Friday, December 18, 2009

ISU World Cup Calgary

Written by T Dobbin
Finally after returning home this week after two World Cups the first being in Calgary and the second in Salt Lake City. Calgary was an experience having never skated their before but also the weather. The days before the competition there was a winter snow storm. So for three days the temperatures were reaching as low as minus 30 degrees C.

Having trained on the ice all week prior to the 5 kilometer on Saturday, the ice conditions were extremly fast. The weather and ice conditions changed for the race on Saturday with a high pressure system moving in which as we learnt can change the ice conditions alot.

Shane skated in the second pairing in Calgary, and was paired with Japanese skater Hiroki Hirako. Shane skated a clean race and went out as hard as he could and just tired to hold on the the finish. See below his race lap times:

200m 19.33 (19.3)
600m 48.57 (29.2)
1000m 1:17.78 (29.2)
1400m 1:47.50 (29.7)
1800m 2:17.78 (30.2)
2200m 2:48.10 (30.3)
2600m 3:18.16 (30.0)
3000m 3:48.10 (29.9)
3400m 4:18.04 (29.9)
3800m 4:48.51 (30.4)
4200m 5:19.04 (30.5)
4600m 5:49.87 (30.8)
5000m 6:20.97 (31.1)

This time was good enough place for 10th position in the A grade mens division and a New New Zealand National Record which was set earlier in the season in Berlin. For full results go to

Special Thanks to Daniel Yeow for his great photos.

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