Monday, November 17, 2008

ISU World Cup Heerenveen Day 3

Written by T Dobbin
Sunday was the final day of the ISU Heerenveen World Cup. It was a day where Shani Davis, Chad Hedrick and Trevor Marciano all got together and skated for the first time their top skaters in the team pursuit and ended up finishing in second. The news Shani Davis skating the team time trial was headlines here in Netherlands because for many years Shani has been against racing the team pursuit so that he could concentrate on his own individual races. But this year things have changed and he, Chad and Trevor plan to train together and get the best possible result that they can in Canada in 2010. See below for results from the final day in Heerenveen.

Ladies 1000 meter Final
1st Christine Nesbitt (Canada) 1:16.18
2nd Kristina Groves (Canada) 1:16.76
3rd Beixing Wang (China) 1:17.01

Men's 1000 meter Final
1st Shani Davis (USA) 1:08.99
2nd Pekka Koskela (Finland) 1:09.05
3rd Simon Juipers (Netherlands) 1:09.26

Ladies Team Pursuit
1st Netherlands 3:01.32
2nd Canada 3:02.34
3rd Germany 3:02.51

Men's Team Pursuit
1st Netherlands 3:42.29
2nd USA 3:43.48
3rd Sweden 3:47.20

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