Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Natural Ice Marathon Noordlaren Confirmed

Written by T Dobbin

Tomorrow is yet another Natural Ice Race in the North of Netherlands in Noordlaren. The race was confirmed late yesterday afternoon where in the Northern City open ice rink had enough ice frozen to confirm that the race would go ahead tomorrow on New Years Eve. Each team had the choice if the track had enough ice to confirm the race whether it would be Tuesday or Wednesday and all but one team decided Wednesday would be better to hold the race. This meaning that just about all skaters have a race on Wednesday and then again Thursday in the Prestige series in Biddinghuizen.

Tomorrow's race will be held during the day with the first race of the day the ladies race being 75 laps of a 350 meter circuit. The men's race will follow with the rules of all top 19 A grade teams to start but with a maximum of four skaters per team. The men's race is 1 hour long plus 10 laps. For more information go to http://www.knsb.nl/natuurijs/wedkal_detail.asp?ID=611 Tomorrow's weather forecast is with sunny skies and the daily maximum temperature at zero degress so another cold day on the horizon.

Schedule for tomorrows races are as follows
Ladies A grade 10:30am (75 laps)
Mens A grade 11:30 (1 hour + 10 laps)

Keep posted for photos and results online soon!

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