Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mid Week News Update

Written by T Dobbin

Late last night Shane Dobbin's 5 kilometer long track event from the Challengers Cup last Sunday was uploaded to the internet. It has been uploaded onto the internet each lap at a time and to view the start of this race go to:

Not only is there the video of Shane's 5 kilometer but also uploaded is New Zealander Wayne Begg's Sunday night 500 meter and coming online soon will be New Zealand's Dj Nation 5 kilometer. All races that are recently uploaded are from the Kiwi's racing the Challengers Cup last Sunday in Hoorn, Netherlands. To view all footage go to that is online from Shane Dobbin go to: or view the home page side toolbar.

Biddinghuizen Prestige Cup 1 Announcement

Tonight is the first race of the new Prestige series natural ice races held in Bigginhuizen on the new five kilometer ice baan at the FlevOnice. This the first natural ice race for 2008-2009 ice season and will now be held every Wednesday at FlevOnice with the race distances being 60 kilometers. This is a good way for those that will be focusing on the National Natural Ice Championship Race to get into good shape to race in Austria & throughout the Winter Countries in early February.

The race starts today at 12:00 (EST). Like the races in the KNSB & Essent Cup events only four members from each team can start the Biddinghuizen races. Shane Dobbin from DSB Bank won't be starting today in this race, starting for DSB Bank are Jan Maarten Heideman, Jens Zwitster, Jeron de Vries and Ingmar Berga.

Shane Dobbin will be racing this weekend in the A division Essent Cup marathon held in Utrecht, Netherlands. Keep posted for more news & results coming soon!

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