Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marathon Cup 3 Amsterdam

Written by T Dobbin

It has been a week and a half of uncertainty for Shane Dobbin and his team mates, Ingmar Berga, Arjan Smit, Jan Maarten Heideman and Jens Zwister. With the bankruptcy of their sponsor DSB Bank this left all marathon team members, long track team members and their individually sponsors skaters lost their sponsorship. The Marathon series is no long the DSB bank Cup but just the Marathon Cup after only two races for the 2009-2010 ice season.

Right now the marathon team are hoping to find a new sponsor to keep the team together, but it’s a time of uncertainty and patients for each of the team members. Tonight the X-DSB Bank marathon team will be racing with red colours but free of sponsor’s logos.

Tonight’s marathon race is being held in Amsterdam with the usual start time of 20:00. It’s the only open air ice rink in the Netherlands with the weather forecast to be cold, wet and very windy.

Keep posted for results coming soon.

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