Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grand Prix 2 in Sweden

Written by T Dobbin
Yesterday was the second Grand Prix in Sweden for the KNSB Cup. It was a very difficult race because during the start and much of the race it was snowing and no one was able to see where the course was. No one could see where the cracks were and there were many skaters crashing and trying to catch back up to the Peleton. See below for the results.

Ladies 80km Results
1st Erna Kijk In de Vegte (Landjuweel)
2nd Hilde van Slochteren (VPZ)

3rd Marjolijn Hulzebosch (Van der Wiel)
4th Jolanda Spruit (Cakyline)
5th Danielle Bekkering (Frisia)

Mens 150km Results
1st Jourke Hoogeveen (Schuurman)
2nd Ruud Aerts (Foekens)
3rd Tristan Loy (Adformatie)
4th Jan Maarten Heideman (DSB Bank)
5th Arjan Smit (DSB Bank)

Monday is the third Grand Prix where many skaters will be flying back to the Netherlands after this race to prepare for the final KNSB cup marathon races.

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