights racing.

Results for Amsterdam's races are as follows:
Ladies Marathon
1st Janneke Ensing (Frisia)
2nd Carla Zielman (Hoolwerf)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)
4th Maria Sterk (DSB Bank)
5th Joland Langeland (Steenbergen)

Mens Marathon
1st Karlo Timmerman (Equipe Renault Eco2)
2nd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
3rd Bob de Vries (BAM)
4th Cedric Michaud (Nefit)
5th Geert Plender (Safan)
6th Joost Vink (Goesting.nl)
7th Douwe de Vries (Adformatie)
8th Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank)
9th Roel van Hest (Kooyenga)
10th Durk Fabriek (Schuurman Shoenen)

Mens First Division Marathon
1st Hermen van der Wal (Kooyenga)
2nd Peter Nauta (Bolsward)
3rd Erwin Mesu (GIBO-BEKA)

For full results go to: http://www.knsb.nl/
For more photos go to: http://www.fotohdeboer.nl/