Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KNSB 5 Days Announcement

Tonight is the first race of the KNSB 5 days. It's the final races of the season in the KNSB cup with just one marathon race after the 5 days which is the National Marathon Championships. Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank will be starting in four of the five races over the next five days.

Elma de Vries of DSB Bank is currently in the Gold Jersey with 176.5 over her team mate Maria Sterk with 153.2 points. Elma de Vries will racing the next five days to make sure she secures her place in the Gold. In the mens top division Arjan Stroetinga from BAM is in the Gold with 181.4 points, followed by Karlo Timmerman (Renault) with 147.1 points and in third place Bob de Vries (BAM) with 142.1 points.

KNSB 5 Days Calendar
18th February - Groningen
19th February - Breda
20th February - Alkmaar
21st February - Haarlem
22nd February - Hoorn

Keep posted over the next 5 days for full results from the KNSB 5 days.

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