Sunday, November 16, 2008

ISU World Cup Heerenveen Day 2

Written by T Dobbin
Saturday was the second day of the ISU World Cup in Heerenveen, Netherlands. It was full of excitement watching the second round of the 500 meter sprint finals with Kato from Japan crashing in the first round 500 meter yesterday but winning the second 500 meter today. The speed some of the male sprinters reach is approximately 60 kilometers per hour. The second event for the day was the ladies 1500 meter finals and the final event was the 5 kilometer men's final where Sven Kramer (Netherlands) took yet another victory in this event but with the next four places all within point six of a second from each other. See results below from day two.

Ladies 500 meter Final 2
1st Jenny Wolf (Germany) 37.64
2nd Beixing Wang (China) 37.74
3rd Sang-Hwa Lee (Korea) 38.13

Men's 500 meter Final 2
1st Joji Kato (Japan) 34.82
2nd Fengtong Yu (China) 35.05

3rd Pekka Koskela (Finland) 35.09

Ladies 1500 meter Final
1st Kristina Groves (Canada) 1:57.22

2nd Daniela Anschutz Thoms (Germany) 1:57.91
3rd Christine Nesbitt (Canada) 1:58.08

Men's 5000 meter Final
1st Sven Kramer (Netherlands) 6:14.32
2nd Carl Verheijen (Netherlands) 6:20.18
3rd Enrico Fabris (Italy) 6:20.20
4th Chad Hedrick (USA) 6:20.35
5th Bob de Jong (Netherlands) 6:20.78

Sunday is the final day for the second ISU World Cup with the final events being the ladies and men's 1000 meter finals and the team pursuits.

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