Monday, December 15, 2008

ISU Challengers Cup Results

Written by T Dobbin
Last night was the final evening of the ISU Challengers Cup held in Hoorn, Netherlands. The ice conditions were alot better on Sunday than Saturday but not good enough to set good times in comparision with the times set in Thialf and other faster ice rinks around the World.

Shane Dobbin from New Zealand skated in the final pairing and final event of the evening in the 5000 meter along with youngster Dj Nation also from New Zealand. In the second pair Joshua Lose skating for Australia skated a very respectable time of 7:05.59 just outside the World Cup qualifying time by .59 seconds. This was his first ever 5 kilometer race having trained there for months and first learning how to skate on the Hoorn ice rink. In the third pair was the young Dj Nation of New Zealand. Dj skated the race very fast from the start which was a disadvantage on the slower ice tiring in the last few laps and finishing in a time of 7:09.00 just a few seconds out from the qualifying time.

The final pair was Shane Dobbin of New Zealand paired with Reidar Borgersen from Norway. Shane also starting out a little too fast for the ice conditions, was leading with two laps to go and just fell slightly short from the victory finishing a time of 6:57.10.

In the earlier events of the evening Sophie Muir from Australia skated a personal best in the 500 meter ladies race with a time of 43.51 seconds as well as Wayne Begg from New Zealand a personal best time of 39.34.

Full results from Sunday below:
Ladies 500m Round 2
1st Esmeralda Nieuwendorp (Netherlands) 41.12
2nd Denise Roth (Germany) 41.16
3rd Frederika Bunwalda (Netherlands) 41.26

6th Sophie Muir (Australia) 43.51

Men 500m Round 2
1st Ronald Mulder (Netherlands) 36.54
2nd Dag Erik Kleven (Norway) 36.70
3rd Sietse Heslinga (Netherlands) 36.89
9th Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 39.34

Ladies 1000m Round 2
1st Marija Joling (Netherlands) 1:21.94
2nd Frederika Buwalda (Netherlands) 1:22.33
3rd Denise Roth (Germany) 1:23.93
6th Sophie Muir (Australia) 1:28.21

Men 1000m Round 2
1st Michel Mulder (Netherlands) 1:12.98
2nd Sitse Heslinga (Netherlands) 1:13.46

3rd Dag Erik Kleven (Norway) 1:13.47
8th Wayne Begg (New Zealand) 1:17.25

Ladies 1500 meter
1st Janneke Ensing (Netherlands) 2:06.67
2nd Marije Joling (Netherlands) 2:07.57
3rd Isabelle Ost (Germany) 2:07.61

Men 5000 meter
1st Alexej Baumgartner (Germany) 6:53.87
2nd Tormod Bjornetu Haugen (Norway) 6:54.87
3rd Shane Dobbin (New Zealand) 6:57.10

6th Joshua Lose (Australia) 7:05.59
7th Dj Nation (New Zealand) 7:09.00

Video coming soon!

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