Friday, December 5, 2008

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Written by T Dobbin

Last night as per usual sitting on the couch on Wednesday night watching Criminal Minds followed by Numb3rs when we had a knock on the door. Normally at 21:30 in the evening we don't get so many knocks at the door so at first we weren't sure whether there was someone there or kids playing a joke.. Then the next minute a knock at the kitchen window. We did ask who was there but no answer. Once again a knock at the front door and when we asked who was it someone answered "Shane Dobbin". Finally we ask who it was and the man said "i am here for Shane Dobbin.

We opened the door and at 21:30 last night Shane was called up from WADA for an "Out of Competition Drug Test". Because of the new online "Where abouts forms" via ADAMS Shane has to update every three months or when plans change his every where abouts for training, living and racing.

So Shane at 22:00 after filling out all the forms has to drink three bottles of water, a can of fanta zero and had the tap running for a while before he could actually do his test.

At 23:00 the WADA Anti-doping Chaparone left the house and the drug test was complete.

It's great to see that things are moving forward with doping controls and finally a system is in place for every athlete around the World.

Keep posted for updates on this weekend's Essent Cup 6 marathon in Assen.

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