Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back to Inlines for CadoMotus

Written by T Dobbin
It's been a few weeks of rest and then Shane Dobbin got straight back into training again after the winter on ice. It's already the first inline race of the season for Shane which is held tonight in the World on Wheels in Emmeloord, Netherlands. Shane Dobbin is skating for the team of Cado Motus with his team mates Bart Swings, Maarten Swings, Dj Nation and Ferre Spruyt. It's their first race with all five members present. It's going to be the first race tonight of four days racing. Tomorrow evening the World on Wheels race is held in Oldebroek. With it being the Queens Birthday tomorrow, it's a holiday in the Netherlands both tomorrow and Friday.

On Friday the international track event held in Heerde. This year there are many international skaters coming from Italy, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Denmark and more. There is a sprint category as well as a distance category.

It's going to be a great four days of racing and be sure to check out the results out right here. For more information on the Dutch races go to:

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