Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ice News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Already one month into the ice season there has been a full four weeks of racing. Shane has raced two marathons in A grade and one marathon in B grade. It's been a very busy month and coming into winter the flu has been going around. For about two and a half weeks Shane got sick and wasn't really able to do the normal training but managed to do enough to keep his level.

Just two weeks out from the Heereveen World Cup Shane has two weeks to try to get in as many long track times as possible. His qualifying time is to make a 7:05 for the 5km. We have been trying for the last week to enter into any long track races that might be here in Holland so hopefully before the Heereveen WC he will be able to get some races under his belt.

For now it's two weeks of hard training and preparation for Hereeveen. Next Saturday he will be racing in the B grade marathon which will be held in Assen. Keep posted for more news.

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