Saturday, May 23, 2009

World on Wheels Steenwijk

Written by T Dobbin
Last weekend was another stage of the Worlds on Wheels for 2009 in Steenwijk. Representing Cado Motus Mens team were Shane Dobbin and Dj Nation both from New Zealand. The weather was not certain regarding whether it would be wet or dry. Finally 30 minutes before the start it was sure it would be cloudy but dry race.

The course in Steenwijk was a great could for the World on Wheels stages. The lap was 2.4 kilometers and going into the final straight was a good sized uphill 300 meters long with the finish line at the top.

There were many breakaway attempts during the race with everyone taking advantage of the uphill. Both Cado Motus skaters Shane Dobbin & Dj Nation were in the lead breaks making sure nothing went without either present.

With approximately 10 laps remaining a breakaway group formed with eight skaters including World Champion Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) , Gary Heckman (Nefit), Gerwin Smit, Arjan Smit (DSB Bank) and Roy Boeve. This breakaway group worked together to try to escape off the front but the team of Unive Stouwdam in the last few laps took the lead and brought the peleton back together with one lap to go for the race to finish in a pack sprint.

Unive Stouwdam lead the final lap with the pace set fast. Coming out of the final corner Shane Dobbin followed by Dj Nation (Cado Motus) took the outside line and made their sprint for the finish. Gary Heckman (Nefit) and Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus) sprinted for the line together with Gary Heckman lunging at the line for the victory over Shane Dobbin in Steenwijk. Finishing in third place was Roy Boeve, fourth Ingmar Berga (DSB Bank) and fifth Dj Nation.

To view the video from Steenwijk go to: For more photos visit:

This weekend the team of Cado Motus will skate in the German Blade Challenge in Regensburg. Keep posted for more news.

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