Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vancouver World Single Distance Championships

Written by T Dobbin
Late last night Shane Dobbin from New Zealand arrived in Vancouver for the World Single Distance Championships. It was a good flight from London to Vancouver getting upgraded to business class and being able to lay down on the new flat beds. It was very comfortable and got good rest before arriving into Vancouver.

All the teams are here in Vancouver now. Most of the skaters went training this morining and Shane Dobbin will be stepping on the ice this afternoon for his first training and getting an easy skate under his belt after stepping off the plane. The weather is very cold at the moment. Waking up to -6 degrees with the wind-chill making it approximately -12 degrees. At least the sun is out and as the day goes on the warmth will set in with a maximum temperature of 3 degrees today.

Keep posted for more updates during the week from the World Single Distance Championships in Vancouver.

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