Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marathon Cup Update

Written by T Dobbin
Two weeks have passed and two marathons. On Saturday the 24th of October was the third Marathon Cup race in Amsterdam. It was poring with rain but that didn't stop any of the action in the race.

Amsterdam Marathon Cup Results:

1 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie
2 1 Bob de Vries Haule Schaatsteam
3 24 Sjoerd Huisman Nefit HR Ketels
4 5 Ingmar Berga
5 91 Bart de Vries Windkr88
6 12 Pieter Jan van Eck Van Werven
7 3 Douwe de Vries Adformatie
8 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express
9 6 Jan Maarten Heideman
10 11 Ralf Zwitser Adformatie

Ladies Results
1 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket
2 D41 Maria Sterk
3 D5 Daniƫlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen

After two years of marathon skating Shane Dobbin decided it was time to look further into his skate set up. After a week of playing with his skate set up Shane realised that for the past two years he was skating on a blade slightly to short and is now skating a lot more comfortable on the 17.5" blade.
Skating his first marathon in the longer blade helped give Shane Dobbin his best marathon result of the season finishing in 10th place. It gives Shane a little more confidence going into this weekend's first World Cup of the Winter held in Berlin. See results from Eindhoven's Marathon Cup last weekend.

Eindhoven Results
1 Bob de Vries BAM Schaatsteam
2 5 Ingmar Berga
3 22 Kurt Wubben TNT Express
4 27 Christijn Groeneveld Equipe Renault Eco2
5 6 Jan Maarten Heideman
6 24 Sjoerd Huisman Nefit HR Ketels
7 8 Rob Hadders Equipe Renault Eco2
8 91 Bart de Vries Team Windkr88
9 19 Karlo Timmerman Adformatie
10 67 Shane Dobbin

Ladies Results
1 Mariska Huisman Viks Parket
2 13 Carla Zielman Pro Horeca
3 5 Daniƫlle Bekkering Frisia Financieringen

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