Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vancouver World Single Distance Championships

Written by T Dobbin
Today was the final day of official team training before the racing starts tomorrow at lunch. The day started with every athlete going to the doping test area to give a blood sample to be tested today and given the results tomorrow. The blood samples were done by the ISU in accordance with the rules and the World Anti Doping agency.

The training this morning was full of skaters. Everyone wanting to skate on the ice before they race tomorrow and over the next few days. From now on in, the ice training is early in the morning or late afternoon to work around the competition schedule. The first event of the schedule is the mens 1500 meter with a total of 24 skaters. The second event tomorrow is the ladies 3000 meter with again the total 24 skaters.

Shane Dobbin is still two days away from racing his event the 10,000 meter on Saturday. He will be training over the next few days getting used to the ice here on the Richmond Oval. It's not the fastest ice is the World but most people are expecting the times to be similar to Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen in which Shane has been training on all year.

Keep posted for news from tomorrows events.

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