Friday, January 30, 2009

Weissensee Criterium & DSB with the Double Victory

Written by T Dobbin
Another race held in the Weissensee today with the criterium race. The ladies race started at 11:00am with a 40 minutes plus three lap race and the mens race started at noon with a 50 minute plu three lap race. The team of DSB Bank had the double victory today with red colours of two places of the podium in both the men's and the ladies races.

Jaa Maarten Heideman crossed the line with the race victory today in a mass sprint with his team mate Ingmar Berga finishing in second. Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank skated a strong race out the front with a very good breakaway attempt.

Mens race results
1st Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank) 52.12,0
2nd Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
3rd Rene Ruitenberg (Safan)
4th Crispijn Ariens (PE People)
5th Henk Angenent (TNT Express)
6th Jouke Hoogeveen (Schuurman Schoenen)

7th Bob de Vries (BAM)
8th Johan Bakker (Groenehartsport)
9th Ruud Borst (Team Care Group)
10th Shane Dobbin (DSB Bank)

Ladies race Results
1st Maria Sterk (DSB Bank) 41.54,4
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Yvonne Spigt (Foekens)

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Tomorrow is a rest day before the main event and the big race of the week with the Open Dutch National Championships held on Saturday with the distance of 100 kilometers.

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