Sunday, November 9, 2008

ISU World Cup Berlin Day 2

Written by T Dobbin

Today was the second day of the ISU World Cup held in Berlin. Today's schedule was the sound round of the 500 meter's with the time of yesterday and today combined to determine the overall winner, the men's 1500 meters and the ladies 3 kilometer. See below for top three results from these events and the link below for full results.

Ladies 500 meter Final
1st Beixing Wang (China) 37.91
2nd Jenny Wolf (Germany) 37.95
3rd Sang-Hwa Lee (Korea) 38.26

Men's 500 meter Final
1st Joji Kato (Japan) 34.70
2nd Fengtong Yu (China) 35.07
3rd Mika Poutala (Finland) 35.13

Ladies 3000 meter Final
1st Martina Sablikova (CZA) 4:03.70
2nd Daniela Anschutz Thoms (Germany) 4:07.08
3rd Masako Hozumi (Japan) 4:06.92

Men's 1500 metre Final
1st Sven Kramer (Netherlands) 1:45.69
2nd Erban Wennemars (Netherlands) 1:45.85
3rd Simon Kuipers (Netherlands) 1:45.95

Tomorrow is the final day of the World Cup in Berlin before everyone heads to the Netherlands in Heerenveen for the second World Cup next weekend. Tomorrow's events are the men's and ladies 1000 metre finals as well as the team pursuits. Keep posted for tomorrow's results.

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