Friday, November 14, 2008

ISU World Cup Berlin Day 3

Written by T Dobbin
Results from the final day of the ISU World Cup in Berlin.

Ladies 1000 meter Final
1st Christine Nesbitt (Canada) 1:16.86
2nd Shannon Rempel (Canada) 1:17.11
3rd Laurine van Riessen (Netherlands) 1:17.21

Mens 1000 meter Final
1st Stefan Groothuis (Netherlands) 1:09.13
2nd Shani Davis (USA) 1:09.15
3rd Simon Kuipers (Netherlands) 1:09.30

Ladies Team Pursuit Final
1st Netherlands 3:04.34
2nd Germany 3:03.51
3rd USA 3:05.68

Mens Team Pursuit Final
1st Canada 3:47.29
2nd Germany 3:47.37
3rd Japan 3:48.02

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