Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mid-Week News update

Written by T Dobbin
It's already mid-week but the first Wednesday in a month where there is no mid-week racing. Yesterday the boys (Shane, Kalon & Dj) took a visit to the Dutch boot maker Groothuis. Last week Kalon was moulded for some ice boots and yesterday Dj got himself moulded. Shane has decided that his boots of last year need a change and is in the process of getting them re-leathered.

This week has been a week of recovery for Dj who will be starting his real training this week for the ice season and Shane has been organising his schedule for the next few weeks. Kalon flies to Argentina tomorrow so Saturday in Amsterdam was his last marathon for this season but hopes to be back as soon as he can for more of the ice skating life. Both Shane and Dj will be racing on Saturday night in the First Division marathon in their home club rink Assen.

Both Shane and Dj are trying to organise themselves to get into a long track race to set some times and train themselves to know their limits. It's not so easy to get to race on good ice to set the long track times but we are working on it.

Winter has started to set in early this Winter. It's already quite cold and very gray skies. The trees have already lost their leaves and the prediction is for a cold winter but only time will tell. Keep posted for more updates and results that will be coming soon.

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