Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regensburg GBC

Written by T Dobbin
Last Sunday was the German Blade Challenge race held in Regensburg, South Germany. It was a sunny warm day and the full team of Cado Motus raced in Regensburg including Shane Dobbin. The race was very early in the morning starting at 8:15am. It was only a half marathon with the course just one lap of 21km.

The race was very fast because it was only 21km. Everyone wanted to try to escape off the front so there were many attacks including many attacks from the team of Cado Motus.

The final breakaway was the one that stayed away until the finish with Bart Swings of Cado Motus showing his good condition winning the breakaway sprint and another victory for Cado Motus.

The peleton sprint finish was dominated by Ferre Spruyt finishing in fourth place and team mate Shane Dobbin taking sixth.

Full results below
1st Bart Swings (Cado Motus)
2nd Severin Windmar (Luigino Swiss)
3rd Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide)
4th Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus)
5th Alfredo Leon Moredo (Bont)
6th Shane Dobbin (Cado Motus)

The ladies team of Bont Wheels dominated the ladies race finishing first, second and third in the ladies half marathon.

Ladies results
1st Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)
2nd Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)
3rd Tamara Llorens (Bont Wheels)

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