Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Personal Record in the 3km

Written by T Dobbin
This morning was the second race of the pre-season for Shane in Salt Lake City. He decided that he would race a 3km as he is still in the middle of a hard training phase so this race would be better suited. Shane managed to skate a good race finishing with a new personal best time as well as a new, New Zealand National record in the 3000 meter distance. See his lap times below:

Opener: 19.40
Lap 1: 29.55
Lap 2: 30.03
Lap 3: 30.22
Lap 4: 29.84
Lap 5: 29.32
Lap 6: 29.56
Lap 7: 30.20
Finishing time: 3:48.12

For now it's back into another week of training and another race next weekend.

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