Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off-Season Update One

Written by T Dobbin
After three weeks off training, yesterday was Shane's first day back on skates and back into training. Not having his inlines skates on since the end of August last year, it was time to put them back on and start preparing for this coming winter. "I felt good for the first ten minutes on my skates, then the remainder of my skate I was in the hurt box".

Having re-located for the European Summer to the Gold Coast in Australia where he has the chance to get away from the inline & ice scene and take the opportunity to get much needed training done rather than always having to try to fit training around his inline races. Living close to two short track ice rinks will hopefully give him the opportunity to learn something new on ice to help in the future.

Currently the weather still extremely hot on the Gold Coast with temperatures hitting 31 degrees C, 4 degrees above average for this time of year. Although Winter will be approaching soon the temperatures during the day very rarely go below 20 degrees C with mostly sunny days. "For the past three weeks it's been a great time to rest in the perfect place. Saturday i'm back on the resort golf course followed by our coming home celebration and then it will be back to full time training as of next week".

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