Monday, February 23, 2009

KNSB 5 days Results

Written by T Dobbin
Finally the five days is finished and the results are in. The third day of the KNSB 5 days was held in Alkmaar which is DSB Bank's home city.

The ladies race was still 60 laps and ended in a sprint finish with DSB Bank's Elma de Vries crossing the line with the
race victory and still in the Orange jersey. See below the ladies race results:

Alkmaar Ladies Marathon
1st Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
2nd Carla Zielmann (Hoolwerf)
3rd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)

The mens race f
inished in a sprint finish after many breakaway attemps from many of the teams and skaters. See below the mens race results:

Alkmaar Mens Marathon
1st Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
2nd Karlo Timmerman (Renault)
3rd Bob de Vries (BAM)
4th Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank)
5th Cedric Michaud (Nefit)

The fourth day of the KNSB Cup the 12th KNSB race was held in Haarlem. Elma de Vries from DSB Bank broke away with 10 laps to go and ended up maintaining her lead to take another victory in the KNSB Cup in Haarlem. The sprint finish for the ladies went to Chris Witty to cross the line in second and the young Cado Motus skater Bianca Roosenboom finished in third place with her first podium in the marathons this season.

Haarlem Ladies Marathon
1st Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
2nd Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
3rd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)

The mens race in Haarlem finished with excitement. 22 skaters ended up lapping the peleton and in the final 10 laps everyone was trying to escape off the front. The successful skater was from Nefit with Cedric Michaud in the final two laps breaking away and crossing the line with his first victory in the KNSB Cup this season.

Haarlem Mens Marathon
1st Cedric Michaud
2nd Rob Hadders (BAM)
3rd Yoeri Lissenberg (Foekens)
4th Roy Boeve (Safan)
5th Crispijn Ariens (PE People)

The final KNSB Cup the 13th race was held in Hoorn. The ladies skated a very hard race with many of the ladies stopping because the race was very hard with many breaks. The race ended in a sprint finish with the results below:

1st Chris Witty (Landjuweel)
2nd Elma de Vries (DSB Bank)
3rd Mariska Huisman (Viks)

Elma de Vries of DSB Bank ended up winning the overall classment in the ladies keeping her orange jersery for the second year in a row. The sprinters classment went to Chris Witty (Landjuweel) and the best young skater went to Margo van der Merwe (Team de Sprinters)

The mens finale was 150 laps. Within the first 50 laps there was already a breakaway with three skaters off the front trying to lap the peleton. Finally with 97 laps to go the three skaters were one lap up when one of these three skaters crashed and broke his skate leaving only two skaters one lap up on the peleton
. The teams of BCT & PE People did a good job and controlling the peleton bringing back any breaks that were trying to escape off the front. Finally the peleton got the bell with 6 laps to go and ended in a sprint with Arjan Stroetinga (BAM) crossing the line for third place.

The two skaters to finish the final 5 laps was Crispijn Ariens (PE People) and Jochem Uithoven (BCT). These two skaters skated very slowly for the final 4.5 laps finishing the race with a standing 200 meter sprint finish. Just crossing the line in first place for the race victory was Jochem Uithoven from BCT with their teams first victory of the season. Second place went to Crispijn Ariens from PE people. See below the results from Hoorn.

Hoorn Mens Marathon
1st Jochem Uithoven (BCT)
2nd Crispijn Ariens (PE People)
3rd Arjan Stroetinga (BAM)
4th Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
5th Bart de Vries (Schuurman)

Winning the overall classment for the mens was Bams Arjan Stroetinga. The best young skater went to Renaults Karlo Timmerman and the sprinters overall classment went to Sjoerd Huisman from Nefit.

With the one marathon remaining and one of the biggest of the season the National Championships which will be held in Thialf, Heerenveen on Saturday.

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