Monday, March 22, 2010

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Written by T Dobbin
Check out the great interview and video footage of Shane Dobbin yesterday in Thialf after his 10,000 meter race.

It can also be viewed on pureskatingnews known as Cado Motus, Shane's inline sponsor:

Day Three Of The ISU World All-Round in Heerenveen

Written by T Dobbin
The third and final day of the ISU World All-Round is over with the men's 10,000 meter being the last and final race. With the new rules to qualify to skate the final event the 10,000 meter, Shane Dobbin was able to take to the start in this final race. Finally on the last day the ice conditions were back to normal. The stadium was still full of spectators and speed skating fans and as the weather forecast was much better yesterday without rain, it allowed the ice to set much better after the ice cleaning.

Shane was paired with Dutch skater Wouter Olde Heuvel in the second pair. Shane skated a very strong, consistent race throughout each and every lap of his 10,000 meter finishing with a new personal best time of 13:30,30 setting a new National Record for New Zealand, his eighth National Record broken this season. Shane ended up finishing in 7th place in the 10,000 meter which is an outstanding performance, especially this late in season.

Shane's lap times were as follows:
1. 400m 35.32 (35.3)
2. 800m 1:06.78 (31.4)
3. 1200m 1:39.08 (32.3)
4. 1600m 2:11.36 (32.2)
5. 2000m 2:43.75 (32.3)
6. 2400m 3:15.99 (32.2)
7. 2800m 3:48.29 (32.3)
8. 3200m 4:20.71 (32.4)
9. 3600m 4:53.16 (32.4)
10. 4000m 5:26.28 (33.1)
11. 4400m 5:58.65 (32.3)
12. 4800m 6:31.03 (32.3)
13. 5200m 7:03.20 (32.1)
14. 5600m 7:35.38 (32.1)
15. 6000m 8:07.90 (32.5)
16. 6400m 8:40.37 (32.4)
17. 6800m 9:12.85 (32.4)
18. 7200m 9:45.27 (32.4)
19. 7600m 10:17.98 (32.7)
20. 8000m 10:50.02 (32.0)
21. 8400m 11:22.00 (31.9)
22. 8800m 11:54.08 (32.0)
23. 9200m 12:26.21 (32.1)
24. 9600m 12:58.18 (31.9)
25. 10000m 13:30.30 (32.1)

"It's a great way to finish the season with a new personal best time and National record. I'm happy with the way I skated and have more motivation now to go home and train hard during the off-season so that i can come back next winter on the ice in better shape than I ever have".

Full results are as follows:
1 Sven Kramer NED 12:57.97
2 Håvard Bøkko NOR 13:12.13
3 Ted-Jan Bloemen NED 13:13.56
4 Jonathan Kuck USA 13:15.62
5 Sverre Haugli NOR 13:18.39
6 Jan Blokhuijsen NED 13:25.97
7 Shane Dobbin NZL 13:30.30
8 Wouter Olde Heuvel NED 13:32.27
9 Trevor Marsicano USA 13:38.11
10 Lucas Makowsky CAN 13:54.63
11 Matteo Anesi ITA 14:08.40
12 Konrad Niedzwiedzki POL 14:10.78

Now it's time for Shane to take a rest and travel back home to enjoy a few weeks of "Normal Life" before getting into his off-season training and preparation for next winter.

Shane ended up finishing in 12th overall in his first ISU World All-Round competition. For full results go to:

All photos of Shane are at:

Thank you everyone for their support throughout the season. We look forward to the next four years and hope that everyone continues to follow the progress. Keep posted throughout the winter for news and updates on Shane's off-season training and preparation for next winter.