Saturday, November 13, 2010

ISU World Cup One in Heerenveen

World Cup Number 1
Today is the start of the first World Cup for the 2010-2011 Winter held in Heerenveen. The program is totally different than the last year and the five kilometer is held on Sunday. The ice in Thialf is in good condition which was confirmed by last weekend’s Dutch National Championship times. The weather in Holland is still the same as always, wet, windy and cold. However, it should make for some good times come Sunday.

Shane arrived last Sunday and has been struggling with jetlag all week. Hopefully come Sunday, everything will be back to normal and Shane will be ready to race. “It’s been good being back in Heerenveen again. It’s good to see familiar faces and come back to where it all started”. This winter there are some different faces in the national teams, including new faces in the 5,000 meter.

To view the results and to watch each race live on the internet, including watching Shane skate live on Sunday in the 5,000 meter you can go to the following website. The start time for Shane on Sunday will be posted on Saturday evening.

The program of the World Cup this weekend is below:
Friday 12th November
Ladies 1 x 500 meter
Men 1 x 500 meter
Ladies 1,000 meter
Men 1,000 meter

Saturday 13th November
Ladies 1 x 500 meter
Men 1500 meter
Ladies 3,000 meter

Sunday 14th November
Men 1 x 500 meter
Ladies 1500 meter
Men 5,000 meter

Tomorrow night the 5,000 meter pairs will be online so keep posted for updates from Heerenveen.

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