Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heerde Skate Off

Written by T Dobbin

It was a very successful weekend for Shane Dobbin and the team of Cado Motus. The weekend started with the sprint category and the 300 meter time trial. Heerde is a very difference track not like many others in the World. Its parabolic and quite slippery. Those skaters that didn't wear MPC wheels during the weekend had a difficult time getting around the track.
The heats for the 300 meter were in the morning and the finals were in the evening. The heats results were slightly different than the finals. See final results below:

Men 300m Time Trial
1st Ronal Mulder
2nd William Bowen (USA CadoMotus)
3rd Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 300m Time Trial
1st Jersy Puello (Colombia)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)

3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

The distance race final was held in the evening after the time trials. The heats were cancelled in the morning so there were many skaters in the final. The men had a 20 kilometer elimination race where the team of Cado Motus decided to go to the front and dominated the field. All five team members skated at the front all together in the line without anyone being able to break the team. Shane Dobbin took the lead at the start waiting for everyone to position themselves, then it was the young talent Maarten Swings who lead 70 laps straight for his team. Maarten pulled aside with 25 laps remaining where Shane Dobbin lead his team to the final 5 laps. The final five skaters were Bart Swings, Ferre Spruyt, Sjoerd Huisman, Andres Munoz and Dj Nation. Crossing the line clear ahead of third place was Ferre Spruyt for Cado Motus and his team mate right with him in second Bart Swings. Third place went to Sjored Huisman and fourth the 500 meter World Champion Andres Munoz from Colombia.

Mens results
1st Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
2nd Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
3rd Sjoerd Huisman (Nefit)
4th Andres Munoz (Powerslide)
5th Dj Nation (Cado Motus)

6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The Second day started with the 500 meter heats/quarters/semis and then in the evening the finals. All finals were spectacular and the results were:

Men 500m Final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ronald Mulder (Netherlands)
3rd William Bower (USA Cado Motus)
4th Daniel Greig (Australia)

Ladies 500m Final
1st Jersy Pulleo (Colombia)
2nd Cecilia Buena (Colombia)
3rd Erica Zanetti (Italy)

4th Elma De Vries (Cado Motus)

Mens points final
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
3rd Crispijn Ariens (Netherlands)

Ladies points final
1st Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
2nd Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus)
3rd Cecilia Buena (Powerslide)

The final event of the competition was the Heerde Skate off where the mens team of Cado Motus made the final skate off finishing the first round in second place. After skating a very spectular second round, they crossed the line in first place with the fastest time of the day just in front of the Powerslide team of Kalon Dobbin, Andreas Munoz and Daniel Greig.

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