Monday, October 12, 2009

DSB Bank Cup One in Alkmaar

Written by T Dobbin

Last night was the first of the DSB Bank cup marathon races on ice which was held in the DSB home town of Alkmaar. Starting for the DSB bank team was Shane Dobbin, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit and Jan Maarten Heideman.

With the top division starting later this year at 20:00 they were the final event of the evening. The marathon races this year are longer being 125 laps instead of 100, with prime sprints during the race which are three sets of three and no eliminations.

Like every marathon each race is on from the start and many breakaway attempts. Ingmar Berga of DSB bank having a spectacular race was extremely active off the front trying to form a breakaway. Shane Dobbin of DSB Bank having a strong race for his team helped being back a few breakaways that were serious threats to his team mates.

It wasn't until after the final sprint primes that a breakaway group of three formed with Jorrit Bergsma (Renault), Bob de Vries (Bam) and Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank). These three skaters worked together with the help of Renault and Bam's team mates to bring these three skaters one lap up on the peleton. Once the breakaway had caught the peleton, the unfortunate incident with Ingmar Berga and another skater caused a crash and Ingmar went down.

It was the hard team mate of Shane Dobbin and Arjan Smit and the sportmanship of the peleton that went back to get Ingmar to bring him back to the two lead skaters.

In the final sprint of the peleton with five laps to go it was Renaults Rob Hadders that crossed the line first in the pack sprint for fourth place, fifth was Karlo Timmerman (Adformatie) and sixth Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit).

In the remaining four laps, the young Jorrit Bergsma made a solo attack which carried him to the line and took the first victory of the season for his team. With one lap to go Bob de Vries (Bam) made his sprint but coming down the final straight it was Ingmar Berga (Dsb bank) who got to the line for second place, and third went to Bam's Bob de Vries.

Mens Results

1 Jorrit Bergsma - Equipe 13 Renault Eco2 1 25,1
2 5 Ingmar Berga - DSB Bank 1 23
3 1 Bob de Vries - BAM Schaatsteam 1 21
4 8 Rob Hadders - Equipe Renault Eco2 15
5 19 Karlo Timmerman - Adformatie 14
6 24 Sjoerd Huisman Andijk - HR Ketels 13
7 12 Pieter Jan van Eck -Marathonteam Van Werven 12
8 6 Jan Maarten Heideman -DSB Bank 11
9 7 Cees Juffermans - TNT Express 10

Ladies Results

1 Elma de Vries - Marathonteam D87 20,1
2 D13 Carla Zielman - Pro Horeca 18
3 D21 Mireille Reitsma - Landjuweel 16
4 D5 Daniƫlle Bekkering - Frisia Financieringen 15
5 D41 Maria Sterk - DSB Bank 14
6 D76 Mariska Huisman - Viks Parket 13
7 D84 Lillian van Haaster - Marathonteam 12
8 D47 Anniek ter Haar - Marathonteam Ripca/Aavas Gr 11
9 D66 Margo van de Merwe - Marathonteam 10
10 D12 Bianca Roosenboom - Viks Parket 9

Next weekend is in Heerenveen for another 125 laps and the second stage of the DSB Bank Cup.

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