Monday, March 30, 2009

Ice Season overview

Written by T Dobbin
It's finally the end of the season and the World Championships are over and already two weeks have passed. Shane Dobbin flew back from the World Championships in Vancouver to the netherlands after skating the 10 kilometer. Shane Dobbin represented New Zealand in Vancouver but didn't have a great day on the ice when he raced. Shane tried to set out lap times to sit on but in the final five laps wasn't able to hold the times he had set and everything fell apart. Shane crossed the line 20 seconds slower than he set out to do and ended up finishing in 14th place. Of course being dissappointed with his skate and now had chance to look back on all that he has achieved since he started ice skating, there is really nothing to be dissappointed about. It was a great chance that Shane got being able to go to the World Championships and represent his Country having only been skating on the ice for just two winters and in total 10 months.

Now Shane is resting in the Netherlands and will be back training on his inlines very soon. in 2009 he is skating for the inline team of Cado Motus with his team mates Bart Swings, Ferre Spruyt and Maarten Swings from Belgium as well as Dj Nation from New Zealand. Keep posted during the summer for more updates on both his inline and ice training as well as his inline races.

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