Monday, January 12, 2009

Full Results from day 2 in Salt Lake

The results for the 10 kilometer in Salt Lake City are in and all races have now been completed. Shane Dobbin from New Zealand set the mark in the 10 kilometer with a finish time of 13:43. With Travor Mariscano and Chad Hedrick both from USA in the same pair and the final pair Shane Dobbin was in the in the leading position with only a few laps remaining but both Chad and Trevor had the advantage and were racing each other. The final standings for the 10km are as follows:

1st Chad Hedrick 13:38.18
2nd Trevor Mariscano 13:38.21
3rd Shane Dobbin 13:43. 69

Full results are below from all races on day 2

Ladies 1500m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 1:56.30
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 1:57.47
3rd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr (USA) 2:01.27

Mens 1500m
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 1:44.27
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 1:45.29
3rd Jay Morrison (CAN) 1:46.61
13th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 1:51.55
14th Dj Nation (NZL) 1:54.70

Ladies 5000m
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 7:07.61
2nd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr 7:21.59
3rd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 7:25.18

Men 10000m
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 13:38.18
2nd Trevor Mariscano (USA) 13:38.21
3rd Shane Dobbin (NZL)13:43. 69

Ladies Overall
1st Kristina Groves (CAN) 162,783
2nd Brittany Schussler (CAN) 166,283
3rd Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr 168,553

Mens Overall
1st Chad Hedrick (USA) 151,077
2nd Trevor Marsicano (USA) 151,171
3rd Steven Elm (CAN) 153,394
4th Lucan Makowsky (CAN) 153,803
5th Jay Morrison (CAN) 153,884
6th Brian Hansen (USA) 154,302
7th Mathieu Giroux (CAN) 154,864
8th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 156,157

It was a great weekend for both Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation of New Zealand. From the results you can see both have been working more on their endurance than the shorter events but over time they will put it all together. It was great experience for them both to go to Salt Lake and see what it's like. It was shame that for this weekend the ice in Salt Lake was not it's usual and very fast having produced some of the fastest times in the World in previous competitions and at the Olympics, but never the less it was still a great weekend.

Now both arrive back in the Netherlands tomorrow where Dj will concentrate training for his Junior World Championships in Poland late February and Shane will get back to his marathon racing with the DSB Bank team.

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