Friday, November 14, 2008

ISU World Cup Heerenveen Annoucement

Written by T Dobbin
Today is the start of the second ISU World Cup for 2008 in Heerenveen, Netherlands. There will be no starts for New Zealand in Heerenveen due to no availablity for setting a qualifing time prior to this World Cup. The events start later on this afternoon with the program for this weekend as follows:

Friday 14th November 2008
Ladies 500 meter Final 1
Men's 500 meter Final 1
Ladies 3000 meter Final
Men's 1500 meter Final

Saturday 15th Novemebr 2008
Ladies 500 meter Final 2
Men's 500 meter Final 2
Ladies 1500 meter Final
Men's 5000 meter Final

Sunday 16th November 2008
Ladies 1000 meter Final
Men's 1000 meter Final
Ladies Team Pursuit
Men's Team Pursuit.

Keep posted for results from this weekends ISU World Cup in Heerenveen.

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