Monday, February 16, 2009

Heerenveen World Cup day 2

Written by T Dobbin

Sunday was the second and final day of the Heerenveen World Cup. Shane Dobbin of New Zealand skated his second ever 10 kilometer race Sunday in the B Division setting a new personal best time and New Zealand National Record. See below for results

Mens B Division 10km
1st Mark Ooijevaar (NED) 13.19,26
2nd Sverre Haugli (NOR) 13.20,11
3rd Marco Weber (GER) 13.29,72
7th Shane Dobbin (NZL) 13.39.42

Mens A Division 10km
1st Sven Kramer (NED) 13.03,51
2nd Havard Bokko (NOR) 13.07,93
3rd Bob de Jong (NED) 13.09,16

Ladies B Division 1500m
1st Maria Lamb (USA) 2.02,13
2nd Karlolina Erbanova (CZE) 2.03,59
3rd Nicole Garrido (CAN) 2.04,04

Ladies A Division 1500m
1st Anni Friesinger (GER) 1.57,48
2nd Christine Nesbitt (CAN) 1.57,58
3rd Kristina Groves (CAN) 1.58,40

For full results go to:
Photo thanks to Daniel Yeow from Australia.

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